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asus chromebook c423na review

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Construction. It threw a cousin of mine completely though and then I had to think about how I was right clicking! I've not had an issue with the track pad while typing as yet, which is good as there doesn't seem to be a button to turn it off. Not a lot to say on this, as that's more software, but yes this unit supports running Android apps. Although it's a very small laptop, the Asus Chromebook C202 feels like it can take a punch. I purchased my C223 for about 300$ Canadian at Best Buy. Asus C423NA Chromebook 14" HD Laptop (Intel Dual Core Celeron... Asus Chromebook 14" HD Anti-Glare Nano-Edge Display Laptop Computer, Intel... ASUS Chromebook C423NA 14" (32GB eMMC, Intel Celeron N, 2.40... ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 300Hz IPS Type FHD,... Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop 2020: Intel Core i7-10750H 6-Core, NVIDIA... Asus ROG Strix Hero III (2019) Gaming Laptop, 17.3” 144Hz IPS Type... HP Chromebook 11 G5 Review: The Solid Mid-Range Performer, HP ENVY 13-AQ0011MS Review: A Closer Look. Regular readers might think it strange that I've purchased a Chromebook given I recently shared my views on why Google's GSuite isn't ready for the enterprise. I've noticed some irritating resonance on some frequencies at certain volumes (the C423NA can go surprisingly loud). Built to stand up to the kind of punishment that can only be doled out by school children, the C202's dotted plastic lid and bottom are surrounded by a rubberized protective ring that serves as armor against drops. Yes, it is. When using the touch element of the screen (i.e. #CommissionsEarned See all ASUS Chromebook C423NA-EC0192 configurations. I was a little concerned about the keyboard but am pleased I can get a reasonable speed on it and that the layout is as I'd expect. Part of the reason I bought the Chromebook when I did was because my cousin was visiting and is starting university in September. For example, the brightness setting of the display could determine how long the battery lasts. After a bit of research I found that RAM is managed differently, and quite effectively, by ChromeOS so a 4GB device would be ample. The processor performs just fine with running most Android Apps available on the Chrome Web Store. Manufactured by Asus, the laptop made it possible for all users to be able to use the internet. The Asus C423NA ChromeBook 14” Laptop was designed for everyone who needs a laptop. It also has a very solid feel due to its perfectly finished edges. Ola writes reviews, buying guides, and best pick articles for Free delivery and return on eligible orders. The hinge is designed to allow the screen to be folded back flat, although it should be noted it's not completely flush (not that this matters). The dark-blue rubber and gray plastic make the C202 look like the official Chromebook of the New York Yankees, but the only l… For instance, with more than seven tabs opened in the browser, it begins to hang – the touchpad becomes unresponsive as well. I hope you found this ASUS Chromebook C423NA review helpful? If you need a lightweight, cost effective, device then this may be right what you need. Just about every Chromebook these days has at leas… No one tests computers like we do. The Asus Chromebook C523NA offers a solid aluminum chassis and 1080p touch screen for under $400, but it comes up short on battery life. You could also add additional internal storage with its built-in microSD card slot. Adesoye Olatunbosun is a technical writer at I appreciate landscape photography is not what this camera is designed for! This is slowly becoming the standard and I did it automatically. I'm calling the C423N the Vivobook variant in Chromebook style because it also has the 'NanoEdge' display (slim bezels). COVID-19. No, It comes with Chrome OS, a Linux based operating system by Google. Having used and supported Windows for years I was initially concerned that 4GB RAM would not be enough, especially when you consider how much of a memory hog Chrome on Windows is. I don't think there are any fans in this Chromebook, there's certainly no heat vent and I've not heard a fan running. ASUS Chromebook C423. Acer Predator Helios 300 Review: The Ideal Gaming Laptop. I could have opted for an 11" Chromebook but a 14" screen is really the minimum size I'm happy working on. Asus did a very nice job designing and building the C423. It looks great, thanks to its ultra-slim design. As I type this I have 46% battery left, an estimated 5 hours 55 minutes. I was thrilled at the port selection, with two USB-C, 2 USB-A, microSD, and a 3.5mm headp… Bach. changing that search key back to caps lock), Chrome start up mode and behaviour. For example, there's quite a buzz when listening to Matthew Perks on his DIY Perks YouTube channel (tested with this video) and Toccata and Fugue by J.S. The main body has very little flex, except the middle of the bottom part of the case and the back of the lid. My ASUS Chromebook C423NA review will give you insights into the laptop before you make your purchase. Moreover, Intel Celeron N3350 can keep up with regular tasks such as browsing and video streaming. However, in real-life, battery performance depends on usage. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. A discussion about the ethics of deleting emails from someone else's mailbox. When the Asus Chromebook Flip first hit the streets, it went for $649 (about £509, AU$926) with an Intel Core m5 processor, 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. Ranked #8 among Laptops priced under $525. I'm an IT professional with a keen interest in IT security. If you want a Chromebook that will satisfy your basic computing needs at an affordable price, you should consider ASUS Chromebook C423NA. The Chromebook Flip C443TA is a budget laptop from Asus that looks like a much more expensive device thanks to its metallic-looking design and svelte build. Was keen to update my Chromebook experience and particularly liked the idea of the larger screen at 15.6 inches. It is designed to be more accurate and responsive than conventional touchscreens. Asus have not been involved in this review nor provided any goods or services. ASUS Chromebook C423NA DH02 - 14" - Celeron N3350 - 4 GB RAM - 32 GB eMMC overview and full product specs on CNET. There's just little behaviours and user interface (UI) differences with Chrome that I'm just not a fan of. It, however, drops in performance when used to carry out heavy computing tasks. After entering my password I was presented with my desktop after around 6 seconds, with Chrome open and waiting where I'd left off. Furthermore, it has a low tenacity to carry out multitasking operations. I rate ASUS Chromebook C423NA a six in my memory review. The C423NA isn't to replace my existing devices (workstation, laptop, phone, tablet) but to complement them. 4.0 out of 5 stars Great Value, Great Battery Life and Lightweight. A quick test in sunlight (which I try to avoid) showed even on full brightness the screen was almost unusable due to its reflective nature. The RAM size of 8 GB in this ASUS Chromebook makes running basic tasks faster. With dual high-quality stereo speakers and extra-large resonant chambers that generate high-fidelity audio, it can deliver surround-sound effects that are as good as much larger laptops, with crisp and powerful sound to give you an immersive experience for both music and video streaming. Thus far, I've been quite pleased with how solid this device feels. ASUS Chromebook C423NA is also a 2-in-1 laptop – you can use it as a normal laptop or convert it into an android tablet. Compared with some budget Chromebooks, which come with 16 GB of storage space, the ASUS Chromebook C423NA’s 32 GB storage is quite impressive. This Chromebook feels like it has a metal screen casing with a plastic keyboard / motherboard section. This ultraportable and lightweight 14 Chromebook is powered by Intel Dual-Core Celeron processor and gives you the freedom of up to 10 hours of battery life. Battery life and performance is the most significant selling point of ASUS Chromebook C423NA. why Google's GSuite isn't ready for the enterprise, Installing Windows 98SE on a Chromebook (VM), Two USB 3.1 (C style) - one of which is marked for charging, 3.5mm jack for headphone / headset connection. You will also get to learn about its storage options, graphics card, and display performance. The Asus Chromebook C223NA is a very light, modest and affordable 11.6 inch Chrome device. I've had no complaints running over WiFi as yet, so haven't ordered a USB-C network adapter. I've not fitted bike bags as I'd rather have a slimmer bike with a lighter weight, so I'll invariably be out and about with a rucksack. Finally, it is, however, not so bad when compared with other Chromebooks at its level. Quick Description. The ASUS Chromebook C423 has a 14” display, a web cam, a headphone jack and a memory card slot. The laptop features an Intel HD graphics 500 graphics card, which can run games with low graphics. Ports on the C423NA are: Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band AC WiFi are also supplied. ASUS Chromebook C423 is the simple way to boost your productivity and have more fun on the move — all day and every day. That said, I fully expect to be using Chrome as the browser on this Chromebook, so won't be installing any alternatives (via Android or Linux support). The device hasn't even got warm yet, so I'm not surprised at the lack of fans. I will walk you through its design, dimensions, weight, processor, and memory performance. As you can tell from the photo, the C423NA has a glossy screen and it's quite reflective in some light conditions. Asus Chromebook C423NA-BV0158 Review. That's good, as the 8GB models were incredibly pricey! Moreover, Chromebooks with 2 GB of RAM perform well during internet surfing. Mileage will vary, I'm sure, depending on what you're doing with it (streaming films is likely to reduce battery life) but I'm impressed so far. This ultraportable and lightweight 14-inch Chromebook is powered by up to a quad-core Intel® processor, and gives you the freedom of up to 10 hours battery life1. When he is not writing, he reads, watches football, or codes apps. The Asus C423NA Touch is a Chromebook with a 14-inch touchscreen. Although the ASUS Chromebook C423NA is cheap, it is relatively more expensive than most Chromebooks in its class. It can easily be downloaded from the Chrome web store. The optional 10-point multitouch display on ASUS Chromebook C423 improves your experience. How long should I keep them? Get performance ratings and pricing on the Asus Chromebook C423NA-WB04 computer. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering. Weighing 1340 g and measuring 322.6 x 228 x 16.1 mm (W x D x H), ASUS Chromebook C423NA is quite light, making it suitable for mobility. I recommend it mainly for students and professionals that perform light computing tasks. Although it’s cheap it costs more than many other Chromebooks – and it doesn’t appear to boast much in the way of specifications, with an Intel Celeron processor and just 32GB of storage. It's powered by an Intel … #Asus #Chromebook #C223NA This is my review of the Asus Chromebook C223NA. You may also find our Laptop Specs and Deals page very helpful. seem to reorder keys to move CTRL or # and that's just a pain. With its sleek design and big 1080p touch screen, the 15.6-inch Asus Chromebook C523 is a unusual bargain: a budget-friendly big-screen Chromebook. ASUS Chromebook C423NA Review Summary. For those worried the physical layout might be odd (incorrectly positioned # or CTRL) I've included a photo of the keyboard below: The mouse track pad has no dedicated right click button, instead requiring a two finger press anywhere on the pad. ASUS Chromebook C423NA ships with 32 GB eMMC storage – plenty of storage space for the price. However, you can boot the processor to a turbo speed of up to 2.4 GHz. There is enough space for documents, photos, and videos. Gift Guide. As it is, that bag has normally got waterproofs, spare socks, small tool kit and my wallet in it so any devices I'm carrying have to be small. Asus 14-inch Touch Screen Chromebook model: C423NA-RH91T. Two fingers can also be used to scroll. That is because Chrome OS isn’t as demanding as Windows. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ASUS Chromebook Laptop- 14.0" HD 180 Degree NanoEdge Display, Intel Dual Core Celeron N3350 Processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC Storage, USB Type-A and Type-C, Chrome OS- C423NA-DH02 Silver at To activate the Chromebook touchscreen toggle, press the Search + Shift + T keys simultaneously. Pricing and availability. ASUS did well with the design of Chromebook C423NA. That's very much down to what I do as a developer though, and the tools I use. ChromeOS itself is a cut down version of Linux, and there's certainly been some work done to make it efficient on lower powered devices like Chromebooks. However, it is a good budget laptop capable of running android apps. Granted, ASUS hasn’t really made much of a big deal out of Chromebook releases in the past, but this one really flew under the radar. The layout is UK Qwerty which is a shame for me as I tend to use UK Dvorak. That said, I'm not naive enough to think I'll get a laptop with a custom keyboard for £245! I’ll jump straight to performance. You could easily conclude that its memory performance would be inadequate because of the Chromebook’s cheap purchase price, but it is quite okay for its price. 12 new Although it is quite a cheap 2-in-1 laptop, you should note the relatively disappointing CPU performance. The laptop scores a solid nine in battery life and performance rating because it delivers a great battery life. I've not had a problem using it although I suspect that's only a matter of time. Although ASUS did not design this Chromebook for gaming, the graphics card is just fine for low graphics games. from $249.00, 1 used from $399.77, 25 new In this design review, ASUS Chromebook C423NA is rated an eight because of the care and attention put into the design. Asus Chromebook 14" Hd NanoEdge display Intel dual-core Celeron N3350 4GB RAM 32GB eMMC - C423NA-RH01T-CB All the Google apps you know and love come standard on every Chromebook which means you can edit download and convert Microsoft office files in Google docs sheets and slides With the Google Play store you can access a rich library of apps games music movies TV books … As I said at the beginning, this Chromebook can't replace my Linux workstation or laptop but I'm prepared to use it as my primary device for some things. Note:  This laptop was purchased by me, so this review is an unbiased summary. The processor also features 2MB of Cache. It's not a convertible, it doesn't have a touch screen, and it's entirely plastic. prodding it) the screen does tend to wobble, the same as it does while typing, although the wobble isn't excessive. Construction seems to be fairly sturdy without much flex in either the keyboard or the screen. Although it is pretty standard for Chromebooks to last long, ASUS Chromebook C423NA’s capability to last up to 10 hours is impressive. Handy features ... C423NA-BV0078 NFC enabled I even took it on a walk this afternoon with no issues. I won't say anything more about ChromeOS particularly, as this review is about the hardware. After some use I can honestly say that for some of my tasks it's likely to become my go-to device although for others it certainly wouldn't be appropriate. However, I will recommend that you do not run more than three apps simultaneously – with a couple of browser tabs open. As I say - every use case is different. It offers 2 USB type-C ports, 2 USB Type-A ports, a micro SD port, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. I rate it a six in my graphics review because frequent gamers will find that this Chromebook lacks in this aspect. The build quality is admittedly decent - the screen doesn't flex much, and the bottom lid has a softer texture that makes it feel a bit less cheap. A confession from the outset:  I'm one of those people that prefers Firefox. Moreover, you could do with limited internal storage because of the availability of cloud storage – 15 GB of free Chrome OS cloud storage. ASUS has maintained the reputation of producing good Chromebooks. This ultraportable and lightweight 14-inch Chromebook is powered by up to a quad-core Intel® processor, and gives you the freedom of up to 10 hours battery life1. Finally, for more laptop reviews, visit our Laptop Reviews page. This ultraportable and lightweight 14-inch Chromebook is powered by up to a quad-core Intel® processor and gives you the freedom of up to 10 hours battery life1. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This post discusses factors to consider when configuring logging. Asus Chromebook C423NA is a great-looking, modestly priced Chromebook with enough storage and memory for the average daily computing task. The next important performance feature in my ASUS Chromebook C423NA review is its processor. I've been considering this for a while and finally purchased a Chromebook last week. Shop By Price. I've not tested it with any form of stylus. Multimedia keys are present on the row above the numbers, where you'd typically find the F keys. Plus, the apps are usually built for handheld devices with more limited resources, not full-sized notebooks. Android seems to be version 7, Nougat. More ASUS Chromebook (C423NA-BCLN5) configurations - 52 laptops. When considering a Chromebook, keep in mind that these devices usually require fewer resources than a traditional laptop. The Asus Chromebook C423 has a 14-inch screen and weighs under 3 pounds (1.34kg) with battery, making it easy to lug around. I wanted to use it for a little while before posting my review. Yes, it does. We reviewed the Vivobook recently, but that was an actual Windows laptop, and remember, we here at Android Coliseum are more focused on Android / Google related, so let's look at the Chromebook variant of the Vivobook. This blog post was all typed on the C423NA keyboard. Finally, at the end of this review, you will have enough information to help you make a purchasing decision. Being a cyclist my storage capacity is quite limited. More ASUS Chromebook C423NA-EC0192 configurations - 54 laptops. I sometimes speak at universities on IT security matters including penetration testing and network security. Although it is satisfactory, ASUS could have made more improvement in Chromebook C423NA. Its design suggests that ASUS built this Chromebook with precision. However, that might change in the future, so you should follow this link for updated configurations and prices later on. One of the biggest selling points of the Chromebook line of devices is their long battery life. She needed a new laptop and a Chromebook would be the perfect device for her. MSRP $379.99 $269.00 at Amazon Reviewing the Asus Chromebook C423NA from a practical point of view. Thanks go to AndroidCentral for the run down on ChromeOS and RAM. It's worth noting that I've purchased a Chromebook for a relatively limited set of tasks out of my day-to-day computing needs. ASUS Chromebook C423NA comes with up to 8 GB LPDDR4 of SDRAM, which is okay for a budget laptop. The installation is as easy as every other app. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 April 2019. A Chromebook should come on as soon as you open the lid, and I've seen some boot sufficiently quickly that you'd be fooled into thinking the device was already on. The C423NA isn't as fast as that, but, usually, the boot time to login screen is a very acceptable 15 seconds (measured 4 times the boot was fairly consistent). Not unsurprisingly, the speakers on this device are not the best in the world. Ola is an art and philosophy enthusiast. This device uses Google’s Chrome OS (Operating System), which means easy access to your favourite Android apps via the Google Play Store. The resolution of 1366 x 768p isn't too bad although I definitely find the physical screen size restrictive when working on spreadsheets. But we’ve found time and time again that laptops that look good don’t always stand up to the rigours of everyday use. The port selection is also quite good. I'm pretty happy with the device itself and would certainly recommend it. Not quite a convertible netbook, but this Chromebook can run Chrome OS, and Android (even Linux if you're comfortable trying beta features) and is quite versatile for the price. Asus Chromebook C423NA-BV0078 Review This ultra-portable and lightweight 14 inch Asus C423 Chromebook is powered by up to a quad-core Intel processor and gives you the freedom of up to 10 hours battery life – perfect for long days on the go. When it comes living a simple life that revolves around work and light entertainment, the Asus Chromebook C423NA-BV0158 come into play. #CommissionsEarned. The design is great because it makes a good traveling companion due to its portable size. Additional displays can be connected via USB-C adapters sold separately. The battery delivers up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

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