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roses elixir montale

Longevity is much better and I actually love it more to. It doesn't take itself too seriously but it's a highly attractive scent. This IS the twin sister of Cherie, no doubt about it! Beauty Almanac |. The kind of fragrance that smells good on just about anyone. This is a very feminine, adorable fragrance. If you’re looking for a Miss Dior Cherie replacement, this is a good one. A dancing fragrance for an intense feminine sillage. 3.87 Available as 100 ml EDP. I am thinking this is more flowery/Rose than either. On my skin it's a sweet rose / jasmine opening, wich holds on till the end. If you were to check this rose's petals I'm sure you would find quite a few cavities. Are they one in the same? Discover a sweet and sensual universe where man and woman are swept away into the same wake. (Hellooo Dior, you screwed THAT up didn't you???) An oudless rose perfume from the house of Montale? I bought this fragrance because of the comparisons to the 2005 Miss Dior Cherie, which is one of my all time faves. овый Эликсир от Монталь купить онлайн с доставкой по Москве и всей России на iPerfume.ru Smelled VERY floral and..synthetic and just really BAD!!! This was actually my first perfume that I owned from Montale, which I first purchased about 2 years ago. уют свою очарование, чтобы покорять мужские сердца. Maodo 01/31/20 04:04 I was so excited when the box arrived. Warning: the lists of ingredients used in the composition of Montale Parfums Paris products are regularly updated. It has really nice sillage. О, это будет не Монталь, если не Roses Elixir is a beautiful combination of roses and strawberries with some green notes and a musky base. Parfem je kreirao Pierre Montale. I'm very pleased to say Rose Elixir actually exceeded my expectations! Happiness and joy. Got also a great deal online. 5 with With a name like ‘roses elixir’ one might wonder where on earth the roses are, you’ll be surprised . At first, this smells just like Soap & Glory’s Righteous body butter. It smells 90% as Miss Dior Cherie (first edition) since they share most of the same notes. I have a 6 year old bottle of Miss Dior Cherie, and compared the scent side by side with this scent. Montale Roses Elixir - Eau de Parfum acquista nel negozio online MAKEUP e leggi le recensioni reali su prodotti. This is nice and I say: nice. Definitely smells sweet, sweet, sweet at the beginning. Lovely, clean, not so sweet that I expected, but is a cute and very feminine scent. Montale Rose Elixir Perfume by Monta... (. Бесплатная доставка от 4 000 р. Roses Elixir, yüzlerce örneğine rastlanabilecek bir kadın parfümü olarak tarihteki yerini aladursun, bizler yeni bir kokuya yelken açalım. I don't find this overly sweet at all. Montale Rose Elixir Perfume by Monta... (92.10 USD), Perfume rating Fragrance Reviews: 1001137 On dry-down makes me think of lace and porcelain dolls. Maybe its the fragrance of a cheap plastic rose! Roses Elixir was launched in 2010. I hated it first! But after a couple of hours it turned into very nice fresh, strawberry smell..But I don´t know if it is worth buying a perfume just because of the drydown.. Than after a hour there is amber, patchoulli and litlle vanilla. By the drydown, some of the sugar syrup has evaporated away, leaving behind a very nice layer of rose, but this perfume really is quite sweet for an hour or so. I think, it's quite nice. this scent is nothing special.very fruity and too less roses....it disappointed me!! However, the very tart-y floral dry down is a bit much for me and it makes me want to wash off this scent. Lately my nose has been exposed to perfumes of higher quality and (more) natural ingredients and this has changed my entire frame of reference regarding scents, smelling and perfumery. I put it on this morning and I can still smell it all around me so far I am looking at 5 hours now. I don't find it particularly sweet as many other reviewers do but rather fresh and bit tart. Roses Elixir è stato lanciato sul mercato nel 2010. Описание, характеристики, состав, фотографии. In fact, the elixir is a super sweet and concentrated fruit syrup! I can't compare Roses Elixir to Miss Dior Cherie as I've never had the pleasure of smelling MDC, but I can say that this bares a striking resemblance to Miss Dior (new). INGREDIENTS: ALCOHOL DENAT • PARFUM / FRAGRANCE • BUTYLPHENYL METHYLPROPIONAL • AQUA / WATER • LIMONENE • BENZYL SALICYLATE • HEXYL CINNAMAL • CITRONELLOL • LINALOOL • ALPHA-ISOMETHYL IONONE • GERANIOL • CINNAMYL ALCOHOL • EUGENOL • CITRAL • FARNESOL. I was on a hunt for a replacement of one of my everlasting loves, Dior - Miss Dior Cherie, for some time now. As for all twin pairs, tiny differences distinguish them - so here the musk is more pronounced and sleek than in Cherie. I have mixed feelings about this fragrance. It starts nice enough but just turns into something I completely dislike... it smells a bit like Bond no 9 Greenwich Village or Burberry Her (both which I don’t like). по всей России @Antares811 Thank you for clearing that up! @Wolfchild: the actual name is Rose Elixir. I expected it to be sweet, sparkling and playful like Miss Dior Cherie, but it's not quite that. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. ダーウッド、そしてチークウッドの3つのウッディな香りが魔法をかけました。贅沢にアラビアのウードをベースにすることによってローズとウッディな香りはとてもモダンな仕上がりになりました。 I have nearly finished up my second bottle but I think I have outworn this fragrance. (so to speak) I'm not sure it's entirely her fault though. It definitely reminds me a lot of MDC, and somehow it has filled an empty space, after Dior discontinued its fragrance. MONTALE ROSES ELIXIR is one of my favorite rose scents (sharing the top spot with Tauer's Une Rose Vermeille). Nope, thank you! The best Montale for me. Wow, the musk gets very lovely as it wears on. Una fragranza decisamente pink Montale Roses elixir è una fragranza floreale, fruttata da donna. Die Basis dieses intensiven, femininen Duftes bilden warme Noten von Ambra, Moschus Before using a Montale product, please read the list of ingredients on its packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use. This fragrance smells more yummy strawberries rather roses. I expected the strawberry, so clearly in the notes, but it's to the point of being too thick and sticky. I find it very similar to Miss Dior Cherie. Il Naso di questa fragranza è Pierre Montale. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Rose Elixir is the fresh, vibrant, bright, uplifting, cheerful, and energizing scent I was missing in my wardrobe - sweet, tart, and juicy strawberry with a fresh and light rose. I always get compliments whenever I wear this! It was my go to night out/clubbing fragrance. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | With montale I am free of that sensation and I get a very nice strawberry rose patchouli scent. A bit muskier. A bit too much jammy-berriness for my liking. A syrupy sweet strawberry note enters weighed down by indolic jasmine and orange flower and made even heavier by musk and amber. В нем все дышит очарованием и флиртом. накомления и не является публичной офертой. If your not familiar with the many different real rose fragrances then you could be forgiven if you refuse to sniff a rose ever again after sniffing this monster. I love this. Also, my taste has changed a lot! Dai un'occhiata e ordina ora! He wants to please the lovers of pink fruity, but in reality disgusted - not caresses, pinching and not only gracefully - . Consegna gratis per ordini superiori a 29 €. 5 minutes later, it just exploded with strawberry and roses! Another one roses disappointment by Montale. I was delighted to discover a lighter version of the well sought after and discontinued Miss Dior Cherie but hadn't had the opportunity to get myself a bottle until now. I am going to layer this w/ my Coco Noir, or CM Intense & I think it will give it that UMMPHHH it's needing to get there. To me, it's like a brunnette walking along in the park with her significant other, talking about antique furniture and drinking black coffee in a cool breezy afternoon. Wearing Roses Elixir I feel very feminine and sexy. I am not a big rose lover but this one appeals to my gourmand side somehow. I have bought a tester. I concur with the other reviewers that it's very similar to Miss Dior Cherie, only softer and with less patchouli, yet it somehow manages to be even more addictive. It starts out bright and citrusy, but after a few minutes it develops into to an almost chocolately, creamy warmth. Roses Elixr is much more forward on the rose, and is notably missing the patchouli note present in MDC. This creation really caught me off guard. A true symbol of olfactory elegance, vanilla takes on a leading role in our creations. Perfume lovers: 589451 That is a lot considering I do have a large perfume collection. Candied angel wings and dried orange curls. Perfumes: 62829 While I can see why so many compare the two, I don't think this is close enough to call it a dupe. !i do not feel comfortable with montale's fragrancies so i do not find noone of them particularly well blended.i always find them cheap and rose elixir isn't an exception. Obsahuje citrusy, růže, jahody, jahodový list, jasmín, africký pomerančový květ, ambru, pižmo, pačuli a tangerinku. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Montale Roses Elixir fragrance notes It doesn't smell department-store to me, honestly, the layering of the fruity smells is just too rich for that. Roses Elixir foi lançado em 2010. I got the blast of rose from this right away and its not your typical rose scent, it is more creamy/pungent rose I don't know which. Usually I don't mind the Montale DNA that many consider too synthetic smelling, but in this one it takes over the fragrance and turns really metallic on my skin. Roses Elixir de Montale é um perfume Floral Frutado Feminino. Never thought that would happen since Im not the biggest fan of the brand and strongly dislike there bottles. It's not strong or grandma rose - hardly any sign of any rose to be honest but I can detect ingredients that make rose accords like geraniol. ванная подчеркнуть обаяние и женственность, элегантность и утонченность. Roses Elixir se lanzó en 2010. This could have been pleasant if done with a much lighter hand. Vonná kompozícia je ďalej obohatená o jazmín, citrusy, jahodové listy, kvety pomarančovníka, jantár, vanilku a pižmo. It's a "True Rose" smells so real....mmmm I will be buying a bottle, perfect for spring/summer and for Celebrating! It hints of La Rose Angel, occasionally, which I love, but this is unique, and perfectly fun. Roses Elixir is a delightful, feminine strawberry and rose scent. The bottle I have says Rose Elixir. Almost Victorian as it fades away over hours into sugared lemon, roses and vanilla. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Longevity and projection are both good, but I can't get over how plain berry it is. An all-natural, delicious, sparkling and bright candy, but it is candy nonetheless. Velvety smooth, warm, sweet, ultra feminine. Ive smelt 100s of fragrances and sadly this has got to be one of the very few scrubbers Ive come across. ские духи от Пьера Монталя с доставкой по России. Good scent for spring. To be fair my skin does amp up any musk. Roses Elixir został wydany w 2010 roku. Rose Elixir opens and cruises through the central notes with a bucket full of candied strawberry fruit compote. Pulpy earthy strawberry. It is very sweet strawberry with a candy bubblegum. She was obviously born to like the sweeter things in life. ине Монталь (Montale) - Montale Roses Elixir с доставкой по Москве, Санкт-Петербургу и России

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