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arizona spice company

Perfectly golden and tastes as good as it looks. Arizona Spice Co manufactures a large variety of all natural products in Mesa, AZ. Made with fresh habaneros and just a touch of smoked Ghost Pepper to give your taste buds a little sting, Heet Seeker Basket. In addition to all our signature chili products, we stock a large variety of spices, kitchen … Includes: 17 of our best sellers. Garlic, red onion. You cannot find this flavor in any grocery store, Our Posole is grown in New Mexico. Make Mouthwatering Ribs. Co Packing and … Free Shipping on all gift certificates. Family owned and operated since 2008. No preservatives or fillers. Fresh and flavorful, Fresh habanero powder. All natural and all pure. Add a great accent to just about anything, naturally. Makes a great gift for the chef or home cook. Explore. Family owned and operated in Mesa AZ. or type the name in the search bar at the top of the page. Six of our most popular Mild to Medium Spice Mixes plus a dip mix. Contains the special pack large bottle of Black Scorpion and Arizona Ghost Pepper Hot Drops. Family owned and operated in Mesa AZ, their c hile based products are packed with layers of flavor. Good on anything you like to heat up. Make any dish sizzle with flavor! Make Mouthwatering Ribs. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Arizona Spice Company Llc locations in North … Sandwiches, steaks, hamburgers, pasta salad, and cooking, Great Gift Idea and great value. It Includes: 8 salsa, 4 large size spices/mixes, 12 small size seasonings, 1 soup/bean mix with seasoning, and one jelly. Great with ground pork or grind your own and add a tablespoon of olive oil. It comes with a little bit of everything and we ship it every month for the length you choose! Delicate yet bold jalapeno flavor. Our own famous signature mixture. Bursting with flavor! All natural and versatile. We also add two samples of our spicy meat rubs, Get them a gift certificate and they can purchase their favorite items online or in our store. Visit Us. All purpose with a mouth watering sweet & spicy balance. These peppers are a favorite in Mexican cuisine, Granulated garlic is a must for any kitchen. Arizona Spice Company Products. Our chili mix is like home made with the perfect mix of chili and spices. Great Steak rub. Our blend of spicy breakfast sausage is a popular one. Corporate orders welcome. Spice in Mesa, AZ. The red jalapeno heat with the great smoky aroma. With record breaking online ordering we are about 7 days behind in shipping orders. No high fructose corn syrup or MSG. But that is ok, it is a healthy mix if whole grains with peas and lentils. Be cautious when buying online as many contain fillers. Easy and good in the crock pot. This BBQ is the perfect blend of spices, chili powders and honey. Check out or recipes page for more ideas, A case is equal to 12 jars. One Jolokia Hot Drops, One Black Scorpion Drops and One small Bottle of Green Ghost Seasoning Mix. Sent monthly. Great for cooking or use in pasta salad, Our peach Salsa is a sweet spicy flavor. We do private label, Co-Packing, wholesale, and retail. We left it up to you. $15.95. No fillers or MSG ever, This mix is a customer favorite. Always fresh. Don't forget to add it to your relish tray. Basket may vary, Great Gift Idea and great value. Medium heat, Great Savings! As the founder of Arizona Spice Company, I wanted to create an all-natural line of products with easy … REQUEST TO REMOVE Aero-Instruments Company … Includes: 2 salsas, 2 large economy size seasoning mixes, 1 regular size pure powder or crushed chili, 1 lb bag of beans, (SW Bean Mix, Split Pea Mix, Signature Soup Mix, Anasazo, Bolita, Pinto, or Black Bean) 2 SW Soup Seasoning Packets, An inexpensive way to please the salsa lover you know. Priority mail shipping. Family owned and operated since 2007. Extra hot to Medium Heat level. Spicy and very flavorful. Habanero and Hatch NM red chili with some herbs and spices make a Bold meat rub, Customer Request: We pulled out the habanero powder in this one so it is not as hot as the regular barbecue rub. Handle with caution. BBB accredited since 4/6/2016. Medium heat, chunky and flavorful. All wrapped up in one of our gift baskets. Look no further! Sure to please the heat seeker! This BBQ seasoning is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Skip the ketchup and steak sauce, use this, Caution! The perfect blend of chilies in our own Trademarked Blend. Arizona Spice Company Products. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more. Extremely hot. Don't forget to add it to your relish tray, Enjoy our four alll natural Vegetable & Chip dip mixes at one low price. Very versatile and good on just about anything. Salt is never a first ingredient in our mixes. Our Pineapple is rich and thick and all natural. Please specify at check out where it will be used, Fresh Dried Hatch NM Green and Red Chili Mix. The premeasured package (zip top bag) will season 1 lb of soup mix, beans or rice equivalent. We tested this one many times until we got it just right. As an added bonus we are adding one Green Ghost Dip Mix. So much flavor it doesn't need the salt. Always made fresh. 4 regular spice blends or pre-measured, easy recipe dip mixes or sausaage seasonings, and 2 1 lb bags of one of our soup mixes with seasoning all wrapped up in a nice hand picked gift basket, Great Value! All Natural Award Winning Products. Sure to please the heat seeker! It contains four chilis, including NM Green chili for great flavor as well as the heat factor to please! All of our products are fresh. Arizona Spice Company is a woman-owned business and is family-operated. We skipped the high vinegar taste in this one. We also include a sample of one of our hot seasonings, This nine item gift basket contains a nice variety. Medium Heat. Don’t delay, order now. Mild fresh flavor. No added Salt, Skip the salt and pepper and use our best selling all purpose seasoning. Arizona Spice Company. Arizona Spice Company LLC is an Arizona Domestic L.L.C. We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of … Fresh flavor and a lot of heat. Our products are all natural and bursting with flavor. Low Salt high in flavor. Expecially when I say it is the world famous New Mexico Green Chili, dehydrated on the farm. World's Hottest Pepper: Trinidad Scorpion Proclaimed New Champion Chile! We make and sell, award winning … It is all packed in a hand picked gift basket and shrink wrapped, Great Gift Idea and great value. It contains a healthy amount of habanero. Serve with veggies or chips. Spicy and very flavorful. Salt is NOT the first ingredient. Check out our recipes page for more ideas, We have created a sampler item for those who don't need a lot or just want to test some of our products. It is chunky enough to scoop with a fork and flavorful enough to eat with your steak or tuna steak. The roma tomatoes give it the perfect 'pop' of flavor, Sliced jalapenos with a Ghost Pepper Pod in every jar. Arizona Spice Company is 10 years in the making. Made with all fresh ingredients and white cooking wine. Arizona spice company is run by a husband and wife team and a few loyal employees. Too many people did not know that Bhut Jolokia is the proper name for Ghost Pepper so we simplified things! Great flavor and marinade. All natural products and guaranteed fresh. The Ghost pepper has a fantastic flavor but if eaten pure it can be quite painful, Includes our All Natural Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) products: Green Ghost ® Seasoning Mix 2.5 oz, Ghost pepper Salsa 12 oz, SW Hot Sauce, Arizona 18, and Jolokia Hot Drops, Skip the salt and pepper and use this to spice things up! We always blend for flavor first but with the two hottest chilies in the world in one little bottle it is packing a LOT of heat! Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Co. 1868 E Frontage Road Tumacacori, Az. Mild but bursting with flavor. Arizona's award winning Line of fresh, All Natural Products: Gift Baskets, Salsa, Hot Sauce, Rubs, Spices, Soups, Dip Mixes With over 16 years in the making, Arizona Salsa and Spice Company has created an … Aug 14, 2016 - Arizona all purpose Seasoning Salt. Biggest variety and shipping is included in the price, The perfect gift for the hot sauce lover. Fresh and great green chili flavor, There is nothing like New Mexico green chili. Flavor first with 11 different kinds of peppers. A great addition to any kitchen, Perfect blend of jalapenos and cactus juice for a true mild cactus jelly flavor. Two totally different flavors packing a lot of heat, Our Black Scorpion hot sauce is the hottest sauce we make. We are proud to sell the high-quality all-natural products we make. We buy direct from the grower so the quality is high, This mild New Mexico green chili is a must for any cook. It blackens and is good on just about anything, Chile de Arbol peppers have a heat that is comparable to the cayenne pepper. A low price plus our flat rate priority mail shipping, Each month we will send: 2 regular size spice mixes, - 1 lb SW bean Mix, soup mix, or bean (Anasazi, Bolita or Pinto) with the SW Seasoning or chili mix. Jerk Rub with a Southwestern twist. Free Shipping on all Gift Certificates. Tucson Arizona Chili & Spice Co. LLC is an Arizona Domestic L.L.C.. We do our best to evenly alternate the items to give the recipient a nice variety of flavors. Only the highest quality ingredients are used. No sugar added. Use for chips or veggies, Made with a base of our best selling Green Ghost Seasoning Mix. Rich and thick, Applewood is a sweet wood. Bigcommerce Premium Themes by PSDCenter, Arizonas Best Barbeque Pork Ribs -4 ways of Goodness, Black Scorpion™ Salsa 12 oz Award Winning Salsa, Roasted Green Chile & Garlic Salsa -Medium - Award Winning Salsa, Southwest Gift Basket #50- Mild to Medium, Arizona Reapper™ Award Winning Salsa 12 oz. Our retail location is closed at the moment but feel free to order online or shop from. You will get a mix of Pure Chili powders and our most popular spice mixes/rubs. It contains 10 different kinds of peppers for the perfect balance of flavor and heat. When rehydrated in cooking the flavor comes back to full bloom. It includes our SW Bean Mix (Anasazi, Bolita, Black, Pinto beans) and the seasoning, Wholesome blend of SW Beans. Plenty of heat with a lot of flavor, The perfect topping for sandwiches, subs, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages. Contains both the Trinidad Scorpion and Smoked Ghost Pepper in a base of white wine vinegar. Sure to please the heat seeker who wants flavor with the burn, Our Chipotle salsa has all flavor and very little heat. This is a best seller, Our Habanero Extra Hot salsa is made with 10 different kinds of fresh peppers. Please specify at check out where it will be used, Get them a gift certificate and they can purchase their favorite items online or in our store. Jalapeno Dip Mix, Hatch NM Green Chili Seasoning, Mexican Style Seasoning, Mild Arizona Jerk, Salad and Veggie Seasoning, Chipotle Blackening Rub, Jalapeno Fish and Poultry Rub, Great Savings! You will taste the difference. Plenty of habanero flavor and heat. Contains Smoked Ghost Pepper and NM Green Chili, Made with a base of our best selling Green Ghost ®Seasoning Mix. The seasoning is used in many cuisines to add color and flavor to dishes. Try it with our SW seasoning packet for a mouth watering flavor that will keep you wanting more, A simple mix of yellow and green split peas for a great soup! The company's principal address is John Cahill 1645 W… It contains: 2 sauces/Salsas, 3 regular spice mixes, 1 jelly, 1 hot sauce, 1 dip mix, 1 pre-measered sausage seasoning mix, and 2 packages of soup or beans with the seasoning packet inside. Very versatile and good on just about anything. Packed fresh. Ordering touchless pickup through our stores is safe and much quicker. Arizona Spice Company makes all-natural, award-winning salsas, hot sauces, spices and more. (depends on how bold you want it) Traditionally made with pork but also good with ground chicken or turkey, The hot version of our Italian Sausage seasoning mix. Nice to have in the kitchen when the fresh green chilis are not available. Hickory Smoked Sea Salt. Makes a great gift for the heat seeker. 909 E Main St Mesa, AZ 85203 Uber. Many think 'it's hot'. Try this and you won't go back to canned hominy, The perfect Arizona Chili. HIgh in Viatmin C. They are made with all fresh ingredients. A great flavor and a great thickening. With a blend fresh ingredients salt doesn't have to be a first ingredient to get a great flavor, A great condiment, dip, and cooking sauce. Display and basket will vary but will be high quality, The Anasazi is a very sweet bean. Wash hands well when done handling this powder. It cooks in less than an hour and tastes so good you'll want more. Great Spaghetti Sauce and great in soups or rice, Best Fish and Poultry Rub. Salsa, Spice Blends, Hot Sauce, Barbecue and Pepper Jellies. Chipotle Seasoning Mix- Blackening rub & more. Our most versatile sauce and a best seller. This is the whole, dried, smoked Ghost Pepper Pod. Arizona Spice Company Seasoning Salt ... Arizona Spice Company … All Natural, No MSG Chile Based Products Made in Mesa AZ. The company's filing status is listed as Good Standing and its File Number is L14562949. Like the hot stuff? Wear gloves when handling and do not eat directly, use as flavoring. We buy the beans fresh from the growers so they are always fresh. The perfect blend of mexican style seasonings. Heat seeker tested and approved. It has been a best seller for a long time. Contains a hint of habanero for a mouth watering sweet and spicy SW Barbeque blend, Aromatic flavorful bottle of Italian herbs with our Southwestern flavors added! Medium heat level. No MSG or additives in any of our products. 5 gram bottle, This special pack is perfect for the game day get together or any time.

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