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ieee iccc 2020

We first show a lightweight encryption scheme based on integer vector homomorphic encryption (IVHE), which is used to encrypt plaintext ML-INT data. In this paper, we propose a hardware-efficient hybrid precoding (HP) scheme and resource allocation strategy for millimeter-wave non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) communication system. The 9th IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC 2020) will be held on 9-11 Aug 2020 in Chongqing, China. The overall structure results in a serially-concatenated factor graph, which is beneficial for eliminating the constellation overlap due to the use of binary superposition matrices. At present, machine learning has been developed to capture the valuable information hidden in the QoT data, whereas it is still a challenging problem for these existing models to simultaneously ensure prediction accuracy and training efficiency. Therefore, the DCT-LDSM scheme is efficient and suitable for 5G scenario. To deal with the complicated problem, we employ an alternating optimization method to divide the primary problem into two subproblems. In this case, we adopt a two-ring and four-quarter-cylinder model to characterize the moving vehicles and static scatterers on the building, respectively. To further improve the global world content distribution efficiency in the integrated satellite and terrestrial networks, this paper proposes a synergic distribution architecture with satellites and the Content Delivery Network (CDN). SPC-02: MIMO, Session Then, the main factors affecting channel characteristics, including antenna position, antenna array, array element spacing, etc., were analyzed to provide some recommendations for the design of 5G communication network in urban rail traffic station. The channel vector from the destination node is designed to be aligned with that from the source node, so that the eavesdropping node cannot decode user signals. ICCC 2019 aims at a key theme on “To Wireless Infinity and Beyond”. To solve the problem, we propose several linearization methods to relax the constraints, and convert the original problem into an integer linear programming (ILP). MWN-01: Localization, Session (abbreviated as EWN) chess game has been attracting much attention owing to its characteristics of randomness and incompleteness. Finally, simulation results show both the effectiveness and superiority of our proposed particle competition aided community detection model for information propagation, which may have compelling applications in the context of the spread of opinions and computer viruses, etc. Precise quality of transmission (QoT) prediction is conducive to assisting in the automatic low-margin network configurations to meet the demands of the 5G network, such as high reliability, high efficiency, and low latency. We formulate the jointly data offloading decision, fusion range and computing resource allocation problem for maximizing the system fusion gain while minimizing local and edge computational resource consumption. With the given optimal phase shifts, the trajectory design subproblem is well solved by resorting to the successive convex approximation method. If the legitimate receiver can decode all the original files before the eavesdropper, it can guarantee the safe transmission of the data, so we use the efficient coding scheme of the fountain code to ensure the efficient transmission of the data, and add the feedback mechanism to the transmission of the fountain code so that the coding scheme can be updated dynamically according to the decoding situation of the legitimate receiver. Finally, simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme can significantly improve the communication efficiency. While current studies mainly treat Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites as stable overlays by a series of snapshots, ignoring satellites' capability of cache, movement and networking. Information for presenters. Congratulations to the Best Paper Award Winners! Then the energy harvested by R is used to forward the decoded information to D using RF in the second phase. SAC-02: Learning-based Schemes, Session We match the actual constraints of mobile APs better with tracking data of the real road networks, and present a fundamental study on the convergence rate of ergodic capacity based on large deviation theory. Further, the over-the-air (OTA) results validate the feasibility of the system design, and show that link adaptation module can significantly improve the quality of the received signal. ICCC 2020 is sponsored by IEEE and Sichuan Institute of Electronics, supported by … The program won the first prize in 2019 Chinese University Student Computer Games Competition and 13th National Computer Games Tournament. Sign Up. Meanwhile, the introduction of multicast via point-to-multipoint communications further improves the spectrum efficiency for mmWave small cells. NEW DEADLINE ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Sunday, March 15th, 2020. Correspondingly, a user clustering algorithm and optimal transmission strategy with respect to power allocation for the proposed scheme are then designed. Analytical and simulation results show that all proposed scheme can achieve secure communication, and the MMSE algorithm performs better than the ZF. When faced with the complex and dynamic marine environment, considering the different quality requirements of maritime applications, we have addressed this issue in this paper. Prof. Liu Liu, Beijing Jiaotong University, China (IEEE Member) Prof. Huanlai Xing, Southwest Jiaotong University, China (IEEE/ACM Member) Prof. Chan Chun-Kit, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (IEEE Senior Member) Prof. Pascal Lorenz, University of Haute Alsace, France (IEEE Senior Member /IARIA Fellow) Prof. Qiang Yang, Zhejiang University, China (IEEE… An offloading data maximization problem is formulated by joint design of radio and-computation resources. Furthermore, it still remains unclear how to train the neural network for variable dimensions. The scheme uses a linear combination of orthogonal pilots to construct non-orthogonal pilots, which does not need to store the pilot codebook at BS. — After the ICCC 2015-2019 conference, where more than 500 attendees from 12 countries all around the world have taken part, 2020 IEEE 6th International Conference on Computer and Communications (ICCC) will be held in Chengdu, China once again on Dec. 11-14, 2020. In this paper, the joint design of the beamforming scheme in intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) assisted multiuser (MU) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) downlink transmissions is investigated. DQN and DDPG can deal with large scale state spaces and learn efficient offloading proportion of task and power allocation independently at each UE. In this paper, we study the cellular internet of things (IoT) with multi-user short-packet communications. In view of this, we consider the fingerprint-based indoor localization in a hybrid UWB/WiFi environment, which integrates UWB and Wi-Fi to speed up the construction of offline database, while maintaining a meter-level localization accuracy.Specifically, the system does not require manual labeling efforts for reference points (RP). The experiment is done using Universal Kriging algorithm and Inverse Distance Weighted algorithm to interpolate the database with 30% sampling points. IEEE ICC 2020 Best Paper Awards. It will be held in Chengdu every year. Then, we propose an edge intelligence (EI)-based learning algorithm, named quantum-inspired reinforcement learning (QRL), which exploits quantum parallelism to overcome the "curse of dimensionality". Based on dynamic offloading and resource allocation strategy, the best offloading proportion of a task, local calculation power and transmission power are investigated by deep reinforcement learning (DRL). Finally, to derive an optimal TSE pair, all possible delay combinations of the total link are enumerated. 9:00 AM CST, Aug 9 Sun, 8:30 PM With the help of widely available ambient signals, backscatter communication can even work without specialized carrier generation. This paper provides fundamental analysis and preparation for signal processing in the phase domain. Due to the complex communication environment, the line-of-sight transmissions of aerial-ground networks are probably blocked, which seriously affects the communication quality. Wide-area optical backbone network provides crucial support for the fifth-generation (5G) development. With the advancement of science and technology, the issue of marine ship Internet of Things (IoT) users' assignment of computing tasks offloading has become more and more challenging. Based on switching thresholds, using the appropriate numerical integration method, average PER (APER) and overall average spectral efficiency (ASE) of massive MIMO with CLD are derived, and resultant closed-form expressions of APER and ASE can be achieved. The main reason is that LTE-U may occupy the spectrum resources of WiFi. For complex and dynamic cognitive radio networks (CRN), this paper proposes a joint DSA and power control scheme based on deep reinforcement learning (DRL). ²è¿›å…¥IEEE会议列表! Hence it is necessary to solve this problem and then to lay the foundation for the friendly coexistence of LTE-U and WiFi technology. Meanwhile, as user privacy is receiving increasing attention in the modern society, mitigating the privacy leakage caused by task offloading in MEC becomes imperative. In this paper, we propose an algorithm framework based on BSS and multi-delay filter (MDF) for AEC, which the coefficients are updated by auxiliary independent vector analysis (AuxIVA) algorithm. CIS Invited Talks IoT Toggle Dropdown. However, the existing through-wall human activity recognition method does not fully analyze the influence of the wall on the signal, which results in poor robustness of the Wi-Fi indoor human activity recognition system. In concrete terms, first of all, an incomplete EDM is constructed based on the known inadequate distance values between nodes, and then the Singular Value Threshold (SVT) algorithm is used to complete the EDM to obtain a recovered EDM. In addition, compared with single viewpoint perception, the accuracy of the fusion scheme is further improved. Although the IEEE WCNC 2020 cannot be held physically, the integrity and quality of the research and content will remain and now be experienced in the virtual environment. Besides, our scheme brings about 0.6 dB-2.0 dB performance gains. Moreover, the mismatch of fingerprint due to various environmental interferences during the online localization phase is another critical issue to be addressed. — By using our websites, you agree to the placement of … In this paper, a low complexity STSK dispersion matrix optimization scheme is proposed. SPC-03: Machine Learning, Session The IIT Patna is nearby to the ancient place Nalanda University and Bodh Gaya. A SCMA system receiver can combine a multi-user detector with a polar code decoder, but it requires high computational complexity to obtain the ideal bit error rate (BER) performance. The 9th IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC 2020) will be held in Chongqing, China, 9-11 August 2020. Although it would take some time before we get the full picture of credibility of 5G, researchers already know that it would suffer from a range of shortcoming with the introduction of new applications and thus; the need for work on its successor 6G. The performance gain of the proposed algorithm over other baselines is demonstrated in the numerical results. This contribution proposes an imaging algorithm based on the Compressed Sensing (CS) theory for the side-view EM vortex strip-map SAR. The architecture takes advantage of LEOs' mobility characteristic to cache and deliver multiple times along the trajectory. We use a bipartite graph to model in-flight Internet access network and develop a flow deviation method for matching to optimize the allocation of Internet traffic flows to aircraft through multiple ground base stations. However, the DNNs is designed for invariable dimensions. IEEE ICCC 2020. In this paper, we study the coordinated multi-point secure transmissions in mmWave cellular networks against randomly distributed eavesdroppers. WCS-01: Intelligent Reflecting Surface, Session Beam tracking is of great interest in millimeter wave (mmWave) communication systems, because it can significantly improve the user's received signal power for high-speed communications. In order to detect the performance of the algorithm, the Reference Signal Receiving Power at the sampling point is calculated by using the Standard Propagation Model. Key channel parameters such as path loss, root mean square (RMS) delay spread, Ricean K-factor, angular spread, etc., are investigated. However, the collected data usually is featured by redundancies and errors, which deteriorate the reliability of network. Sign Up. However, due to the massive number of potential devices and non-orthogonal pilots, the algorithm's complexity is very high, and the base station (BS) needs much cache to store the pilot codebook for all potential devices is unacceptable in this scenario. We jointly optimize content placement and spectrum allocation to minimize content delivery delay, taking into account time-varying content popularity, transmission method selection, and different QoE requirements of users. 2020 IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC Workshops) Year: 2020 Timely and Full Coverage Algorithm for Region Area with UAVs-assisted Small Satellite Constellation You now will need to download the Zoom client for your operating system before using it for online meeting. With the rapid development of mobile terminals and the ever-expanding deployment of wireless infrastructures, the requirement of location-based services (LBS) has permeated majority industries. At the same time, collusion attacks are avoided by associating polynomials' degree with the number of users. Virtual Conference Instructions for Registered Participants. Dear Authors and Attendees: Welcome to the IEEE/CIC ICCC 2020 summer virtual conference! In addition, we find that there is an optimal vehicle intensity to maximize the coverage probability. You are invited to participate in 2019 5th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Communications (ICCC) that will be held in Chengdu, China on December 11-14, 2020. First, the word embedding and aspect term embedding are pre-trained by Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT). Since its commencement in 2012, the ICCC conference has grown steadily from a brand new conference with a strong vision, to a unique venue in bringing toge. However, the existing algorithms have high beam training overhead, and it is difficult to achieve real-time tracking of the beam. Our method is simple, and a non-iterative which works by unfolding the potential of deep networks. SPC-01: NOMA, Session In this paper, we design a multi-source data fusion scheme in edge computing-enabled vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) cooperative systems, where data fusion can be processed at RSU or vehicle. The relationship between the characteristics and the parameters are analyzed. Simulation results show that, the secrecy rate of system increase with the increase of the transmit power, and is much higher than that of the SWIPT system without IRS. The network extracts and merges the feature map contained in multiple data blocks, which is helpful to explore the internal relation of data. Virtual Conference Instructions for Keynotes Speakers. We analyse and optimize security performance in terms of secrecy throughput under a stochastic geometry framework. Finally, on the basis of ensuring the demand of each slice, the resource allocation algorithm based on the primal-dual interior-point method is used to solve the optimal slice weight allocation to minimize the system delay. Specifically, we utilize a universal mixture of Gaussian (MoG) model to deal with the nongaussianity of the noise and interference in complex communication environments, which can adaptively adjust involved parameters to fit the true distribution by observed data. Moreover, with the aid of combining the previous particle competition experiences as well as the defined particle's walking rules, our propose community detection scheme can automatically select and update the core nodes based on the results of previous evolution. A distributed learning algorithm based on a swarm collaboration framework, i.e., stigmergy which enables an F-AP to expand its influence to other F-APs is proposed to improve caching resource utilization. The problem is solved with an integer linear programming. To this end, we propose a BPSO-based algorithm in the paper, to minimize signalling costs of hierarchical controller placement. Simulation results are provided to demonstrate the validity of the proposed scheme. The information-centric networking, which aims to solve the demand for distributing a large amount of content on the Internet, has proved to be a promising example for various network solutions, such as the Vehicular ad-hoc network (VANET). We first derive the closed-form eigenvectors of the optimal downlink transmit covariance matrices, which reduces the original precoding design into a power allocation problem. The expressions are functions of UAVs' altitudes and sector angles. Welcome to 11 th ICCCNT, THE 11th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTING, COMMUNICATION AND NETWORKING TECHNOLOGIES (ICCCNT) aims to provide a forum that brings together International researchers from academia and practitioners in the industry to meet and exchange ideas and recent research work on all aspects of Information and Communication … Adaptive link selection for buffer-aided relaying can achieve significant performance gain compared with the conventional relaying with fixed transmission criterion. The sentiment analysis of the data collected by Internet of Things devices has been widely concerned by researchers. In this work, we study such a multi-hop D2D-enabled MEC scenario for SIN, where mobile devices at network edge connect and share resources with each other via multi-hop D2D. The performance and hardware complexity of hybrid precoding can be compromised by using sub-connected architecture further, but it also brings about the problem of high computational complexity. ICCC 2020 submission deadline extends to August 15, 2020. Information-centric networking (ICN) has played an increasingly important role in the next generation network design. The experimental results show the remarkable performance of our proposed scheme compared with other schemes. Information for presenters. In order to publish your paper in the IEEE/CIC ICCC’20 Conference Proceedings and IEEE […] About The Conference. The 9th IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC 2020) will be held in Chongqing, China, 9-11 August 2020. As one of the ad hoc networks, VANET (Vehicular Ad-hoc Network) also faces the conflict between user numbers and resource limits. August 10 Mon; August 11 Tues Program at a Glance ... IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China Keynote Toggle Dropdown. Sign Up. By jointly considering the fairness and the guaranteed bit rate (GBR) constraint, Hungarian method is used to achieve a global best assignment, aiming to make more users meeting GBR requirement with high fairness. In this paper, we propose a three dimensional (3D) deployment approach for UAVs and analyze the system performance of finite UAV-enabled networks in which UAVs are equipped with BS. Simulation results demonstrate the proposed location aided DNN channel estimation can achieve lower normalized mean square error (NMSE), while providing intelligent CE with lower complexity. Firstly, a traffic prediction mechanism based on Convolutional Long Short Term Memory (ConvLSTM) is proposed, which will capture the spatial-temporal dependencies of the traffic to predict traffic of complex slice services in the vehicular networks. In order to balance the load of UAV, this paper proposes a multi-UAV deployment mechanism which is based on the difference evolution (DE) algorithm. The distribution architecture is analyzed with the edge servers distribution of a CDN provider, Akamai, and an emerging satellite constellation, Starlink. Energy harvesting Wireless Body Area Network (WBANs) where sensor nodes can harvest energy from their ambient environment have attracted considerable attention recently. Extensive simulations show that the algorithm proposed in this paper greatly outperforms adaptive weighted average model and traditional BPNN model, in terms of the accuracy of data fusion. 2020-03-02: 2020-08-03: EBECEGC: International Conference on Electrical and Bio-medical Engineering, Clean Energy and Green Computing: 2015-01-08: 2015-01-28: RSVT: International Conference on Robotics Systems and Vehicle Technology: 2020-10-20: 2020-12-03: Eurasia Graphics: Eurasiagraphics: 2020-09-14: 2020-12-07: SSPHE Welcome to IEEE WCNC 2020 . The simulation results show that the distribution improves the distribution efficiency of existing CDNs with significant savings of bandwidth and delivery time. However, the computation time of the current CP-ABE schemes are large and the time cost of the users is high. In millimeter wave communication, analog-digital hybrid precoding is used to decrease hardware complexity and energy consumption. CIS-03: Network Security 2, Session Simulation results show that 3D deployment of UAVs achieves a remarkable system performance and the analysis provides useful performance trends. The handover event trigger parameters in our scheme are dynamically adjusted to avoid a UAV to handover from a cell to another cell with the comparable RSRP level; 2)In the process of taking off, the UAV would fly through the null space of antenna lobes many times, while the time duration is normally very short. The two schemes outperform in both throughput by nearly 8.5% and the number of users meeting GBR requirement by maximum 15.6% compared to an existing fairness scheme, SCMA-PF. Thank you for your support of our shared mission to advance technology for humanity. Therefore, we formulate an optimization problem to maximize the average secrecy rate under the constraint of primary interference. The neural network (NN) has been widely used as a promising technique in fiber optical communication owing to its powerful learning capabilities. Thus, we are able to detect anomalies by measuring the reconstruction errors. In our design, we consider the scenario of the 60 GHz wireless local area network (WLAN) systems. In this paper, a Low Density Superposition Modulation (LDSM) using discrete-cosine transform (DCT) scheme with 5G-NR low-density parity-check (LDPC) channel code is proposed for the 5G scenario. Meanwhile, the node access problem is formulated as a generalized assignment problem (GAP), and then an approximate optimal solution scheme is used to solve the problem. Aspect sentiment analysis is a fine-grained task of sentiment analysis, which aims to identify the sentiment polarity of specific aspects in a given context. 39 th IEEE -- International Performance Computing and Communications Conference: IPCCC 2020 (conference #50635) November 6 th - 8 th 2020 Virtual Conference IPCCC 2020 Conference Program IPCCC 2020 Proceedings The username and password to the site will be emailed to all conference attendees. The one is system structure, while the other is a resource allocation algorithm. The indoor localization system consists of WiFi nodes, ultra-wideband (UWB) nodes and inertial measurement unit (IMU), where the IMU is integrated in a android smartphone. However, the trustiness of the MEC server and the fairness of computation resources allocated by the MEC server for each user become key challenges. This paper studies a cooperative mobile edge computing (MEC) system with user cooperation, which consisting of a user, a helper, and an access point (AP). 2020 5th IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication and Automation is being jointly organized by Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania & Galgotias University, India on October 30-31, 2020 at Galgotias University Greater Noida (NCR New Delhi) India.. Adaptive algorithm is a traditional method for solving acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) problem, which need to perform well in different scenes, especially in the double talk (DT) scenarios. The convergence rate, content delivery delay, and stalling rate are evaluated in the simulations, and the results show the effectiveness of our method. Please find details below for virtual online meeting. To improve the transmission efficiency, the sum rate of all IoT devices can be maximized by jointly optimizing the three-dimensional (3D) position of the UAV, beam pattern and transmit power. In this paper, we propose two DRL-based approaches, which are named as deep Q network (DQN) and deep deterministic policy gradient (DDPG), to minimize the weighted sum cost including execution delay and energy consumption of UE. In this paper, we did the channel measurements using dipole to form tri-polarized MIMO antennas with 100 MHz bandwidth at 4.9 GHz carrier frequency in Urban Microcell (UMi) scenario. Limited by massive potential devices in the network and coherence time, which contains L signal dimensions, it is infeasible to assign a unique orthogonal pilot to each device in advance. MWN-03: Internet of Vehicles, Session In the millimeter-wave (mmWave) massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems, the channel has a certain degree of sparsity, and the sparseness needs to be used as prior information which will bring that the selection of atoms during iteration is not flexible and large in number when the compressive sampling matching pursuit (CoSaMP) algorithm is used for channel estimation. 4:40 AM EDT, 4:50 PM In this talk, we introduce the principles of applying DL for improving wireless network performance by integrating the underlying characteristics of channels in practical massive MIMO deployment. Finally, we implement the prototype of AODC system and carry out extensive real-world experiments. In this paper, storage in edge-datacenter is introduced into the transmission scheme for temporarily storing delay-tolerant bulky flows. Furthermore, we use the reputation score to prevent attacks from malicious users. Also, we propose a device by device activity detection algorithm for this scheme. Based on the predicted load distribution, slice weight distribution is performed in advance so that arranging delay is saved. To solve this issue, in this paper, we investigate a buffer-aided differential chaos-shift-keying based simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (DCSK-SWIPT) relay system, where a decode-and-forward (DF) protocol is considered and the relay is equipped with a data buffer and an energy buffer. Deep learning (DL) has been recently emerged as an exciting design tool to advance the development of wireless communication system with some demonstrated successes. The VCOP 2020 is the 1st virtual online panel in IEEE Region 10 (Asia Pacific) where all concerned stakeholders will share the expectations, challenges and possible solutions in a Full Virtual Technical Conference with respect to traditional face to face technical conferences. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed scheme. IEEE ICC 2020 will also include an attractive Industry program aimed at practitioners, with keynotes and panels from prominent research, industry and government leaders, business and industry panels, and vendor exhibits. Friendly signal coexistence problem over unlicensed bands has been received strongly attention in design next-generation wireless communication systems. However, the exiting health data aggregation schemes only retrieve the aggregated result, which constrains the usage of the aggregate function. And the theory and experiments analysis results demonstrate that our scheme can reduce the computation time cost of the data user and the data owner effectively. The over-the-air (OTA) results demonstrate that the network performs well and is robust to various scenarios. And the satellite network saves 25% (40%) of bandwidth consumption in 30 (60) minutes when satellites multicast at a bottleneck rate on the ground. ICCC 2019 aims at a key theme on “To Wireless Infinity and Beyond”. The ILSO algorithm is compared with several algorithms and performs well. Numerical results validate the theoretical analysis that ergodic capacity converges with the approximate exponential rate function asymptotically and demonstrate that the proposed method has near-actual performance in terms of system SINR and trajectory heterogeneity. Then, according to the distribution characteristics of different Wi-Fi signals, the principal component analysis (PCA) algorithm is used to reconstruct the signal to complete the de-nosing processing of the Wi-Fi signal. Based on the edge offload capability of 5G MEC, this system supports mapping sensor observations into a semantic description of the vehicle' s environment.

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