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best guitar case

Pros: + Official Fender product + Vintage Fender logo, design and build + Plush black interior + Excellent locking mechanism and latches. Inside storage space is often available though due to the size constraints isn’t usually very generous. Guitarists require many accessories to ply their trade and anything that makes their transport that much more straightforward is a positive. Designed for the majority of Precision and Jazz style basses, it comes equipped with a high quality molded ABS plastic shell exterior with a bumper equipped valance that runs around the contour of the case, as well as molded rubber feet for maximum protection. The Rectangular Case offers exactly this with an eye-popping selection of features as well as a lifetime warranty to boot. $19.99 #2. The double rubber feet are also great when the case is standing up and will keep it upright regardless of surface. This is a gorgeous looking professionally designed case that just oozes class and vintage style. On the interior, it just keeps getting better with a plush and padded lining with plenty of room which should accommodate most guitar styles. The four drawback latches are heavy-duty components and once closed, the case is securely held together. Reunion Blues are a company steeped in history and one of the premier outfits in the musical instrument case and gig bag industry. Rank . The handle is very comfortable though at a strange angle that can make the case swing when walking with it. Gator Electric Guitar Lightweight Polyfoam Case (GL-ELECTRIC). The bag is suited for the fairly ubiquitous dreadnought shape, though with the removable pads you can fit different shapes quite easily. Also worth noting is the molded stacking wells on the exterior allowing for simple and secure stacking of multiple cases. They are generally the lowest priced option and provide the least amount of protection in relation to hard cases, detailed below. Pocket wise we have a large lower pocket with multiple compartments that can store accessories as well as valuables and a large cable pocket along the neck, as well as a concealed midway-up pocket with space for a wallet or documents. While some are made specifically for a particular model, most cases are general enough to fit any brand or type. Certain models also offer a kind of in-build cavity surrounded by protective material inside which the guitar sits snugly and safely. Compare best guitar case price list - Best offers for best guitar case at bestreviewo.com They have an unrivaled knowledge of this industry and are the gold standard of gig bags. Here are the best hard cases that will provide maximum protection for your instrument. With this guide we hope to ease things along with a few things to watch out for and to ensure you are getting the best bag or case for your money. The interior also gives off a pleasant vanilla scent, a signature feature of Gibson cases. Your double cutaway guitars will fit like a glove in this case, exactly what you want to maximize protection. Through acquisitions, mergers and business savvy they now offer a wide range of products such as stands, pedalboards, picks, effects pedals and a whole suite of other gear, although cases is still the heart and soul of the company. Among the best bass guitar cases, we found the Gator GC-BASS to be a great option. The M80 is a great example of this with countless boundary pushing features. The quality of the stitching and materials used to pad out a gig bag have a big impact on overall reliability so look for these when trying to determine if a bag is worth your money or not. Overall, we have the quality synonymous with Gator products linked to a list of basic, yet well designed features that make a reliable and strong case. Also with electric guitars there is the added risk of damaging humbuckers, single coil pickups and internal electronics. The through-bolted handle is secure and well angled to ease transportation when walking. This is their super lightweight fit-all model. The tan colour looks classy and adds to the professional allure of the Transit. The exterior is made of ATA military-grade molded polyethylene plastic. Some of these links are affiliate links meaning we may earn commissions on purchases. Commonly referred to as gig bags,soft cases simplest and cheapest way to protect your guitar. The neck cradle is full-length for added stability and incorporates two accessory compartments large enough to store most, if not all your items and valuables. On the outside, we have rubber feet at the bottom of the bag to protect it when it is standing up. Picture View on Sweetwater Overview Detailed Description; Gator ATA Molded Guitar Case: Designed to meet the latest airline safety requirements, the Gator ATA Molded Guitar Case hard case is perfect for frequent flyers and it … It is securely attached to the case so no risk of it breaking off. The GB deluxe is made of durable, impact proof ABS plastic and this forms the core layer of the hard-shell exterior. SKB Jaguar/Jazzmaster Type Shaped Hardshell Case, 9. This is very much an area where you get what you pay for. Overall, we liked the GB Deluxe for its no nonsense, functional design with all the required features. A guitar stand or hanger is the ultimate solution. Alternatively, they can be extremely strong and protect your instrument from the most serious of bumps and scrapes. Overall the exterior is quite impressive with a slightly arched finish to the top. ChromaCast CC-EHC Electric Guitar Hard Case. Pros: + Plywood build + Vintage tweed and textured vinyl design + High-quality lining + Solid hardware. Also, there are cases for their other famous models like the Jaguar and Jazzmaster. The handle is exceptional, boasting a through-bolted construction for maximum strength. There are three compartments for storage that seal completely when the case is closed, with one even lengthened for stacking effect pedals or a metronome and another for cables. Pros: + Patented Flexoskeleton technology + Reinforced impact panels + Quadraweave exterior + Reinforced neck support system. Learn more about cookies. There are adjustable protection pads for your end pins, high strength stitching, anti-abrasion technology and convenient, adjustable back straps which can be tucked away during transportation. On the other side of the spectrum are cases made of a hard exterior of either wood, durable plastic, fiberglass or other high quality materials. The inside is lined with some form of protective padding and it is possible to find models with straps to secure the guitar or extra lining around particularly vulnerable parts like the headstock and neck. Why We Liked It - A flawless product. Lightweight and flexible with a highly protective build - a match made in heaven. At $150 this is by no means a cheap case, however, if you are an avid Jaguar or Jazzmaster player then this is exactly what you need. As you might expect this is not cheap and comes in at just under the $190 mark. In this review, we are taking a look at the PRG Artist Series Rectangular which is part of their standard range. The card slot on the side is also a nice way to keep track of your bass if you are taking long haul public transport. Right now you can grab this for just 54 bucks so if you are on the lookout for a decent hard case with a budget price tag this could be for you. A large pocket on the front is a great place to store cables or sheet music, avoiding the need to have another bag to carry other accessories. Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Plastic Stratocaster and Telecaster Style Electric Guitar Case; 6. Also, an impressive and intelligently incorporated open-cavity inner design makes it equally suitable for left-handed guitars. A plush, black velveteen padded lining will do enough to keep your instrument out of harm's way. Also, the headstock remains suspended inside the case meaning your prized investment should be safe from potentially neck snapping impacts. This model is everything you will ever need from a guitar case. The importance of a good electric guitar case is overlooked by far too many guitar players. The same goes for straps and handles. The leather handle is secure and comfortable. The exterior is solid yet highly durable in a striking jet black color. Gator is a great, wholesome family company with an inspiring back story. Considering the quality of this case pricing is very reasonable, coming in at just under the $80 mark. Similar to the ChromoCast this is a no frills, ultra lightweight case great for those of you looking for something on a budget. The interior has dense plush lining, a perfect fit neck cradle and loads of space for accessories thanks to the inbuilt compartments. All in all, a gig bag that brings peace of mind while travelling. We realize that traveling with your musical instruments is part of being a musician, and that musical instrume. The inside of the ABS Gator has good and durable padding, and when it is closed, the seams are tight and well secured. However, if you are a busy musician with practice sessions, gigs and touring is a big part of your life then you should invest in a high-quality hardshell case. We were also impressed with the quality of the padded straps and handles that are sown directly into the bag itself for ultimate hold. A carrying handle 5. Spending a little more on a good quality gig bag made of a strong and robust material would be a wise investment. If you are looking for quality and value for money then their name should be high on your list. We may link to products if we deem helpful to the reader. There really isn’t anything bad we can say about the GL-Elec. In essence, a case can extend the lifespan of a guitar by many years. Backpack straps The thicker the padding, the better the protection, which is why low end/budget cases will typically have from NO padding to 10mmpadding. However, if you are just a bedroom player and quite content at that, with no intentions of having to haul your gear to shows or practice then a gig bag should suffice. It’s also worth noting that they offer a fundamentally identical case for the Gibson SG that comes highly recommended as well. What this is, is a solid bit of gear that should do exactly as it says it does for a reasonable price. Our final say on the Deluxe is that it screams quality. It sports a parachute web handle which is strong and hard wearing. Another patented feature of the outer is the Zero-G handle, which is palm-contoured and sports a weight distributing foam core. There is an even a dedicated sector of the market that builds cases specifically designed to withstand the challenges of air travel. Gator offer SG and Les Paul models if required. https://youtu.be/DrVj3Cm8fpQ Best Acoustic Guitars cases 2019. With a little more cash to spend, we highly recommend the Superior CF-1510W Deluxe. They specialize in hardshell cases and gig bags, robust thermoplastic multi unit rack cases, anodized steel stands and a whole host of other accessories specific to guitar and microphone requirements. Now, when I firs… Over to You. The outer is a strong PVC 600D mold which should be able to withstand a considerable amount of punishment. The case is made to feature a good and excellent construction and design from wood while it is made to look and appear stylish and appealing with a black colored and durable Telex finish around its outer surface. They are a community driven company with excellence in design, and the support of designers at the core of what they are all about. Shop for guitar case at Best Buy. The case feels robust and able to sustain a lot of weight and its fair share of knocks and bangs. Guitars are an investment, both financially and timewise. This is a minor inconvenience rather than a deal breaker. The whole case is tightly held together thanks to an aluminum valance that runs around the entirety of the case and a five chrome buckle locking system that keeps the lid nicely positioned and securely shut. We recommend cases for gigging musicians who need something sturdy and reliable that can handle being stowed in the back of a van for long journeys, though they are sometimes used in odd ways. The latter being a very pleasant surprise, especially for a relatively new company still finding its feet. From the humble bedroom musician to world touring guitar players there is something out there for everyone. Inner padding 3. Of course, if you are purchasing a Lichty guitar or ukulele Jay will make sure you’ve got the best case for the job. With this in mind it is difficult to assign an overall superior product for all guitars. Hoffee Custom Guitar Cases- $1,200 and more If you’re in the market for a custom-made guitar case, the Hoffee Custom guitar case is the guitar case for you. It boasts the patented 1” thick Flexoskeleton shock absorber with reinforced impact panels for an unrivaled level of protection. One of the best guitar cases that I ever encountered is the Gator Case Deluxe. Also, their offerings are not restricted to the music world either with laptop sleeves, wallets, and other wonderful creations all part of the company's back catalog. The inner of the Pro Series is a universal design meaning it will accommodate both right and left-handed guitars. Yet it is still definitely worth getting a case of some sort as you will have to transport it eventually. The interior sports an EPS foam layer lined with a thick layer of plush lining to keep a bass’ paint job untouched and protected.

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