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indifferently in a sentence

having no bias, prejudice, or preference; impartial; disinterested. These guns were disposed over a coast-line of about JO sea miles, and were in many cases indifferently mounted. What does indifferently mean? Robert, lord of Clifford, and subsequently the barons styled themselves indifferently Lords Clifford or de Clifford, until in 1777 the 11th lord definitively adopted the latter form. 7 Answers. II. Learn how to use the easiest words finder here. The earliest known meaning of the word was “marked by impartiality,” or “unbiased, unprejudiced.”In early use the word was predominately applied to people, especially judges. Word, phrase, or sentence: New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. After holding this preferment for nearly two years, he exchanged it in July 1529 for the cure of Pont L'Eveque, a village 1 The family name of Calvin seems to have been written indifferently Cauvin, Chauve, Chauvin, Calvus, Calvinus. Relevance. Meaning of indifferently. What are synonyms for indifferently? Jiro is indifferent about clothing. 2. They use indifferently in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for indifferently. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: One says indifferently , “He's Navaho,” or “He's a Navaho” as most people do not say indifferently , “He's Jewish,” or “He's a Jew,” though in the case of the Indian the noun seems somehow more natural and no less friendly. Examples of Indifference in a sentence Because Martha showed a total lack of interest in music, her mother used this indifference as a reason to sell the family’s piano. Indifferent to the mistake, the clock kept ticking to zero. Translate Indifferently. 1 decade ago . 7. she shrugged indifferently. Meaning of indifferently. 6. Find more ways to say indifferent, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 1. a. Definition of indifferently in the Definitions.net dictionary. [adjective]Showing no interest, care or concern in attitude or action. The usual variations in habit that characterize plant-feeding insects are exhibited by the Thysanoptera some species being found only on one particular food-plant, while others thrive indifferently on a large assortment. Jiro se muestra indiferente sobre su ropa. Source(s): https://shrink.im/a8H5t. On the conversion of the original Pictish inhabitants and the dedication of the first church to St John the Baptist, the town was designated St Johnstoun, and it continued to be known indifferently by this name and that of Perth down to the 17th century. I was strong, active, indifferent to consequences. See more. A john no le importa una mierda su ropa. And that this is the intire and adequate cause of their colours, is manifest, because they have no power to change or alter the colours of any sort of Rays incident apart, but put on all colours indifferently, with which they are inlightened. long, is bound round the head from right to left or from left to right indifferently and quite simply, so as to form narrow angles over the forehead and at the back. See. More examples. The Coral Limestone series lies indifferently upon the older beds. At first (in the Toth and 11th centuries) it had no defined significance, and even a baron of the higher nobility called himself in charters duke, count or even marquis, indifferently. Hart looked at him indifferently. The shop assistant received me indifferently while leaning on a counter. This page has a vast collection of Indifferently example sentences. Also contribute the constant actualization of the certifying to the high quality level. The " true account " of the world in his own words is " that the concrete whole, which may be described indifferently as an eternal intelligence realized in the related facts of the world, or as a system of related facts rendered possible by such an intelligence, partially and gradually reproduces itself in us, communicating piecemeal, but in inseparable correlation, understanding and the facts understood, … rat, &c.), probably in its original sense the designation of the British rodent mammal commonly known as the black rat (Mus rattus), but also applied indifferently to the brown or Norway rat (M. Most of them have been indifferently restored by local artists, who follow mechanically a kind of hieratic tradition, the principles of which are embodied in a work of iconography by the monk Dionysius, said to have been a pupil of Panselinos. The celebrated iron ore of Elba is of Tertiary age and occurs indifferently in all the older rocks. Relevance. Similar magnetic poles are not merely indifferent to each other, but exhibit actual repulsion. Indifferently. 'Not that it matters,' said Tench indifferently. On the question of universals, Walter, according to John of Salisbury, was the leader of the Indifferentists, according to whom the universal is in itself indifferent, but becomes the predicate of an individual subject by the addition of various status, that is determinations or, at least, points of view. Indifferently Quotes Long ago I had a vague inkling of a machine... That shall travel indifferently in any direction of Space and Time, as the driver determines. definitions. Find more ways to say indifferently, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. marked by a lack of interest Last update: February 16, 2016 Jacinta. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: adv. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The names jaguarondi and eyra are applied indifferently to this species and Felis eyra. When kept in captivity the animal often lies upon one side on the surface of the sand, but on either side indifferently. The countess had long wished for such a box, but as she did not want to cry just then she glanced indifferently at the portrait and gave her attention chiefly to the box for cards. Indifferently. Primitive religion, however, resorts to either way of approach so indifferently as to prove that there is little or no awareness of an inconsistency of attitude. Most people chose this as the best definition of indifferent: The definition of indiffe... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. One of the advantages of electric trains on the multiple control system is that they economize terminal accommodation, because they can be driven from either end indifferently, and therefore avoid the necessity for tracks by which engines can change from one end of the train to the other. The Union filed a grievances and then, after the first step, let it drop, 25. John reacted indifferently to the offer of a free Kenny G CD. Another word for indifferent. 3. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "indifferent to " in a sentence As is often the case with young men, he is indifferent to money. Of imported animals, cattle, goats, asses and dogs thrive well, ponies and horses indifferently, and sheep badly, though some success has been achieved in breeding them. He is indifferent to what others say. His coffee grew cold, while he scanned the paper. This report indicates that dermatoglyphic Parameters should not be used, 27. 2. Synonyms for indifferently. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Glancing indolently and indifferently at all the prisoners, he ordered the officer in charge to have them decently dressed and tidied up before taking them to the marshal. It’s a video memoir for you. Traducir indifferently de Inglés a español. In1835-1839" San Francisco " had an ayuntamiento (town-council), and the different municipal officers seem to have been located at the same or different times at the mission, the presidio, or at Yerba Buena; the name San Francisco being applied indifferently to all three settlements. According to this theory the molecules of any magnetizable substance are little permanent magnets the axes of which are, under ordinary conditions, disposed in all possible directions indifferently. As to the variation of name, Defoe or Foe, its owner signed either indifferently till late in life, and where his initials occur they are sometimes D. Coal then meant the carbonaceous residue obtained in the destructive distillation of wood, or what is known as charcoal, and the name collier was applied indifferently to both coal-miners and charcoal-burners. In his memoir Kissinger goes further. 5. Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © … indifferently in a sentence and translation of indifferently in English dictionary with audio pronunciation by dictionarist.com The by-form Clodius, in its origin a mere orthographical variant, was regularly used for certain Claudii in late republican times, but otherwise the two forms were used indifferently. There are two forms of the plant, an annual and a biennial, which spring indifferently from the same crop of seed - the one growing on during summer to a height of from to 2 ft., and flowering and perfecting seed; the other producing the first season only a tuft of radical leaves, which disappear in winter, leaving under ground a thick fleshy root, from the crown of which arises in spring a branched flowering stem, usually much taller and more vigorous than the flowering stems of the annual plants. Indifferently; 1. He is indifferent to what others say. Translate indifferently into Spanish. Memoir; 1. . were but indifferently mounted, and that in consequence he had to purchase large numbers of foreign horses from Hainault and elsewhere for remounts. More example sentences. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 0 0. courcelle. He took the news indifferently. My mother is indifferent to politics. Another word for indifferently. It is conferred indifferently upom Moslems and Christians, and is frequently given to foreigners in the service of the Turks or Egyptians. The national government felt no legal obligation to protect antislavery activists and, in truth, reacted. Weber's theory, the molecules of a ferromagnetic metal are small permanent magnets, the axes of which under ordinary conditions are turned indifferently in every direction, so that no magnetic polarity is exhibited by the metal as a whole; a magnetic force acting upon the metal tends to turn the axes of the little magnets in one direction, and thus the entire piece acquires the properties of a magnet. b. How To Use Ash In A Sentence? These volcanoes are most numerous in the northern half of the country, and they stand indifferently upon the folded Mesozoic beds of the Western Cordillera (e.g. Anonymous. From sheer weariness and disgust the king refrained from any intervention in public affairs for nearly ten years, looking on indifferently while the ever shorter and stormier diets wrangled perpetually over questions of preferment and the best way of dealing with the extreme dissenters, to the utter neglect of public business. Example sentences with "indifferently", translation memory add example en But survival through the battle of Armageddon is only one of many benefits that can be expected for fighting indifference and persecution with endurance. This hot-tempered, fearless little scamp had watched, 23. (i) A force may be supposed to be applied indifferently at any point in its line of action. 4. The first wash may be either with common salt, muriate of ammonia, or muriate of ammonia, or muriate of baryta, indifferently. These sentences come from external sources & may not be accurate. Definition of indifference noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. The indifferently list of example sentences with indifferently. The meaner sort are covered with mats which they make of a kind of bulrush, and are also indifferently tight and warm, but not so good as the former.... Stephen was defeated and captured at Lincoln (1141); the empress was acclaimed lady or queen of England (she used both titles indifferently) and crowned at London. The indifferent look on Matt’s face made it hard for me to understand his mood. The synonym "gray," given by Willughby and Ray, is doubtless derived from the general colour of the species, and has its analogue in the Icelandic Grdond, applied almost indifferently, or with some distinguishing epithet, to the female of any of the freshwater ducks, and especially to both sexes of the present, in which, as stated in the text, there is comparatively little conspicuous difference of plumage in drake and duck. Anonymous. How can you use the word indifferently in a sentence? indifferently / examples. You properly provide this care with reverence and deep concern, not carelessly or indifferently. A third view, that the bilingual character of the work points to a time when both languages were used indifferently, is equally unsatisfactory,' because it is highly questionable whether two idioms can ever be used quite indifferently. Old Portuguese the nasal vowel or diphthon~ was not as now marked by the lii (__), but was expressed indifferently and without regard to the etymology by m or n: bern (b e n e), tan (t a n t u m), disserom (dixerunt), sermom (sermonem). Elsewhere " Phoenicians " are merchants, kidnappers, &c., " Sidonians " are artists; to indicate nationality both names seem to be used indifferently, e.g. ‘She believes she can act carelessly and indifferently as long as everyone else is careful to keep out of her way.’. 2. He is indifferent to what others say. 0 0. A él le da igual lo que come. There were other people who either kept the keys or discarded them, 28. indifferent. indifferently definition: Adverb (comparative more indifferently, superlative most indifferently) 1. neither good nor bad in … Green Tea Having no marked feeling for or... Indifferently - definition of indifferently by The Free Dictionary. Starts with i, ends with y, nine consonants, four vowels and five syllables. Wherefore now return , and go in peace ,[sentencedict.com] that thou displease not the lords of the Philistines. Because I am not a football fan, I am indifferent to the fact my husband met a popular football player yesterday. The many shades of indifferent Synonym Discussion of indifferent. In its extreme form it maintains that the individual is absolutely free to chose this or that action indifferently (the liberum arbitrium indifferentiae), but most libertarians admit that acquired tendencies, environment and the like, exercise control in a greater or less degree. By the Greeks and Romans both the metal and its alloys were indifferently known as xaXxos and aes. Both terms are used indifferently for both the larger and smaller divisions. He particularly devoted himself to an independent study of ecclesiastical history, a subject very indifferently taught in Roman Catholic Germany at that time. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Minium appeareth there of any colour indifferently, with which 'tis illustrated, but yet most luminous in red, and so Bise appeareth indifferently of any colour with which 'tis illustrated, but yet most luminous in blew. I have met with, and treated, as my book shows, fifty-seven cases of this kind of vision, which I term indifferently. 4. Is that why the ash is black? Je správne, keď takúto starostlivosť poskytujete s úctou a hlbokým záujmom, nie nedbanlivo alebo ľahostajne. Eglington flicked the ash from his cigar, speaking coolly. The ranks of his thegnhood and house-carles had, been thinned by the slaughter of Stamford Bridge, and their place was but indifferently supplied by the hasty levies of London, \Vessex and the Home Counties. callously in a sentence - Use "callously" in a sentence 1. What is the meaning of indifferently? "Prince, altesse, monsieur, monseigneur, citoyen" (he was called by all these names indifferently at the Elysee), he appeared as the candidate of the most incompatible interests, flattering the clergy by his compliments and formal visits, distributing cigars and sausages to the soldiers, promising the prosperous bourgeoisie "order in the street" and business, while he posed as the "father of the workers," and won the hearts of the peasants. Hitherto the chasuble had been worn indifferently by all ministers at the eucharist, even by the acolytes; it had been worn also at processions and other non-liturgical functions; it was now exalted into the mass vestment par excellence, worn by the celebrant only, or by his immediate assistants (deacon and subdeacon) only on very special occasions. Definition of indifference noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Show More Sentences His demeanor, sometimes indifferent, sometimes disgruntled, works fantastically in Hud. A sentence with the word indifferently? The Coral Limestone series lies indifferently upon the older beds. German Translation of “indifferently” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. — Christopher Hitchens, Harper's, March 2001 … aspects of language that the earlier grammarians were indifferent to. The strength of the induced current is - HScosO/L, where 0 is the inclination of the axis of the circuit to the direction of the field, and L the coefficient of self-induction; the resolved part of the magnetic moment in the direction of the field is equal to - HS 2 cos 2 6/L, and if there are n molecules in a unit of volume, their axes being distributed indifferently in all directions, the magnetization of the substance will be-3nHS 2 /L, and its susceptibility - 3S 2 /L (Maxwell, Electricity and Magnetism, § 838).

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