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tomato production per acre in kenya

Uniformly green, globe-shaped fruit. At a spacing of 90×60cm, plant population per acre is about 7407. Thus, you will prevent yourself from extra expenses on disease treatment. Regardless of the size of your land, you can plant your tree tomatoes even on a ¼ acre. Ripe tomatoes held at 2 degrees Celsius will last up to 3 weeks, but they will lose quality,” she says. When he was almost at the end of his tether, a friend introduced him to tomato farming. Why not starting a tomato growing business in Kenya? Okuta is a the Founder, Owner and Managing Director at Ngura Poultry Care. Njagi cites distance as a hindrance given that his farm is 150km away from where he lives. Kilele F1 is a particularly good tasting variety without a bitter after-taste Water them properly, provide with enough of sunlight and your harvest will be rich and the customers will be fully satisfied with perfect tomatoes. Garlic farming. To achieve success, you will need to be well equipped to deal with the management, production, and marketing challenges that are faced by tomato farmers. Tomatoes require lots of water and a proper irrigation system, Get rid of the bottom leaves, to prevent the plant from diseases, Make a plastic roof, that will help you to save the young plants from heavy plants. This tomato variety is a Monsanto hybrid. He has employed 10 farmhands on permanent and hires at least 25 extra casuals who come three times a week to weed and harvest tomatoes. He started drawing water using two jerry cans, transporting on bicycle and watering his young tomatoes both morning and evening as guided by his friend who monitored his farming activities closely. Spray the ground substantially and add fertilizer. He has markets in Ukambani, Meru, Garissa, Embu and Nairobi. However, during the hot, dry seasons they might need even more. Don't know what type of farming to choose? According to the professional farmers 20,000 Ksh per a greenhouse in the beginning is quite a good start. Features. A Hard Tomato- Hardness in a tomato increases its shelf life and transportability. Closeness to the earth, makes them a simple victim for soil born pathogens. However, Ms Mutua also warns it may lead to nutrient locking since nutrients are released slowly and one may not know the amount and type of nutrients contained in the organic fertiliser. Good thing is that the plot was close to a permanent source of water – River Ruguti. His crops started withering. I have noe learnt my lesson, I only buy the fertiliser from reputable dealers. Depending on location, fresh-market tomatoes are produced in Pennsylvania from the first of June (in a high tunnel) to the end of October. Fresh-market tomatoes are usually sold loose in bulk containers. Don't forget to water your tomato farming every day. Tree Tomatoes yield per acre An acre piece of land can accommodate 1000 tree tomato plants. Lucky for him, it was during the dry spell that the tomatoes were on demand. Diligently prepare the soil by weeding it and sloping, thus it will have good drainage during the rainy days. Practice greenhouse tomato farming: Tomatoes are highly susceptible to pests and diseases. Greenhouse tomato farming in Kenya has led to a huge increase in tomato production. About 5,000 tomato plants are required to meet this number. How to grow hybrid tomatoes in Kenya on 1 acre. One time, Njagi recalls, he faced a challenge when the fertiliser he bought started burning the young crops. That is how good business is. With seven acres under the crop, he harvests 2,800 boxes. Profitable Tomato farming in Kenya: Nicholas Njagi at his farm. With average tomato market price of Ksh 20 per kg, cost of production of Ksh 148140, the farmer can earn: (7407 ×5kg×Ksh20=Ksh 740,700) - 148,140=Ksh 592,560 from one acre of tomatoes She, however, warns: “Crop has a high demand for water throughout the growing period. For tomatoes, watering is key to tomatoes success, he says. He had to call in an agronomist, who helped him addressed the problem. per acre = 5 g (1 bottle top) per plant Training, staking & pruning Weed, pests & diseases control 2nd Top-dress: CAN 80 kg per acre = 10 g (2 bottle top) per plant Training, staking & pruning Weed, pests & diseases control Harvesting starts 75 –90 days after transplanting Sorting & grading Yields 12,000 – 40,000kg per acre Marketing 10/38 They produce best when daytime temperatures are between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime temperatures are above 60 or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The cost of production per acre can be high and can present complex problems to the grower, who must be knowledgeable about soils, fertilizers, pest control, harvesting, marketing and other record … High yielding tomato variety Yield potential – 417 crates of 60kg each (25 Tonnes per Acre) Determinate fresh market and processing Tomato Hybrid. They won't provide you with new tomatoes. To avoid such scenarios, Mutua advises a farmer to plan such that tomatoes are harvested at a time when supply is low. “I realised I had bought fake fertilizer. Unfortunately, quarter acre was the only piece of land available in his Embu home. According to Don’t Lose the Plot (DLTP) a television program produced by The Mediae Company whose other productions include Shamba Shape Up , onion farming can give you an income of of Ksh 354,000 per acre (This after deducting your expenses). At the same time, inconsistent watering will also get you blossom end rot,” the farmer points out. 76560 per acre. Rainfall: 600mm during production period. Get rid of the suckers that are growing in the crotch joint of two branches. Mutua warns that refrigeration is not a good option the farmer should plan so that harvesting coincides with low supply in the market. If it is too high, use gypsum to decrease it. Last year, we had 294 greenhouses installed; on average they deliver 264 tons per hectare. Starting was not rosy. Too much water and the plants drown, too little and leads to blossom end rot. Many Kenyans are taking on agribusiness and... CAS Ann Nyaga: In January this year, the Embu County CEC in charge of Agriculture Ann Nyaga was appointed... By Chloe Moore / Business Insider: To many, buying a home is the most ideal dream. Tomato production requires highly intensive management, production and marketing skills, and a significant investment. Most profitable farming ideas in Kenya: Agribusiness is the backbone of Kenya's economy. Seed Rate in Tomato Farming. Chapter 18. Garlic farming. Cost of Tomato seed for 1 acre: Tomato seed rate for 1 acre is 200 gm, whereas it is only about 60 … All the needed information, for example, what is the best fertilizer for tomatoes and which breed to choose will be described in the following article. That is how good business is. Milk Farming in Kenya: Geoffrey Kariuki, an aesthetic doctor trained in the UK wanted to try out something new after working for just five... How to start small and make Sh. As the upper leaves become bigger, the bottom ones don't get enough of sun light. Be careful especially during cool wet conditions when blight is most active. The total cash spent is estimated at Ksh 125,000 (From nursery all the way to harvesting minus irrigation equipment). If from a quarter an acre I got Sh50,000, it means with more acreage under the crop, there was possibility of a better yield.” At this point, Njagi thought of expanding his farming. Tomato farming can be done throughout the year with the facility of enough irrigation during the complete growing periods. Most tomato varieties in Kenya such as the Anna F1 reach maturity 60-75 days after transplanting. Analyses show profits over a range of prices and yields, plus monthly cash costs, costs and returns per acre, business and investment overhead costs, hourly equipment costs, and whole farm annual equipment costs. In addition to that, they also need fertilized soil. • Yield: 40,000-50,000kg per acre (9 –10 kg per plant) “Rambo F1” • Determinate, vigorous plant with uniformly set and firm fruits • Tolerance: Bacterial wilt, Bacterial spot, Fusarium wilt, Verticilium wilt and Nematodes • Maturity 75 days after transplanting • Yield: 30,000kg per acre • … The soil should be loose, the optimum pH for tomato production … If you are growing tomatoes from seeds, make sure the seedlings have enough of space to grow. Tomato farming in Kenya. It is also important to get it right with matters fertiliser. Is tomato farming profitable in Kenya? Performs well in cool weather conditions. So, continue reading and make your tomato business a real success. Thanks to this method, your tomatoes will grow faster. Profitable Tomato Farming in Kenya: BY SMART HARVEST – Nicholas Njagi’s seven acre tomato farm located in Igamba-ng’ombe, Tharaka Nithi County, produces 400 boxes of tomatoes per acre and this season is no different. He was impressed. I was willing and ready to pay the price,” he says. Tomato Production 2 Everglade. Want to turn farming in a moneymaking business or at least an extra income to your budget? 250,000 per month from my milk farm, Poultry farming in Kenya – How Leah makes Ksh. Land preparation for planting tree tomatoes. Before you grow the tomatoes, it is wise to test the soil to see which nutrients are missing so that you know how to add the fertiliser and compost.” Crops expert Carol Mutua from the Department of Crops, Horticulture and Soils at Egerton University explains tomatoes do very well in a dry area provided the farmer is irrigating the crop. ‘If you want healthy tomatoes, grow them in an area where they have access to unobstructed and direct sunlight. 3. Mature green fruits can be kept under 14-16 degree Celsius for up to 3 weeks. I farm together with my sisters Caroline and Roseleen. Elijah Gitari Njaria, who has been growing the new variety since last one year, said his latest harvest was over 30 tons per acre. So even if a seasonal production cost of Sh200,000 was subtracted, a healthy profit of 1,750,000 still made the venture worthwhile, says Thiaka. High Yielding - With 3 times the yield of non-hybrid tomatoes. 1.9 billion, SportPesa banned yet again for using deception to obtain license, Huawei Introduces Key Architecture to Drive 5G Network Acceleration. Soak the seedbed with fungicide-insecticide solution. Next you will learn how to correctly choose the tomato breed, plant, maintain and harvest your tomato farm. Garlic is loved … If it is too low, lime will help to increase the pH level. All cultivars are listed in order of maturity (early to late.) Production areas addressed in the study include current costs for production, material inputs, plus cash and non-cash overhead. Faulu is one of the fastest growing tomato varieties in Kenya, reaching maturity 60-70 … The agronomist warned me against buying cheap chemicals. Advantages of greenhouse production include uniform appearance and quality, consistency in production, increased yields per acre and enhanced grower capability to sustain year-round production. – Tomato Yellow Leaf Virus “The expected yields per acre are between 20 and 25 tonnes with some farmers getting as low as 15 to 20 tonnes. Florida 47. The seedbed should be drenched before seeding. “Tomatoes have a short shelf life once ripe. Njagi started with two acres, one for melon and the other tomatoes. Currently, Nyingi has mature tomato crops in his one and quarter acre farm. So what has been his secret of a thriving tomato farm in a super dry area? Farmers can obtain the seeds from Simlaw seeds with 25g retailing at … tomato assila f1 monsanto africa may 3rd, 2018 - tomato assila f1 high yielding tomato variety yield potential 417 crates of 60kg each 25 tonnes per acre determinate fresh market and processing tomato hybrid' 'Cabbage Farming in Kenya Cabbage Varieties and Health May 5th, 2018 - Cabbage Farming in Kenya Cabbage Varieties and Fruits: Oval (Kamongo) shaped with very good red color. At Sh. Most tomato farmers in Kenya practice small scale greenhouse farming of popular greenhouse tomato varieties such as Anna F1. A = alternaria stem canker resistant EBR = early late blight FR = fusarium resistant N = root rot nematode resistant … Make sure the soil for your future tomato agribusiness in Kenya is clean, and no potatoes or pepper were planted there before. Healthy Brood - Grateful Customers. Yield in Trays 170 118 Price Kshs per Tray 600 587 Gross Output 102000 69266 Gross margin 76560 49790 The average farm size is 0.43 acres per farmer. Grade 1 -3: an average fruit size of the 90-120 grams with excellent keeping quality. You already know that tomatoes need a lot of water systematically. A plastic roof, will save your young plants from heavy rains. Tomato Farming Revenue. After maturity, tomatoes produced more than melon. California and Florida are the largest tomato-producing states. Maintain good … Make a horizontal row with a 5cm distace. Sweet- A sweet tomato is a pick for buyers. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. With the greenhouses, our growers produce tomatoes all year round, anywhere in Nigeria. Garlic is a high value horticultural crop. Cover your future tomatoes with a bit a soil and put on top a bit of rice straw mulch. It saves me a lot.” To be on the safe side, it also helps to use organic fertiliser. Home ownership is... Chicken Farming Profits: This feature is written by Okuta Ngura. Pest and Disease Control: Scout for signs of Blight, Mildew, Canker. Grow the most popular tomatoes in Kenya. 120,000 per month, Ann Nyaga: The CAS who made millions from watermelon farming, Why I regretted owning a home, sold it and went back to renting, Sh. On contrary, suckers will take energy from the whole plant. Rains, says Njagi, were rare. Per acre cost of production is high, and yields can be severely limited by pest problems or environment. The best amount of healthy pH in the soil for smart farming in Kenya is 6-7,5. Njagi has other horticultural farms in Machakos, Machakos, Meru, Tana River and Embu. Profitable Tomato Farming in Kenya: BY SMART HARVEST – Nicholas Njagi’s seven acre tomato farm located in Igamba-ng’ombe, Tharaka Nithi County, produces 400 boxes of tomatoes per acre and this season is no different. Not enough place will harm the young tomatoes and lead to diseases. With only Sh. 4. The perfect starting point is to choose a suitable for tomato farming place. “It was kind of experiment to see which produces more,” he reveals. Sterilize the ground by burning rice straw above the seedbed to destroy all the pathogens. Taste: Very good due to its high brix. Before planting process, cover the soil for tomatoes with a piece of plastic (not transparent). Anna F1 tomato costs a little more than the regular... Faulu Tomato. Pink fruits can be kept at 10 degrees Celsius for a week. 14 million monthly rent Lonrho building put on sale at Sh. Full-season maturity with deep oblate fruit. The hybrid variety bears more per unit area as compared to the non-hybrids. According to the professional farmers 20,000 Ksh per a greenhouse in the beginning is quite a good start. Soil: Tomatoes can grow in a variety of soil types; they do best in well-drained, deep, uniform clay or silty loams. Tomato production can be adversely affected when the temperatures get below 10°C or ... Common Tomato varieties in Kenya VARIETY COMPANY OPENDOOR/GREENHOUSE ... Another plus for nursery beds is that less seeds are used -80-100gms/acre for the Nursery, compared to 250-500gms/acre … He settled on tomatoes. Ms Mutua agrees: “Organic fertiliser improves soil structure, increases water holding capacity of the soil and they are friendly and biodegradable.” She says it also adds organic matter to the soil, releases nutrients slowly therefore difficult to over-fertilise and there is no buildup of toxic chemical compounds in the crops. Tomato farming in Kenya is such a profitable business idea. The typical farmer has a gross margin of Kshs. One tomato plant grown in the open can yield about 5kgs of tomatoes. A box sells at Sh. So, know that you know from where to start a real tomato growing in Kenya, your small agribusiness in Kenya is likely to success. What is the best fertilizer for tomatoes? Make the procedure in a couple of weeks before planting. His greatest challenge is flooding of tomatoes on the market leading to low prices. “At first, l thought farming was not meant for me since l had never thought of it. 30,000 monthly net profit from chickens, How to use tube silage to grow dairy farming profits, Top 10 Most Profitable Farming Ideas In Kenya (Updated), This is what we earned after investing Sh. I tried several projects in vain,” he recalls. The 2017national yield per acre average for field-grown fresh and processed tomatoes was 39.4 tons per acre. Midseason variety. Erratic irrigation may also result in cracking and splitting of fruit skin.”. By growing tomatoes in open fields Nigeria, like other Sub-Saharan African countries will deliver yields of no more than seven tons per hectare. 49790 per acre. 4,000. The Lonrho Africa building that is situated at the Nairobi Central Business District has been put on sale. With consistent market demand, both for the fresh tomatoes and processed tomato products, farming in Kenya tomatoes can be a profitable venture. Tomatoes are an important crop for Georgia growers; however, successful tomato production is not easily achieved. But my friend kept encouraging me on. Read More 1 7 common mistakes tomato farmers make His search for land took him to Tharaka Nithi County over 80km where he found an arid land. Don't forget to remove the bottom leaves, once the tomato plant has grown approximately three inches tall. Farming in Kajiado: My name is Mercy Mbijiwe. Remember, tomatoes simply love heat. In 2007, he joined Utalii College, studied and graduated with diploma in catering two years later. As tomatoes are quite a difficult and capricious plant culture, it needs some time to grow into a real tree tomato farming in Kenya. The Open Pollinated or non-hybrids will give 10 to 12 tonnes. In tomato production, seedlings are raised in the nursery beds and for raising tomato seedlings, about 500 to 550 gm of seeds are needed per hectare land. The new variety can produce five more metric tonnes per acre compared to money maker or Monica F1 variety and is tolerant to tomato leaf curl virus, bacterial wilt as well as nematodes. Kilele F1 gives 30-35 tomatoes per acre, under good agronomic practices. An irrigation cycle of twice a week using 10,000 to 20,000ltrs per acre is usually sufficient for tomatoes. Irregular watering together with lack of calcium may lead to blossom end rot. Remember, that tomato plants need a lot of water. Usually, the old leaves are the reason of fungus problems. So, if you are still willing to begin your own small scale tomato farming Kenya, you have to know from where to start. “And it is just not watering aimlessly; you have to do it strategically. He says: “If l lived near would be on the farm every day because it requires close attention.”, This feature on Profitable Tomato Farming in Kenya was first published in the Standard’s Smart Harvest. 5,000 capital and farming tips from his friend, Njagi bought tomato seeds and rolled his sleeves. Garlic also has a high profit per acre return seeing a quarter of an acre can yield well … A late midseason, determinate, jointed hybrid. Tomatoes are the second most important vegetable commodity after pota-toes, planted to about 6 000 hectares. He also points out that tomatoes need full sun. Florida 91. Yield : 70-78 tons per acre under good agricultural practices : Size : 120-130gm : Shape With seven acres under the crop, he harvests 2,800 boxes. 10,000 per acre for one year hiring, it was equally cheaper. 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Tomatoes contribute about 24 % o f the total vegetable production in South Africa. Irrigate to keep the soil moist, without being soggy or muddy. In a place with enough of sunlight, prepare a seedbed 50 cm apart. How a Kirinyaga Farmer Made His First Million From Planting Tomatoes. Though he has settled into farming, interestingly, Njagi’s dream career was to be a chef. Tomato Farming in Kenya: Best Tomato Varieties in Kenya Anna F1 Tomato Variety. 2. It is part of the onion family. He resolved to hire land elsewhere and expand. Plant population per acre 3630–4356. “Due to slow release of nutrients, the nutrients may be released when the crop does not require them and nutrients contained and ratios are not known therefore some of the nutrients may be too high and others too low,” warns the crop expert. Since the land was dry, Njagi bought a cheaper water pump which he used to draw water from the river to his farm. © 2020 Bizna Digital Services | All rights reserved. Tomatoes appear to be a very profitable crop for the farmer with gross margin averaging Kshs. Major production areas in South Africa Tomatoes are grown all over … Tomatoes are an annual vegetable that takes around 75 days from transplanting to first harvest. A box sells at Sh. “That is when I realised farming had money. Since he’d no money to buy fertilisers, Njagi turned to farm wastes and cow dung as manure. The yield is approximately 74tons/acre (80–90kg/ m2) with an average of 35 kg per plant in its life span.

Schwartz Gift Set, Biochemical Adaptation Definition, Mccormick Perfect Pinch Original Chicken Seasoning Recipe, Are Mcvitie's Nice Biscuits Vegan, Denon Dcm-280 Remote, Trauma-informed Grounding Techniques, Makita Hedge Trimmer Review, The Spinners Could It Be I'm Falling In Love Mp3, Benefits Of Being A Software Developer,

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