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george lucas vs disney

The characters of George Lucas’ Star Wars sequel trilogy. Speaking of Lucas’ decision to hand over his creative legacy to Disney, Iger acknowledged to the Times, “There was a lot of trust there.”. The acquisition of Star Wars by Disney illustrates the importance of building trust when dealing with a powerful counterpart. George Lucas left a great fictional world for Disney to continue to develop and it's has chosen the right pace at which to build. The new Star Wars trilogy would have looked very different if George Lucas had his way! It was a relief to many fans when the creator of Jar Jar Binks lost control of the space saga but his vision for the films that followed made a lot of sense, Last modified on Thu 12 Nov 2020 10.50 EST. The filmmaker spoke to author Paul Duncan for his new book, The Star Wars Archives: Episodes I-III 1999-2005. Lucas wanted to help Disney go in the right direction for the new set of films. (I like to imagine him cackling evilly at this point, like Palpatine in Return of the Jedi.) Force Disney to sell all the rights to Star Wars and Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC back to George Lucas after Disney finishes their version of episode 9 (IX). It all started out so well, too, with the world-beating JJ Abrams-directed The Force Awakens. Lucasfilm, the original Star Wars franchise hub, was sold to Disney in 2012. Many Star Wars fans are not particularly happy about the new movies, and some feel that Disney threw out the baby with the bathwater when it came to the expanded universe. Watch for updates on the Microsoft News Blog. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Poll reveals scale of ‘home alone’ Christmas in the UK this year, Robin Williams documentary Robin's Wish lands January 4 UK release date, Strictly's Claudia Winkleman STUNS fans in glittering trouser suit, We need to stop doing that! The stormtroopers refuse to give up when the Republic win.”. ), referred to as the expanded universe, or EU. The sequel trilogy doesn’t even bother to explain how the First Order came into being in The Force Awakens, while The Rise of Skywalker brings back Emperor Palpatine and reinstalls him as Sith Lord Big Bad with no viable explanation of where he’s been all this time, and how he managed to build a huge fleet of star destroyers without any of the resources of the Galactic Empire available to him. Bob Iger recalls how George Lucas "felt betrayed" by Disney's handling of Star Wars, and the promises not kept in where the saga would go. Not too long after Lucas' original Star Wars movie became a box office phenomenon, 20th Century Fox ordered a sequel, but during the development of what would eventually become The Empire Strikes Back, the filmmaker jotted down notes for a whopping 10 sequels - 12 … A much more exciting and action-… “I've spent my life creating Star Wars – 40 years – and giving it up was very, very painful,” Lucas went on. According to George Lucas, his sequel trilogy would’ve gotten really trippy in explaining the universe: “[The next… Disney's Star Wars Vs George Lucas': Mark Hamill Explains the Difference. Just terrible Star Wars films. And yet, in retrospect, it’s possible to glean the rotten roots that ultimately led to The Rise of Skywalker being the worst Star Wars movie since Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure – gaping plot holes, lost story threads, and a determination to cannibalise everything that was great about the original trilogy movies without ever moving the action forward. “Episodes VII, VIII and IX would take ideas from what happened after the Iraq War: Okay, you fought the war, you killed everybody, now what are you going to do?” says Lucas. "But it was the right thing to do. I thought I was going to have a little bit more to say about the next three [films] because I'd already started them, but they decided they wanted to do something else. What 5-day Covid bubble rules mean for eating out, Judges in six states turn back claims by Trump, Slavery will never be history as long as we turn a blind eye to China, Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article, Dentists Say This Little-Known Trick Will Easily Fix Bad Breath Forever. ", Read More: Man arrested for stealing ‘Star Wars’ props, including Darth Vader and Stormtrooper helmets. From there, the Rebels fight to defeat it with the war going on for about one year. Star Wars: George Lucas' REAL Opinion Of The Sequel Trilogy The other versions will disappear,” says Lucas. Do I want to go through this again?’ Finally, I decided I’d rather raise my daughter and enjoy life for a while.". Lucas told Iger he was considering retirement and … Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. In the EU, however, the war against the Empire raged on for 15 years, and they could not be wiped out with one blow. This is seen in Battlefront II. “Star Wars” film franchise creator George Lucas, left, addresses the crowd as Walt Disney Co. Chairman and CEO Bob Iger looks on during a dedication ceremony for the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction at Disneyland Park, Wednesday, May 29, 2019, in Anaheim, Calif. Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP But when Disney bought Lucasfilm, one of its first decisions was to erase the Expanded Universe and start from scratch. Life is like that. — The Force Awakens signals the first movie since Disney bought the franchise from creator George Lucas for £2.7billion in 2012. The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi were absolute disasters. We’ll have a new commenting experience online soon. ... Disney did not move forward with Lucas’ vision for Episodes 7, 8, and 9. It seems Lucas would have kickstarted the new trilogy almost immediately after the end of Return of the Jedi, mining the same furrow that the incredible The Mandalorian is working within on TV. George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney in 2012, the franchise has changed a lot since then and some say not for the better. Lucas would have followed the story that the books established. Perhaps, as Yoda would no doubt tell us, the secret to Star Wars is finding the right balance between such hugely varying positions. It takes 10 years to make a trilogy – Episodes I to III took from 1995 to 2005. "So the question was, ‘Am I going to keep doing this for the rest of my life? George Lucas began more detailed work on the sequel trilogy at the time of the sale. Discussions relating to the possibility of The Walt Disney Company purchasing Lucasfilm officially began in May 2011, after a meeting that George Lucas had with Disney CEO Bob Iger during the inauguration of the Star Tours: The Adventures Continue attraction. George Lucas … Lucas would have paired the red-and-black-striped alien with a new female Sith Lord, Darth Talon, who acts as the Vader of the new trilogy. Many Star Wars fans might have hated the prequels, but at least they offered a rational (if glacially paced) explanation for how Anakin Skywalker eventually became Vader. And yet we should not forget who we are talking about here. Disney wants George Lucas to take the reigns from Kathleen Kennedy and save Star Wars.” Doomcock elaborated, “Yes my friends, 10 days ago I received the following rumor from my source. We all know Disney has completely ruined Star Wars from all aspects. See, before Disney took over, Star Wars had a huge amount of extra material (novels, comics, etc. Where Lucas packed his movies, prequels included, with small-yet-boundary-pushing moments, Disney has opted for much more standard, derivative-if-competently-staged action fare. Update: Disney says the Greedo scene was altered by George Lucas prior to the company’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars property in 2012. When Disney bought out George Lucas in 2012 and installed a new team in charge of Lucasfilm and Star Wars, many of us who detested the terrible … Things don't always work out the way you want it. This was a relief for passive fans who’d ignored the Expanded Universe, but a disappointment to diehard fans who loved it. He tells me why in this extract from my new book The #StarWars Archives Eps I-III. In canon, after the Emperor's death in Return Of The Jedi, Operation Cinder occurs. There's no doubt that if they continue to be careful, perhaps more so than they have been in the past two years, they might be able to offer something superior to the films of the beloved Lucas era. Duncan shared an excerpt of the book on Twitter, which featured the conversation with Lucas. Imperial warlords and loyalists kept it alive. Even after the Emperor's Galactic Empire, the Empire went on in one form or another for a century after Return of the Jedi. In This Stream Your guide to Disney … Let’s remember who we’re dealing with here ... Jar Jar Binks in The Phantom Menace. "I was also about to have a daughter with my wife. My unboxing video here:, “In 2012, I was 69,” he continued. "At that time, I was starting the next trilogy; I talked to the actors and I was starting to gear up,” Lucas said. George Lucas is reportedly considering making his own sequel trilogy that he abandoned when he first sold Lucasfilm to Disney. ", Why did George Lucas sell Lucasfilm in 2012? The sequel trilogy felt rushed and under-planned, while the prequel trilogy felt like Lucas spent far too much time focused on cosmic macro-politics. Lucasfilm, the original Star Wars franchise hub, was sold to Disney in 2012. George Lucas has revealed why he opted to sell Lucasfilm to Disney, a decision he called "painful." The worst Star Wars movie since Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure … The Rise of Skywalker. So what if we got it all wrong, and Lucas should have been allowed to deliver the sequel trilogy himself after all? Author Paul Duncan has presented an extract from his upcoming book about Star Wars in which Lucas admits that he stepped away from the giant […] George Lucas has revealed why he opted to sell Lucasfilm to Disney, a decision he called "painful.". A new book, The Star Wars Archives: 1999-2005, details the film-maker’s abandoned plans for the first time. What’s striking about these ideas is that they make sense as part of a coherent multi-episode narrative arc. When Disney bought out George Lucas in 2012 and installed a new team in charge of Lucasfilm and Star Wars, many of us who detested the terrible prequel films (but loved the original trilogy) were delighted that the man who brought us Jar Jar Binks, as well as those awful CGI-assisted special editions of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, had been unceremoniously removed from the tiller. George Lucas Reveals Why He Really Sold Star Wars to Disney. These failures were eventually crystallised in the abomination that was Abrams’ second turn at the helm, a movie that seemed determined not just to rinse Lucas’s early films but ruin them in the process. Mark Hamill discussed the differences between Star Wars movies made by George Lucas and Disney. When Disney bought out. 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But what … While the initial Star Wars films opened over Memorial Day weekend in 1977 (May 25), 1980 (May 21) and 1983 (May 25), George Lucas’ Star … Of the two standpoints, Lucas’s currently seems the more sensible. Leading the dark side in this new reality would have been Darth Maul, the Phantom Menace villain who was once thought dead after his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequel film, but has already been resurrected (albeit with robot legs) in the Star Wars Rebels animated series. In 2015, Lucas revealed that he based his sequel trilogy on the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels. “The stormtroopers would be like Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist fighters that joined Isis and kept on fighting. 6 Disregarding George Lucas’ … Gone were tedious trade delegations, midi-chloreans and galactic senates, back were knockabout space romps and realistic looking sets. Bob Iger's new book gives a personal look into the negotiations between Disney and George Lucas and how things went somewhat sour between the two. What happens to the non-essential retailers in each tier of Covid restrictions, Shareholders can't force businesses to act morally. For original fans of the Star Wars movies, the greatest tragedy the franchise suffered from was when its creator Geoge Lucas decided to sell the series to Disney in 2012. Disney also brought Maul back in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but abandoned that storyline when the movie tanked. 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And so we have it: just as it seemed we might start dreaming of a Lucas-shot remake of the sequel trilogy, the man himself brings us right back down to Tatooine’s sandy surface. As Darth Vader learned in Revenge of the Sith, the only true victories are pyrrhic by nature. Never mind, there’s another episode of The Mandalorian out soon. s Darth Vader learned in Revenge of the Sith, the only true victories are pyrrhic by nature. The horrifying thing is that they would have made a lot more sense than bringing back the Emperor from the dead, turning Luke into a moaning wimp (though I still have a soft spot for The Last Jedi) and having Han Solo’s emo-Sith son commit patricide. The authors of The Star Wars Archives: 1999-2005 also find time to get the film-maker’s view on his appalling special-edition versions, and it’s clear that Lucas will go to his grave insisting that these are the definitive cuts of his famous trilogy, CGI Jabba, stoopid lizard Sarlacc and all. What they have done to simply earn huge mega billion dollar profits has destroyed Star Wars Commenting is not currently available, but don’t worry! “A hundred years from now, the only version of the movie that anyone will remember will be the special edition. G eorge Lucas wasn’t too happy about this, and in 1985 Lucasfilm sued High Frontier for their use of the phrase, claiming trademark infringement. George Lucas opens up about Disney's big acquisition of the Star Wars franchise way back in 2012. George Lucas explains why he sold Star Wars to Disney, and the answer is much more than just the four billion dollars he was paid. Disney investors have been trying to get George Lucas back for a few months now. Vanity Fair cover story writer Lev Grossman breaks down the differences between George Lucas' original Star Wars trilogy and Disney's trilogy. The Mandalorian is a much better continuation of George Lucas' Star Wars than Disney's sequel trilogy was.

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