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colectivo playa del carmen to cancun

we are a group of four staying at the Grand Sirenis Resort and we are wondering for a day out in Tulum if it would be better to take the colectivo to Tulum (city) first and explore the city and then walk to the ruins (is it walking/safe distance?) If bus do you know the approx price of a ticket. The airport is about a kilometer from the Highway. We are going to stay at the Akumal Beach & Wellness Resort. What are your thoughts? Usually though in one van there are only a few stops between everyone before the colectivo arrives in Tulum. You will need to get the colectivo at the bus station in Cancun and go to Playa. That is a good question and thanks for asking it. We hope you have a fun time on vacation. But… this bus service is not always the best option. It is easier to start in the town of Tulum and walk around. A taxi would be cheaper. But we have decided to take a taxi to playa del carmen as it is early (as you suggested). In order to maximize our time at Xcaret and get the best value for our money, we plan to arrive fairly early…about 8:30am and then we would leave after the show ends (around 9:00pm?) Some of the pre arranged tours will send a ferry to the ship and it makes for easy loading. Some do not have sidewalks or frown on people walking on the drives. If I get in a colectivo that goes to Tulum and ask for them to let me get down at Puerto Aventuras (or rather, the closest to Puerto Aventuras), is it okay? Just connect in the bus station to the ADO to Tulum Ruins, not Tulum town. The only public option is take a public bus to the ADO bus station and then take ADO or the colectivos to Playa. I gather it gets easier after you use it a few times and get accustomed more with it? Note: If you are taking luggage it is best not to take the colectivos. Then you can drive your group into town and to the beach with ease. We will answer your question sort of. This is possible. The colectivo only goes on the highway and the airport is about 2k from the highway. On the south end there are many shops, beach clubs and bohemian chic hotels. How much per person from Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Akumal Beach? It is correct you would need to take the Playa-Cancun colectivos to Playa and then get on the Tulum-Playa Colectivos. It takes about 45 to 50 minutes once you get on. How do you get on a colectivo? I am staying at Secrets Akumal and want to take the colectivo to the Tulum ruins. The drivers are usually very courteous and try to drop you off as close as possible for you. From Grand Sirenis to Playa Del Carmen about 40 pesos each. Si prendono in centro (basta chiedere) dei vari pueblos o si attendono sulla federale (da Cancun … Yes this should be correct. It is a price point issues. You can catch a colectivo anywhere on Hwy 307 from Cancun to Tulum. Don’t worry, the streets go by even numbers only. The drivers know the flow of people fairly well and send enough vans to pick up people fairly quickly. You can take a taxi to the colectivo or one of the busses but a taxi is your best bet. Assume the time back to PDC from Tulum would be about the same? There are other snorkeling trips that will pick you up from your hotel and take you on a tour. It was full going both ways. A taxi might be best. Hello. Lastly, any knowledge on the current situation at Akumal Beach and the military/guard presence to protect the sea turtles? There is nothing else to do at that site but you can take a taxi into Tulum to eat or you can take a taxi into Tulum and rent bikes and bike along the beach area. We will be staying in Ocean Riviera Paradise, which is closed to Grand Coral Riviera Maya (#12 on your map). Traveling with kids along the Riviera Maya is safe. Thank you! Can I take the Colectivos and will they drop me off at the hotel? You can see our private shuttle info on the website as well if that is an option for you from the airport to your hotel. It is better to take the ADO bus. We got the tail end of a tropical storm with wind and rain. It will take about 30 minutes from your hotel to the bus station. I had to take a taxi to the ADO to get home to PM. Hello. The main airport that you can fly into if you want to visit Playa del Carmen is the Cancun … You would also need to take one colectivo to Playa Del Carmen and then take another colectivo to Cancun. How far is the walk to Akumal Beach from the collectivos drop off? how can you secure that you will find a taxi to take you back to tulum ruins in order to take the collective? There is no way to take a colectivo there. It is easy to get colectivos back to Playa. what time do the collectivos start and end each day? We have taken collectivos for years – awesome way to save $ – we have gone to Akumal several time – the walk from the highway is not too far for us. So that is a long way to go. With 3 of us, not sure how much the Taxi cost will be, does it make sense to take the Taxi to Xcaret park? Will it cost 35 or 40 pesos per person? Are you familiar with a place called Salciccium near Puerto Aventuras? From there you will take a colectivo toward Tulum. We are a family of 6 (2 adults & 4 kids). Somos 3 adultos, 1 niño de 11 años y una beba de 3, si Dios permite, estamos planeando ir a Cancun del 23 al 29 enero 2020. Playa del Carmen is located halfway between Cancun and Tulum. Does the Colectivo or Express run that early and where would I catch it at? So far the one time we took a colectivo it was very hot and stuffy with barely working AC and it was overcrowded. Mr. Yucatan, Is it easier to take the Colectivos? You should give yourself 40 minutes from the side of the highway to get on a colectivo and get to Plaza Las Americas. You would need to take the Colectivo to Cancun and at the Cancun ADO switch to a bus going to Puerto Juarez. Hello. The colectivos do leave from the downtown ADO bus station and go to Playa Del Carmen. Colectivos are small vans that run routes to Cancun and Tulum from Playa Del Carmen. Thank you for the suggestion on April 18. Hello Judy. How do I catch the colectivo from here? Think of it as a separate company that runs the colectivos from Playa to Cancun. It will drop you by the overpass with the fish flags. Four of us will be staying at Occidental Grand Xcaret in October. Hello, I am staying at Riu Tequila. The colectivo stop in Playa is on 2nd and is full of people and we have never heard of anyone getting robbed. The Playa Express will pick up and drop off along the highway but often they are full a that point going south and north. Colectivos are cheap but there are cost to pay like getting to them and convenience. Hello Claudette. Heading to Puerto Morelos in two weeks 2 adults & 3 Kids, first time.,,,, Part of the plan is to visit the Tulum Ruins early in the morning and come back late in the afternoon. Being prepared where you are going and knowing what it looks like from the highway will help and it will also help if you are not asking the driver all the time if this is your stop (the drivers get annoyed with people like that). The website was last updated January 21, 2016. Congratulations! I have read some blogs that say you can tell your driver to drop you off at the actual cenote rather than along the highway. Would you advise taking a taxi back to Playa del Carmen later in the day when many people are traveling back?…and is a taxi cost approx $25 for the two of us. If my family stayed at Santos Playacar going to Akumal, catch outside of resort on highway, what stop to get off? Does the driver flash his lights upon approaching to say he has no room? What would be its cost? These vans leave when full, but don’t worry it will only take about 5-10 minutes. Just make sure you ask for Tulum ruins or Tulum town when going. We don’t know what it is like at that specific hotel but they should have a ride to the highway or you can walk. Xcaret has a stop on the highway and a free shuttle to the park. You need to have this specific coverage because if you have an accident and injure someone you are held until your insurance pays. The colectivo from Playa to Akumal is about 30 pesos and you will need to walk down the main entrance and from there straight to the beach. I’m flying to Cancun but staying in PDC at the city of condos. If you are 3 people you can take the colectivo into town and a taxi back and forth to the beach for less than 15 USD. 2) Tulum Ruins: where? One alternative option is to book a ticket on ADO bus to Playa and then take the colectivo. Where would I get a collectivo to go to Playa del Carmen? I enjoy reading it. It will also depend on what dock in Cozumel you arrive at.

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