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plotted in a sentence

Example of a candlesticks plotted in the Swiss franc chart. The positions of the archaeological finds are accurately plotted: 20. 6. Henry Stafford, 2nd duke of Buckingham, resided a good deal at the castle, and Morton, bishop of Ely, whose custody as a prisoner was entrusted to him, plotted with him there for the dethronement of Richard III., for which Stafford was executed in 1483. Newlands in England, that if they are arranged in the order of their atomic weights they fall into groups in which similar chemical and physical properties are repeated at periodic intervals; and in particular he showed that if the atomic weights are plotted as ordinates and the atomic volumes as abscissae, the curve obtained presents a series of maxima and minima, the most electro-positive elements appearing at the peaks of the curve in the order of their atomic weights. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. plotted in a sentence and translation of plotted in Turkish dictionary with audio pronunciation by In general, storylines are plotted 12 weeks out with some sketchy ideas of where characters 'may' be in the future. Louis made light of the whole incident in his letters, but it marked the greatest humiliation of his life, and he was only too glad to find a scapegoat in Cardinal Jean Balue, who was accused of having plotted the treason of Peronne. 3. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Plotted. Led away by evil counsellors, Sauji Bey plotted with Andronicus, son of the emperor, to dethrone their respective fathers. Example of histograms plotted in the Swiss franc chart. Meanwhile Kasyapa's brother had escaped to India and was plotting a … Iran assessed the marshy terrain and plotted points where to land tanks. This ensures that points on the opposite hemisphere are not plotted: 2. The results may be plotted on a growth chart that is specific for the child's age and gender (EpicCare Growth Chart) and compares a child's growth to other children of the same age and gender. plotted meaning: 1. past simple and past participle of plot 2. past simple and past participle of plot . Coups are plotted in small groups huddled around a faction leader and strategies decided at fringe meetings. Mostakfi was soon weary of this new master, and plotted against him. The British and Russian consuls schemed and plotted against each other at Kashgar. 2. normalized dB plot with a 20dB gradient is plotted. The plotted lines looked identical to the ones on the map I'd just seen. He also looked over our shoulders while we plotted the charts, watching for any slip-ups. To reinforce these concepts, a stress-strain graph is plotted for each of the above materials at two values of elapsed time. plotted like a schoolboy to turn his devotions into secret criticisms of state policies. buckle plotted is a curve for the minimum buckling stress coefficient. For example, a spoiler that indicates events occurring six months from the posting date is likely just speculation as many soap operas are not plotted that far in advance. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Plotted but also gives extensive definition in English language. They had plotted to blow up the White House: 19. 2. I can see her in my rear view mirror, just sitting there, plotting a way they can escape. New factory's district is all plotted out. The effects of temperature upon hysteresis were also care fully studied, and many hysteresis loops were plotted. It's difficult to see plotted against in a sentence . 174. 11. The definition of Plotted is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. Even when you know this, it can be disheartening to see where your baby falls within the statistics plotted on the growth charts. You plotted against me, you lied to Prince Andrew about my relations with that Frenchwoman and made me quarrel with him, but you see I need neither her nor you! 60. 15.6 Tons 15.2 Tons steam-engine, representing graphically by a curve CPD the relation between the volume and pressure of the powder-gas; and in addition the curves AQE of energy e, AvV of velocity v, and AtT of time t can be plotted or derived, the velocity and energy at the muzzle B being denoted by V and E. Arago, who, while his "revocation" was being plotted by the council of ministers, procured him an invitation to dine at the Palais Royale, where he was openly and effusively received by the citizen king, who "remembered" him. Treat the game like a novel or short story and have it all plotted out before you sit at the keyboard and starting punching in code. Such a state of things could not last, and certain proscribed persons plotted the destruction of the half-demented tyrant. 2. Retz, who had, according to some accounts, already plotted against Richelieu, set himself to work to make the utmost political capital out of his position. To plot against him, to attempt his life by poison or the sword, was accounted virtuous. 185+3 sentence examples: 1. sympatric parasitism plotted against parasitoid success as predicted by the model. By using a grid m Here was material enough for an explosion, even if personal misunderstandings and aggravations, adding fuel to the fire, had not naturally occurred (or even been deliberately plotted) during the negotiations. 1. Years passed as the football gods plotted their ultimate in ironies. The feudal nobility was thus the first to establish itself, and the king only came after its institution - the reverse of Norman England, where the king first conquered the country, and then plotted it out among his nobles. The plotted list of example sentences with plotted. Translations of the phrase WHO PLOTTED from english to spanish and examples of the use of "WHO PLOTTED" in a sentence with their translations: The same benedict arnold who plotted … Trial and The most essential might be summed up in the state- execution ment that he had plotted against the Constitution and of Louis against the safety of the kingdom. The builders have plotted out the area ready for the houses. Translations of the phrase SHE PLOTTED from english to italian and examples of the use of "SHE PLOTTED" in a sentence with their translations: She plotted with you. Plotting sentence examples. The pitch, volume, and frequency are plotted on sonograms. Synonym Discussion of plot. 5. The wom If the air temperature had been plotted on the same graph you would see a very jagged and erratic line. This seismic axis plotted on the globe nearly bisects the unknown area of the Polar Ocean. The key for the chart is shown on the sidebar with colored rectangles against the plotted fields. 23. Example sentences for: plotted How can you use “plotted” in a sentence? When he died in 1378, this son resolved to reunite the domains of the Visconti; and, with this object in view, he plotted and executed the murder of his uncle Bernab. They plotted to make the whole Mississippi Valley secede from the United States. Taylor plotted with his daughter to murder her husband: 18. This data is plotted in Figure 6. These data can be plotted Much more emotionally complex than the past novels, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban marks another tick in the time line that Rowling has so skillfully plotted. Stationed in the Mariana Islands, Wallace plotted a political career. 3. A Scrabble Dictionary, Scrabble Word Finder & Scrabble Cheat to help you with many word based games and apps. From the Cambridge English Corpus In days past, the features, often words, were directly plotted on a map, and isoglosses were drawn to … She looked like Lilith, the woman Rhyn killed when he discovered she.d plotted with the Dark One to kill the Council. Use this option with any of the input argument combinations in the previous syntaxes. From Aspinall's experiments it appears to be about 17 lb per ton, and this value is plotted on the diagram. As a first approximation, the centre-line of a railway may be plotted out as a number of portions of circles, with intervening straight tangents connecting them, when the abruptness of the changes of direction will depend on the radii of the circular portions. Lines representing efficiency ratios of o 6, 0.5 and 0.4 are plotted on the diagram, so that the efficiency ratios corresponding to the various experiments plotted may be readily read off. Most people chose this as the best definition of plotted: Simple past tense and pas... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The sampled sine wave input signal should be plotted in the upper graph. Plotted in a sentence. 185+3 sentence examples: 1. The ratio of the inclusive jet cross-section at Ö s = 630 GeV over Ö s = 1800 GeV is plotted in Fig. Nevertheless, he was appreciated by the "miner" of Europe; he plotted familiarly with Louis XI. His brother Pheroras and sister Salome plotted for their own advantage and against the two sons of Mariamne. 3. The independent variable also called the control parameter, that systematically increases, or decreases is. The curve showing the circumferential (or longitudinal) changes was also plotted, and from the two curves thus obtained it was easy, on the assumption that the metal was isotropic in directions at right angles to the magnetization, to calculate changes of volume; for if circumferential elongation be denoted by 1 1, and transverse elongation by 1 2, then the cubical dilatation (40r -) = l l 2/ 2 approximately. 3. How do you use the world gerrymander in a sentence? 223. plotted point in a sentence - Use "plotted point" in a sentence 1. The speed of the target was calculated from the time it took to cover the distances between the previously plotted points on its track. 1. Name-value pair settings apply to all the lines, Plotting Data with Mu. Regin, cheated of his share, plotted vengeance and the conquest of the treasure. Simple Ratios: The ratio of two primary measures is plotted against time. 185+3 sentence examples: 1. 2. With increase of speeds this matter has become important as an element of comfort in passenger traffic. Plotted definition: → plot 1 , plot 2 (sense 2 ) | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples voltage or current) can be, The main use of scatter charts is to draw the values of two series or variables and compare them over time or any other parameter. Also he showed that if such an antenna had its horizontal part swivelled round into various directions the current created in a distant receiver antenna varied with the azimuth, and when plotted out in the form of a polar curve gave a curve of a peculiar figure-of-8 shape. sine wave input signal should be plotted in the upper graph. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: The results of this exercise are plotted in Fig.. To investigate the general properties of the data, the intensities from two independent experiments using the same control RNA ( S1 and S2 ) were plotted (Figs. Learn to win at any game with our many tools and word lists. X-ray absorption column plotted against galaxy axial ratio from Malizia et al. She plot Plot definition is - a small area of planted ground. He and his followers plotted the murder of the doge, were discovered, and sought safety at the court of Charlemagne, where Fortunatus strongly urged the Franks to attack the lagoons. Plot sentence examples. 3. Officials said the gunmen had plotted the massacre for a year. ~ No. The solar altitude and azimuth over the year can be plotted on a solar chart. 85. He went to an old enemy of his father, Frederick, archbishop of Mains, and the two plotted together against the king, who, hearing of their proceedings, returned to Germany in 952, leaving Duke Conrad of Lorraine as his representative in Italy. I intricately plotted the conversations beforehand. We plotted a graph to show the increase in sales figures this year Learn more. Strengths and weaknesses were discussed, strategy plotted. The graph shows observed parasitoid success after sympatric parasitism plotted against parasitoid success as predicted by the model. Reconciled with his brother Louis XIII., he plotted against Richelieu in 1635, fled from the country, and then submitted to the king and the cardinal. The result will be several superimposed plots of N 1 versus each quantity in, all plotted to the same scale. The officer plotted a graph together with details of the city or region from which the search originated. They do not represent the opinions of They plotted out the area and drew up plans before taking it over. 487. Set this keyboard to generate a scatter plot. - When the weight of the engine and tender and the weight of the vehicles are respectively given, the rate at which work must be done in the engine cylinders in order to maintain the train in motion at a stated speed can be computed by the aid of the curves plotted in fig. probe displacement is plotted against time for two tests. The head circumference should be plotted on a chart which takes height into account. Whether he came to the throne before or after the fall of Samaria (722721 B.C.) 2. The average weights, heights and head circumferences were plotted on graphs; these curves were named the 50th percentile on each chart. Directly he was of age, he seized the reins of government by killing some relations who had plotted against him, and crushed another conspiracy in the same way. The skipper had plotted and charted the sailing legs and hired a boat before I'd done my first run. After joining the "Giovine Italia" he entered the Sardinian navy, and, with a number of companions on board the frigate "Euridice," plotted to seize the vessel and occupy the arsenal of Genoa at the moment when Mazzini's Savoy expedition should enter Piedmont. Moreover, their Clichy club, directed by the abb Brottier, manipulated Parisian opinion; while many of the -refractory priests, having returned after the liberal Public Worship Act of September 1795, made active propaganda against the principles of the Revolution, and plotted the fall of the Directory as maintaining the States independence of the Church. In such a curve the percentage composition can be plotted horizontally and the temperature of the freezing-point vertically, as in fig. 2. In children and adolescents, because body fat changes as they mature, BMI is gender- and age-specific and plotted on gender-specific growth charts to determine BMI-forage. The plots all show smooth convex curves with the minimums at balancing speed where the slope of the plotted curve is zero. 1. plotted curve in a sentence - Use "plotted curve" in a sentence 1. All the while, he plotted to destroy all she loved. 198. A 19-year-old who had a van full of guns and explosives and allegedly, Plot (___,Name,Value) specifies line properties using one or more Name,Value pair arguments. He plotted the ruin of his enemy: 21. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. This was the vengeance for which she had longed, for which she had plotted, the vengeance she had at last achieved. When he died in 1378, this son resolved to reunite the domains of the Visconti; and, with this object in view, he plotted and executed the murder of his uncle Bernab. In response, Espada said he has not plotted political strategy with Republicans and described Ramirez as blinded by ambition. 39. Though free worksheets and Internet resources are wonderful for the budget, some students will need clearly plotted instruction. After three years the Guises reopened hostilities against Coligny, whom they accused of having plotted the murder of their chief; while the Catholics, egged on by the Spaniards, rose against the Protestants, who had been made uneasy by an interview between Catherine and her daughter Elizabeth, wife of Philip II. 2. The curves corresponding to the above expressions are plotted in fig. I don't see her plotting to knock us all off. Examples of plotted in a sentence: 1. Early vector fields were laboriously plotted by hand on 2D graphs to represent magnetic fields, winds, and other rigorous, multi-variate data. Translations of the word PLOTTED from english to indonesian and examples of the use of "PLOTTED" in a sentence with their translations: We plotted some potential paths and orbits, 1. Therein he had much success, within the shores of this island. 85 Sometimes the data from the amortization chart is also plotted on a line graph with the x axis representing time and the y axis representing the dollar amount. Translations of the word PLOTTED from english to italian and examples of the use of "PLOTTED" in a sentence with their translations: And who have plotted a tremendous plot. The output is in the form of a line chart, with time running along the x (horizontal) axis and your data values, A common use for LTSpice ® is to run a time domain transient analysis where a parameter (e.g. Plotted quotes from YourDictionary: In a world of voluble hates, he plotted to make men like, or at least tolerate, one another. The plotter (contributed by Adafruit makes it easy to visualise numeric data which your code may create.. He plotted against the Regent John Stewart, 2nd Duke of Albany. It was you who plotted it. It's difficult to see plotted in a sentence . United Englishmen and United Scotsmen plotted with United Irishmen for a French invasion, and sedition was fomented in the army and the navy. You plotted to no avail. So, Haman plotted to exterminate all the Jews in the land. A number of files can be plotted if the variable is not three-dimensional. not plotted in a sentence - Use "not plotted" in a sentence 1. The data plotted in Figure 3. chimeging and chiming bells are plotted as two separate lines in each case for clarity. He also has plotted ways to break up happy couples and stolen masterpiece paintings, all of which make up a cunning and unpredictable personality that viewers love. 266. The three practical routes were plotted by means of red lines. But almost immediately, they plotted to overthrow Castro. Although she didn’t actually stab her husband, the wife was convicted of his murder because she was the one to plot it out. many of the features plotted are undated. 4. In 1076, having plotted against Duke Hoel of Brittany, he was besieged at Dol, and the Conqueror came to Hoel's aid; but Ralph finally made his peace. Regin, cheated of his share, plotted vengeance and the conquest of the treasure. The ratio of that distance to the radius of the section is plotted against an angle that is half that subtended by the arc. plotted in a sentence and translation of plotted in Spanish dictionary with audio pronunciation by 185+3 sentence examples: 1. In the 1950s, people who plotted against him became Cabinet ministers. This pleased Lucy, who plotted their position and course. 2. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], The positions of the archaeological finds are accurately, Prosecutors in the trial allege the defendants, The performances for the flooded areas have been. grumbled about food, they turned to other gods, they broke into factions and plotted or groused or shouted the odds. 188. of Castile, discovering or alleging that Leonora had plotted to poison him, imprisoned her in a convent at Tordesillas, where she died in 1386. Also plotted is a curve for the minimum buckling stress coefficient. Suppose you had a single hydrogen atom and at a particular instant plotted the position of the one electron. He also plotted other towns. is disputed,' nor is it clear what share Judah took in the Assyrian conflicts down to 701.2 Shortly before this date the whole of western Asia was in a ferment; Sargon had died and Sennacherib had come to the throne (in 705); vassal kings plotted to recover their independence and Assyrian puppets were removed by their opponents. 1. For a list of properties, see Line Properties. superimposed plots of N 1 versus each quantity in, all plotted to the same scale. Prosecutors in the trial allege the defendants plotted to overthrow the government: 22. click for more sentences of plotted … Finally Francesco's wife Lucrezia and his children Giacomo, Bernardo and Beatrice, assisted by a certain Monsignor Guerra, plotted to murder him. 1, and the king, who plotted against it; and,, as a result, ~291t 20 the monarchy, insulted by the proceedings of the 20th of June, was eliminated altogether by those of the 10th of August 1792. He was plotting the rest of his hike last night. Harry and his readers are delivered information that is essential for establishing the lines that Rowling has so carefully plotted. aspen stands were plotted on maps at 1:10,000 scale from which their sizes were estimated. plot. Examples of how to use “amblyopia” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs The prisoners plotted an escape route. 4. Carefully plotted, emotionally intense stories, both films are supported by professional production design, deliciously decrepit settings, and engaging characters. All Rights Reserved. Sixtus was cognisant of the conspiracy of the Pazzi, plotted (1478) by his nephew, Cardinal Riario, against Lorenzo de' Medici. The physical exam is performed, plotted on the standard growth curve, and any deviations are noted. How to use plot in a sentence. He plotted to get her pregnant and then take her baby and give it to his wife Brooke. They plotted together during the hunting trip you and your brother took the day before he died. 3. 4. Amputees have star roles in war games, like densely plotted, big-budget movie Army fights insurgents in fictitious town. The group plotted to rob the bank.The plotted out the design for the new building.Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up the Parliament, but luckily failed. Examples of Plot in a sentence The mob members had to plot behind their boss’s back so that he would not find out about their plans to kill him. During the first stage, when the magnetizing force is small, the magnetization (or the induction) increases rather slowly with increasing force; this is well shown by the nickel curve in the diagram, but the effect would be no less conspicuous in the iron curve if the abscissae were plotted to a larger scale. When you create a chart, Microsoft Office Excel determines the axis on which the data series are plotted, based on the number of worksheet rows and columns that are included in the chart, placing the larger number on the horizontal axis. Confirmed individual reservations, walk-ins or chance guests are plotted on the chart as they occur. › Certioraris [ˌserSH(ē)əˈrärē, ˌserSH(ē)əˈrerī], © 2020 While Dessalines massacred the French in Cap Haitien, winning infamy among white historians, the mulattos plotted. loathsome creature who plotted the ruin of the gods of light. 3. His godly living was regular and consistent even when he was in a minority of one and even when he was being plotted against. are plotted on the diagram, the reference numbers on which refer to the first column in the table. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR PLOTTED Plotted up track and took observations for time and longitude. Her plan, while brilliant when plotted the past month, didn't seem quite so wonderful right now. How to use plotted in a sentence. 13. The functional relationship graphics are plotted by the microcomputer automatically. The plot summary leaves a lot to be desired! Sofia didn't have time to plot how to approach her. The first danger came from the friends of Richard, who plotted prematurely, and were crushed in January 1400. 2. Standing in the center of the room, she plotted her escape. The amount this differs from the baseline provided by the precision compass is plotted.

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