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chainsaw runs for a few seconds then dies

Will start, idle for a few seconds then it dies. The following summer... same problem. So I have narrowed it down to the bleeder screw or a … Stihl MS170 Chainsaw starts then dies. This is because there is dirt or gum and varnish that has formed in the carburetor..... usually because there was gas left in the carburetor while the unit … It seems to start easier if the throttle is locked wide open and the choke is on full but still dies if you take it off choke or release throttle. Does this about 10-15 times then runs fine. We installed the unit and the key does remote start the car now, however it only runs for about 5 seconds, then shuts down. It's about halfway through a new tank of gas. Mark helpful. I am baffled on why it runs like no tomorrow for 5-10 seconds then goes down to idle..then dies? Most importantly, the mixing should be the right proportion, usually in the ratio of 12:1. The problem is Most likely that you have a dirty carburetor and it needs to be cleqaned and rebuilt. Ok so truck was running fine. I've had the same starts run for a few seconds and dies,replaced fuel pump,pump relay,fuel filter,ignition module.still did the same thing.final put the air box back on and it runs.so the mas airflow sensor has to have air going over it. Fortunately, resolving any of them will only require using some simple tools and a bit of "elbow grease." Every time it died, if I let it sit for about 30 minutes it would fire back up and run for another 30 minutes or so. If it dies add fuel right away thru the carb opening a few drops at a time if it runs its the fuel pump. It starts up runs for 5 seconds and dies. Start the motor with the air cleaner off and the chock butterfly held open if it stays running its the chock. Do not mess with the adjustment screws, as they are pre-set. Jacked with it all night. Installed a Fass 150 lift pump. Timing is at 8 degrees initial. it will then turn it over and eventually start up. I then can continue to try and start it. When your chainsaw quits after it gets hot, you either have a problem with gas flow being restricted into the engine or with the spark. Alternator is good. However, a damaged air filter should be replaced. It does this every time, starts then dies, starts then dies. It died last week cutting some wood. Run the engine at full throttle for a few seconds, then let go of the throttle. Battery is good per my multimeter. The diaphrams/gaskets in carb look new. Seems that the only way the motor gets fuel is when fuel is supplied by the primer bulb. If it dies again after this it must be a bad coil. A bad fuel line will cause the chainsaw to run lean (too little fuel or too much air in the mixture), and this means it will only run at idle for 5 to 10 seconds before it shuts off completely. Tried the H/L set screws at numerous settings starting at 1 1/8 turns out. Having this issue recently. A chainsaw that dies after it gets hot is a frequent problem in older model chainsaws. (No FI … A problematic carburetor directly affects the engine, in which case, a pressure washer starts then dies after a few minutes. Now on to day 2. This is a common occurrence on older-model chainsaws. Scanned it and came back with a code for the o2 sensor. A MAF… Over the … This is a new problem, and the vehicle has 240,000 miles on it. I could get it started for about 2 seconds and then it'd die again. It does the same thing. Once the temp outside got below 80 or so, it would run fine. It's doesn't draw fuel on it's own. Once it starts, it doesn't matter if you leave it idling or whether you rev it, it still cuts out after about 3 seconds. But, if you have already messed with it, then turn both screws fully in and then 1-1/2 turns out and leave them like that until the engine has started. The engine turned over, and would run for about three seconds, presumably just burning the starter fluid as the fuel. Running a lean mixture for too long will cause irreversible damage to the internals of the engine. A spark plug is considered fouled when the insulator nose at the firing tip becomes coated with a … As with any piece of power equipment, a chainsaw requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. All battery connections good, battery charged and in good condition. Even if I quickly open the choke after the motor starts, the motor dies after a few seconds. Then the red light comes on again and the engines starts, then it dies again after 5 seconds. My Husqvarna 128LD is not very old but when I start it I can’t keep it running… It really seems like a fuel problem! Air Filter and Spark Plug New or not i have send dead item right off the shelf. … Sep 29, 2014 #1 Hello all, I have a 2003 Yamaha 50TLRB outboard that has never run correctly from the day we got it last year. If you have a ballastresistor in a "bypass circuit" and the engine repeatedly starts when you crank the starter but dies when you release the starter switch or key, then that ballast resisitor has an open circuit and needs replacement. Carburetor basics and troubleshooting Technically, a carburetor is where air and fuel mix. If it’s slow to return to idle or idles erratically, adjust the idle speed adjustment screw, no more than the width of the adjuster screw’s slot at a time, until you get a smooth deceleration. I can choke it and it will start and runs for just a few seconds and then die. A mass air flow (MAF) sensor is responsible for measuring the amount of air entering the engine on most vehicles. Stock 350 and it will start and run for a few seconds then die.. Then it dies. The bike will fire up no problem and run ok for around 7-10 seconds then shut down. 2018 Larmie I’ve had it about a month and a half. The Queen's loyal companion Vulcan (circled bottom), a dachshund-corgi cross, died a few weeks ago at Windsor, according to sources. That being said, if i let it sit overnight and try to start it, it will start up for 2 seconds then sputter out and dies. Report; ExpertDiag answered 3 weeks ago Then adjust for best running and idle. I have replaced the fuel filter and the lines and installed a new Carb. I have a poulan 1950 le chainsaw that will only run for a few seconds. I'm ASSuming that fuel is bleeding back to the tank from the fuel filter. Bleed all lines, all clean, primed pump, pumped the primer pump on the filter housing (under hood) truck starts and runs for about 3 seconds. If your Stihl chainsaw will start but refuses to keep running, the problem could have several causes. It will start and run perfect. It runs for a couple seconds, then dies after the fuel is burned. Reply ... Last few times I used it the saw needed revving up before cutting or it would bog. Guy said it was sitting for 2 years without being ran. I repeat the process with the same result. I SWEAR it's a fuel delivery problem but I'll be darned if I know what to look at next. I'll rev it up and after a few seconds it will run and idle perfectly. Had it towed home and it fired right up, ran for 10 seconds perfectly, then died. Then fall and winter arrived and it problem went away. After having it about 3 days got in the truck at a gas station start it up and it runs for about 2-3 seconds and bam dies. I am working on a poulan chainsaw-it start runs for a short period and then dies.has new carb,new fuel,new air and fuel - Answered by a verified Technician. Appears it is running out of gas? In the case that your chainsaw runs for a while, then dies, it may be possible to simply clean the air filter to correct this symptom. Just bought a 2008 benxhou scooter. Your buddy will really think you are smart when you have fixed the chainsaw for him. It was running slightly longer when I took it out on job sight last week..but not good enough to use. Thread starter rocky739; Start date Sep 29, 2014; R. rocky739 Recruit. The engine speed should return to a smooth idle in two seconds or so. Checked fuel pressure, injectors, replaced distributor, and coil. The scooter Sometimes will start after a few cranks runs great top speed 33mph for about 20 to 30 seconds then dies. Once it's up to opperating temp. I can then drive it all day without the problem occurring again. I have replaced fuel, spark plug, checked fuel lines, tried spraying cleaner in air intake and still nothing. I've noticed that the longer it sits, the longer it will run before it dies. At first i thought Humm that’s weird tried starting it again and it fired right up. outboard starts, runs for a few seconds, then dies. Regular checks of the air filter for buildup should be part of your regular chainsaw maintenance routine. Start the truck, turns over just fine, then dies after about two seconds. Joined Sep 29, 2014 Messages 3. The red light comes on, it starts for 5 seconds, then the yellow light flashes and it cuts off. Unhooked Fass … A fouled spark plug can cause your chainsaw to start but immediately die. It is not known how old the Dorgi was, or what he died of. I bought a 2011 250 XCF last night for my son but am having an issue with getting the bike to run (got the bike cheap because of this fault). If you leave it for a few seconds it starts, but then dies again. Then you have to crank it for a bit before it fires again then it runs fine. It starts and fires right up runs for 30 seconds then dies. I live where it's pretty rural, and I leave my keys in the car overnight. Replaced that and no change. Help! It once too me 3 hours to make a 30 minute drive home from work.

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