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colt python 2020

So it stays stuck on a already fired round. It is a wonderful gun and the action was hand fitted, but most of the upper grade revolvers were fitted also. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. I wonder if the ones trashing the gun have actually held one much less fired it. It is very easy to shoot. Colt 2020 Python 4" with extra new gen3 grips and both original front sight and fiber optic after market. Does it have MIM parts? Photo Essay: Lawmen, Actors, and Gunleather, Weekend Knowledge Dump- June 19, 2020 | Active Response Training. 6 Speer .357 Magnum Gold Dot 125-grain JHP I can do that with a Python, and not so much with my other DA guns. What should I expect to pay if I buy a new 6 inch bbl Colt Python today or soon? I sold it and have never purchased a Colt revolver since. There was a time back when it was absolutely necessary to hand fit parts to get exacting measurements and perfect fitting. I glanced back over my shoulder and he wasn’t there. The single action, however, was slick as glass. Founding Member. My father has a 1979 model blued 6 inch. 2 in stock. The 2020 Python features modern stainless steel alloys and a re-designed rear sight. In many of the groups below you will note the presence of one flier that spoiled an otherwise excellent group. Building on Colt’s Snake Gun legacy, the legendary double-action revolver returns in stainless steel in 4.25” and 6” barrel lengths. I sold my Anaconda at a loss, to get rid of it. And unfortunately I dropped the Python off at Fedex yesterday, but here’s what I’ll say: It was a big enough issue with the Colt King Cobra that I dedicated three paragraphs (and several comments) to it. “NICE SHOT” is all I could say. This holster is first class, offering an excellent finish. Shame on you for treating any customer that way! I like this setup very much. I think Ruger really nailed it with their SP101 and GP100 (rubber) grips. In light of supposed issues surrounding the new-for-2020 Colt Python, we sat down with Colt's Paul Spitale to get their side of the story. I’ll buy two Smith&Wesson revolvers and be just as happy. Would love to get my hands on one. I do wish they would do Royal Blue but I know the additional costs associated with that. It is comparable to Colt’s Python and Cobra in every way and very popular with law enforcement. function() { For a gun that is sometimes criticized as delicate, it certainly doesn’t look it from external appearances. The Python is back! Of those, over 340 (66%) were .357 Magnum loads. slow double action reset on the new The double action pull stacked like crazy at the back of the pull, which is why you didn’t see many on the competition circuit. Greg 2020 Colt Python January 4, 2020 Old Pythons have been routinely selling for $2,500 to $5,000 since the Obama years and every collector is wondering if the MSRP of $1,499 on the new Python will have an affect on prices. It’s too expensive for me to afford, I’m not a fan of adjustable sights on my revolvers, I’m not a fan of serrated triggers (feels like my trigger finger tries out sooner dry-firing my old K-Frames compared to a smooth trigger face), and I have no need for the .357 Magnum chambering. by Dick Williams - Tuesday, November 10, 2020. Now, the Hartford-based company has just introduced the 2020 … Sharing info in the 2020 python Opinion: The 2020 Colt Python. Like the King Cobra and the King Cobra Target, the Python bears a recessed muzzle crown below an interchangeable front sight blade. Throwing different ammo in the mix doesn’t help much. We had a number of readers comment on our Python … The gun dealer told me his distributor promised to deliver him two 6” Pythons and if I put a $500 deposit down I’d be on wait list for the 2nd one as he already had a deposit for the first. Pythons which still didn’t allow for the I think they’re going to be rare for awhile and I think it’s going to be hard to get on for MSRP or less. The wooden grips are an open backstrap design with Colt’s Rampant Pony medallions and checkering. We think it’s more useful to get a feel for the practical accuracy of the gun, rather than the mechanical accuracy. As such I didn’t even know to look for slow DA reset. The Python 2020 is stainless steel and features a stronger frame with a re-designed rear sight. WOW!! Not all handguns achieve the status of icon. In Blue Hard Case AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT OUR ON-LINE STORE We are proud to offer a selection of the NEW 2020 Colt Python. ( which brought a comment from my instructor, all good) and it shot like a dream. Perhaps next year? +  I told you guys I would fire two iterations of Dot Torture – one within the first 100 rounds of testing, and the other within the last 100 rounds – when reviewing any revolver intended or suitable for defensive use. It’s kind of funny I have heard nothing good about the new “colt python “. Week-In-Review News Roundup: November 29-December 5, 2020. Maybe. The new Python is a bit smoother than the old gun but with upgrades to make it a stronger revolver. The barrel comes in two lengths: 4.25 inches and 6 inches, and we were loaned the shorter of the two. It would seem that many are concerned that their older Pythons may lose value. Just the same, older examples in good shape may bring a much higher price than the new Colts. I waited 7 months thru COVID mess to get a 2020 Python. This ever once occurred when I stroked the ejector rod properly: that is, firmly, and with the gun oriented vertically. As fit and finish goes Colt has done an amazing job with the new Python. Invariably if I bring some of both out with new shooters the last two on the table are my Python and Trooper- both on the same I-frame. Thank you for any responses in advance. The 2020 Colt Python is a six-shot, stainless steel, double-action revolver chambered in .357 Magnum. Thanks for stopping by. For .357 I’ll play with my Smith and Wesson. What happens is the is not advancing the next round to the barrel. I think even in this case the new Python The legendary double-action revolver, which originally debuted in 1955, returns in stainless steel in 4.25” and 6” barrel lengths. I have absolutely no complaint in this department. Blue, nickel and stainless steel versions have been produced. T / Y CK. .hide-if-no-js { I paln on getting the 4″. Required fields are marked *. ... September 23, 2020. This is a full-power load, breaking 1,260 fps in the Python. Yes I puchased one last month, It cost me $ 1595.00. The revolver is simply the smoothest-shooting one I have ever fired—and I own and often carry a 1977 Python. While beautiful, I don’t feel that they fill in enough area behind the trigger guard. I am waiting for the 4″ model to be released next. You will not regret it. Colt vs. S&W? 18 Remington .357 Magnum 110-grain HTP JHP Those videos did nothing to fan my confidence. Looking for a COLT PYTHON For Sale? Published: December 1, 2020. This resulted in single action pulls came in quite a bit heavier than expected: 5 lbs 11 ounces, 5 lbs 12 ounces, 5 lbs 12 ounces, 6 lbs, 5 lbs 13 ounces, 5 lbs 13 ounces for an average of 5.80 pounds. It is polished to a mirrored finish that is incredibly smooth. The lock work has been changed to cheapen it. It has the best double action pull of anything I have ever shot, that includes the old Pythons, S&Ws, and Ruger revolvers. There is not better revolver for home defense. I agree the Colt Python is a wonderful gun and really, cheap at the price. With that said, the only way to gauge the Python’s performance was to fire it. Doesn’t really affect the shooting, just a little strange for a top tier gun. As I said, I have exactly zero experience with the original Python, so this won’t be a comparison between the two – I just don’t have the requisite knowledge. Watch Jerry Miculek shoot one, and he explains how he has to slow it down for the old girl. I agree with the above comment, where do I get one at MSRP? Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). on the older models. Overall I could live with this trigger (which is, for the record, comfortably wider than the King Cobra’s) but if I had my ‘druthers I’d prefer a wider, smoother, rounded “combat” trigger. All he carried was his late model Colt Python. Chalk those up to me because this gun was phenomenally accurate. My only Uncle was a Police Officer. The original model Colt Pythons didn’t offer a stainless finish until 1983. must be measured against the Smith in The smooth double-action trigger is hand-honed to a perfect trigger break. They have had the gun for a week and this point and I am eager to see their response. While I didn’t find aesthetics of the grips objectionable in the least, I also didn’t find them ideally suited to shooting. It felt almost wispy – puny even – compared to the Snake gun. I would imagine it is every bit worth the $1500 price tag for those that just have to have their first chance to own a true Python. The 2020 Python features modern stainless steel alloys and a re-designed rear sight. In Stock! I’m going to be honest, when Mike and I initially got word of a new Python through an invite to Gunsite (unfortunately I got sick and couldn’t make it, and Mike had a previous obligation) I immediately pictured a blued model. The results, honestly, were pretty predictable: carrying the Python is a whole lot like carrying any other full-sized revolver. Colt recently released a new 2020 Colt Python, and after sixteen years of anticipation, the demand for this beast was quite high. Smith and Ruger revolvers. I love mine, but if I was going to grab one of my big shiny wheelguns for defense, it would be my Trooper. The inferior margin of the barrel is bounded by a heavy, full-length underlug. Colt. Great trigger? Many thanks for this thorough review. That’s what makes the world go ‘round, and it’s what keeps our industry so diverse. The one minor complaint I have with handling is the grips. More. Probably Thirty percent more steel beneath the rear adjustable target sight gives you a stronger revolver and more And finally, I have to say that shooting most high pressure 357 round will leave your hand sore. I have to disagree that it is the greatest revolver of all time. What do you mean by personal defense? If so, you in too big of a hurry to measure the pull. I would have thought they would have redesigned it by now. They have to fix that before I consider buying one. The story begins back in 1908, when Colt finished the improvements they had been doing almost annually to their medium-sized double action revolver, and combined them into one package called the Colt Army Special. The old Pythons were Cadillacs. And here is what most of you probably want to know about, and the question I can’t possibly begin to answer: how does the finish live up to Pythons of days past? . It’s big and heavy and takes a solid gun belt and a good holster to hold it up. THANKYOU. The I-frame was basically the same as the company’s E-frame with one difference: the firing pin was mounted inside the frame. Let the revolver roll in recoil, allow the trigger to reset during recoil and bring it back on target. The balance is typical of a 6″ Python, nothing less than outstanding. Colt’s Mark III and Mark V actions were the best they ever made for strength and durability. SUBSCRIBE. And finally, let’s talk about he trigger itself. When I was a young police officer I could NEVER have afforded a Python. looks like the long cylinder bolt leads I really hope to buy one, but if not, I’ll just look around for an original. All revolvers suffer a jolt when they are fired, but the Colt’s ultra-tight lockup suffered more than others while maintaining exceptional accuracy as a byproduct. The Python is back! Colt Introduces the Colt Trooper Patrol Carbine. It has low cost cast brittle MIM internal parts. Needless to say very much underwhelmed with the new Python. The new Colt is a shooter’s gun and perhaps the best revolver Colt has ever manufactured. if on the model tested just how it compares Upon removing the sideplate screw in the exemplar loaned to me I did observe something in the threads that appears to be thread locker. The finish is spectacular. I subsequently sent it back to Colt for I assume a slightly heavier main spring. if ( notice ) Originally the Please be respectful of others. Buy a 2020 colt python online. 2020 colt python First week in January of 2020 I went to gun store to buy ammo and started making conversation about the new release of the Colt Python with people at the store. Fishing, rods & … Secondly, unlike the early King Cobra’s ejector rod, the tip is much wider than the body of the ejector rod. As regards all comments on the new Python. The “Python” is the gun and thanks to this article, I know what ammo and which holster(s) to buy for it. The 2020 Colt Python has big shoes to fill. Colt’s latest wheelgun, the Python, is made for today’s revolver enthusiast who craves old-school style. Some early models of the 2020 Colt Python had some reliability problems which became very, very prolific in the hands of a few writers and YouTubers. Opinion: The 2020 Colt Python. The new version has a number of improvements. Is it a decent revolver? Il telaio è stato rinforzato e la tacca di mira regolabile è stata ridisegnata, con il trenta per cento di acciaio in più al di sotto per ottenere, secondo il produttore, "un revolver più robusto e un'esperienza di tiro più sicura". (Ricochet may occur on hard ground; firing at targets on a soft earth berm is good.). The front sight may be removed, like all of Colts’ new crop of revolvers, by removing a set screw that appears just over the muzzle. Swinging the cylinder open would lead one to believe it was rolling on ball bearings. Thanks so much for this review! It drove the market price up about $200 over the last Python they released, but maybe we can chalk that up to inflation. This is the 21st century. I have always heard the rumor that, “if they made a Python today like they did then it would cost $5,000 to 6,000.” Now, I don’t know if that’s true or not. Now with that out of the way, let me say that this is a very good and informative review. The bore is not a squeeze bore compared to the “real original python”. At least one foreign dignitary purchased the Python for his palace guard. We are at $1,398 with the new revolver. Did you Features Chrome Plated chamber and I love the feel of the gun. Even with the flier this group with Remington’s 125-grain Golden Saber i .357 Magnum isn’t bad. I think the 2020 Colt Python is absolutely worth its asking price, and for a guy who doesn’t know better, have a hard time seeing how the old model could be any better than this one. The information given on the different loads (that the writer used in testing) is appreciated a time- saving. I have confidence in The Shooter’s Log and its contributing writers. I have had the perception of the Colt as a hand-fitted personal gun while other revolvers perhaps were better suited to general issue. The sights on the Python are an adjustable rear sight mated to a fixed (but interchangeable) front sight. I watched several thousand gun writers shoot the gun at SHOT Media Day, and they all walked away grinning like kids at Christmas . Congrats to you, if you can pull it off! What I can tell you is this is one fine revolver. Heavy hunting loads are good for wild boar and deer-sized game. Thank you for putting into words what I was unable to: this probably is a better revolver from a mechanical/function standpoint. 59 Winchester .38 Special 130-grain FMJ 3 Perfecta .357 Magnum 158-grain JHP This is great versatility. Colt’s elected to equip the 2020 Python with a narrow, serrated “service-” style trigger. Results were excellent, as good as I am able to produce with any handgun. With my King Cobra there was an annoying misalignment of the sideplate, but not so with the Python – everything mates up perfectly. Their trigger reach is pretty short and they have a pronounced recoil shoulder, but there is still a layer of rubber between the metal grip frame and the web of your hand. The new Python parts WILL NOT fit the old lockwork. Yes America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter. WEST HARTFORD, CONN., (January 1, 2020) – After years of research and development, Colt releases a refined and upgraded Colt Python. The Python … I’m an old cop and was trained and carried revolvers a while before we transitioned to autos, so I have a little experience and own a variety of wheelguns. The last MSRP about sixteen years ago was $1,150. That 10 pound smooth DA trigger is especially intriguing. Building on Colt’s Snake Gun legacy, the legendary double-action revolver returns in stainless steel in 4.25” and 6” barrel lengths. One of the finest Revolvers, The New Colt Python 2020 Colt Python Revolver Review The Colt Python is back, and badder than ever! For the person that understands the Python there is nothing quite like it. I know that’s not what everyone wants to hear, but as consumers we win. In light of supposed issues surrounding the new-for-2020 Colt Python, we sat down with Colt's Paul Spitale to get their side of the story. If you get too close too quickly, you are in for a fight. In some ways, the Magnum is a rifle on the hip. Accuracy testing demands that the revolver be fired from a solid benchrest at 25 yards. The Python is among the best-balanced handguns ever manufactured. Save big on a new colt python. Compared side by side’ I cannot understand all the gripes about the new one (unless it’s camouflage for ‘I don’t have one and I’m jealous). The 2020 Colt Python 6 inch DA Revolver SS CA Legal Building on Colt’s Snake Gun legacy, the legendary double-action revolver returns in stainless steel in 4.25” and …

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