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kenmore elite refrigerator

90. Technician finally returned to finish the job. If they made a bad product, they need to own that 100%. Read more . Download the manual for model Kenmore Elite 79572483411 refrigerator. Repair guy said it’s out of Freon and that’s in an unreachable part of the refrigerator. LG refused to honour the manufacturer warranty, said it didn't cover it because it was from Sears. That is what Kenmore Elite means, made by another co. Don’t know how long it will work and I don’t trust it. If so, the vent is clogged. Thank you. Hi All, I have a Kenmore Elite Model 795.71053.010 refrigerator that is not cooling at all. 10/27/2019 by Hate to start buying unneeded parts, until find right one. running at this low voltage, and being excessively HOT! Hello can you send photo of the valve you replace, are you located in new jersey if so i would like you to service my kenmore, February 21 by I believe the refrigerator keeps getting stuck in a defrost mode. On Dec 14 the temp started to climb again. instead of the the 80VAC called out in the manual. What a cluster. Well I replaced the compressor in mine and it worked for about 10 months and now is broken again. appliance repair. Michelle Smith. It had the exact same symptoms you describe. So… I am considering buying a new refrigerator. What sizes and colors can Kenmore refrigerators come in? I'm NOT impressed with my Kenmore Elite Refrigerator nor their lack of any service whatsoever. Do not but a French door refrigerator by Kenmore Elite (actual manufacturer is LG) . And also changing out the capillary tube that feeds the fridge evaporator, this cap tube is sized for both freezer and fridge to run at the same time which runs good when their both running. I have same model and it just stooped working today - any fixes - its 2 years old - think LG makes it for them. Sears refuses to honor warranty because we had someone else look at it first who … Then when your refrigerator breaks you pay 1/2 price. and one more thing like I said in one of my other posts is that when i originally put my refrigeration gauges on the system I was getting a reading of 110 gauge pressure on the high side and pulling itself into a vacuum on the low side. 4.3 out of 5 stars . 4.5 out of 5 stars 73. The fridge went up to 60 and the freezer to 40. Fridge works fine now but it seems to run 45 mins at a time to an hour and only shut off for 4-5 min or so and then compressor kicks back on… any ideas? A faulty compressor means the refrigerator is not able to stay cold thus causing loss of food. Please help if anyone has an answer to the issue. Needless to say stuff started to melt. The compressor is covered by Sears, but not the labor. I opted for a new Frigidaire with a 5 year warranty. He said I know it's horrible news, I would love to take your money, but you need to cut your losses and buy a reliable refrigerator. Check out the french door fridge models with water and ice dispensers in the side door for easy refills. . melissaann501. What is not cooling the fridge, the freezer or both? when it reaches this usually the ice has already melted, due to heater, and the compressor is started again to drive the freezer back down to 0 deg F (-20 deg C) with the evap fan running. Came to house 5x. ft. French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker –... Kenmore 72595 27.8 cu. The Kenmore refrigerator temperature control location is at the upper back wall of the inside of the refrigerator. No, GE fridges have the bad relay on the 942 board, NOT the LG/Elite models. Good luck! Kenmore Elite 73025 French Door Refrigerator: User reviews. We took the next available repair appointment with Sears which is Wednesday, January 9. Check out the french door fridge models with water and ice dispensers in the side door for easy refills. @jetneddy. I guess they have to go to extremely complicated designs to get a huge unit like this with two evaporators to run on such a tiny amount of refrigerant (4.75oz). It's a shady business practice at best. He is not at fault. That's amazing. Brought it to repair store and they said it may be the mother board. rainbowshalom. In the meantime, I have a refrigerator that doesn't work and family coming in for the Christmas holiday. Anyone have any idea what is going on? I plan to let as many people as possible know about that so LG really has to pay!!! But what happens is that when fridge is calling for cooling and not the freezer this cap tube being the size it is and only one of the tubes flowing refrigerant at the time overloads the compressor and it really struggles to push this small amount of gas. He told me he had a French Door made by LG and put is to the curb. Wear dry gloves to feel. The high and low line pressures when compressor is running are about 125 and 7 respectively, which is about where they were when the compressor was changes (100/0 according to my notes). It costs over $2K and is known to break down with 18 months. SAVON ANDRE, my email is [email protected] if not can you please recommend somone other than sears. It is still jumping all over but this time it is jumping up above 100VAC. Ten days waiting on parts. Kenmore appliances have won … The refrigerant would have to be extracted, the faulty part replaced, the sealed system needs then to be evacuated (vacuum created) and new refrigerant put in and then the system needs to be tested to make sure that the pressures, temperatures etc, are OK and then resealed again. From refrigerators, dishwashers and gas grills to heating and cooling systems–Kenmore has delivered innovation and excellence into homes like yours for over 100 years. Here is the updated warranty info: My latest technician has been very helpful, but my refrigerator was down for 6 weeks. Why trust BestReviews? Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Temperature The controls are set correctly if the ice cream in the freezer is firm when it's pulled out for that late-night snack and the celery isn't limp after an overnight stay in the crisper. Been reading a lot of articles on here. Finding a refrigerator that matches the décor of your kitchen is a factor that you should not ignore. Replaces AP3778594, 1065075, AH968756, EA968756, PS968756, 2188875. I replaced the main board but it didn't help. The compressor is a known problem. It is the compressor only that has the 10 year warranty. Refrigerator is slightly more than a year old. I need your assistance with Kenmore Elite refrigerator problems. Then the compressor and evaporator fan started, Only problem, is the 20u450VAC starting cap is. It is that bad. Neither side is cooling, to the other guys trying to help. Heath witherow Hello. It's like a giant capacitor you attach to the fridge's compressor to get it to turn over. After 1 year you still have to pay for the labour to get it repaired under warranty, just not the parts. Lauri waldvogel, if the refrigerator you bought from Sears has the Kenmore Elite on the front of it, it is manufactured by LG but Sears is responsible to the warranty.

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