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shindaiwa vs echo vs stihl

You can get a chainsaw from Echo that can last for years. Playing next. We also carry parts and service most brands including those we do not carry. Echo Vs. Shindaiwa 02-20-05, 09:50 AM. You will find more selection in Stihl and Husqvarna, than with Echo. I would have bought the echo for sure. They are around $1200 out of the box here in Australia. The Shindaiwa 600sx / Echo 620 is fairly new, but i have not heard of any problems with these. Report. If I went new it would be the same thing but I could get the straight handle integrated into the pole vs the loop handle on the 266. Blowers-Redmax vs. Echo vs. Shindaiwa. Don't know Stihl, I read some problems with the new FS70, but the older 4Mix trimmer seems to have a lot of praise. Awesome power, control, comfort, still roars like a lion, and still is my favorite machine even as parts are becoming hard to find! Going to run it against My STHIL trimmer this season. The larger units that require more energy will generate more sound on average. Richardson Saw stocks are large selection of premium residential and commercial Hedge Trimmers including Echo, RedMax, Shindaiwa, and Stihl. Would be nice to see a "current" comparison of the 3. Thread starter updara; Start date Aug 5, 2011; 1; 2; 3 … Go to page. Now I run redmax and love them. In other words, the Stihl offers fewer affordable products but at a more reasonable price than the Echo. I like echo. I already have an Echo blower and the 5 year consumer warranty is a plus. Apr 24, 2016. I believe that all 3, as well as some others, can fit your bill. I have 3 Shindaiwas and they are faultless. this year im in the process of getting new trimmers and blowers. You can find a choice that fits your needs based on how much power you require for your cutting task. Echo CS-352-16 VS Stihl MS 181 C-BE . Washers Comparison » Echo CS-590-20 VS Worx WG304.1 . But there might be times when the blades have to be replaced. Single sided, double sided, and extended reach hedge trimmers are available. STIHL trimmers and brushcutters are made for those who truly appreciate a well-groomed landscape. I need help! Stihl vs Echo vs Husqvarna: Which Is the Best Chainsaw Poweroftool. My old McCulloh trimmer had a 21.2cc engine, which had more than enough power for my current needs. The pull handle on a chainsaw provides a smooth approach to starting the model. This makes it harder for a user to keep a good grip on a chainsaw. The 491 has approximately 2.5cc more displacement than the 488. No Echo dealers around. But not by much. shindaiwa vs. stihl vs. husqarna weedeaters? Ok guys, Stihl and Husky are both on their second generation of these saws, so one would think that their teething problems should be sorted. Pole saws=Echo is hands down the winner every time. You can't get an Echo PB 770 at the Home Depot, because it's not a homeowner blower it's a commercial one. I am always looking for older Shindaiwa trimmers like the t270, a very nice model that they no longer make. Go. Both offer exceptional multi-attachment tools. I emptied his Stihl Ultra blend from his saws, and filled them up with my fuel, Red Armor 32:1 in 93 clear. Home use, ... Shindaiwa, specifically the T235, it's their homeowner grade model, approximately $249. Thread starter domain311; Start date Dec 9, 2010; 1; 2; 3; Next. I have the Stihl ht131, my father in law has the biggest echo, don't remember the model number. Stihl vs Echo trimmer help. Not sure what they are like after a muffler mod but the echo fanatics swear it's night and day difference. It's a semi-synthetic blend of oil certified for use in all air-cooled, 2-stroke, outdoor power equipment engines, Stihl Ultra is a Full synthetic and a better oil than the Echo. 9:37. Stihl has a two-hand design as well, but with a slightly more open rear handle feature for handling the trigger. Stihl also has various two-stroke motors, but there are also electric and battery-powered models. Stihl's High Performance oil I believe is is there special blend oil and not the full synthetic. Les systèmes multifonctions de Shindaiwa sont des outils de grande fiabilité, facile à utiliser et offrent beaucoup de possibilités. Echo chainsaws com… Thought i'd pick his brain as he does nothing but hedges. Thanks for the reply. Echo CS-590 vs Stihl MS-361. As you already know, the Echo vs Stihl trimmers belongs to the famous, commercial-grade brands. Pilarki Stihl MS 250,MS 261 vs Husqvarna 353. Shindaiwa vs. Stihl. If you’re like us, there’s nothing more satisfying than the sound of whirring trimmer line and the smell of freshly cut grass. 4:46. Browse more videos. I have been debating which of two string trimmers I might buy. The good news is that both of these brands require extra time for fueling or charging before you can start using them, so you can safely assemble something ahead of time. S. smitty's lawncare LawnSite Member. Make this decision for me Posted via Mobile Device . But you’ll have to look well at how you can find an effective model for your needs. -redmax, stihl, and echo are all about the same for backpackblowers but the stihl feels the best on my back. The stihl 4-7. Starts nicely. Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:23 PM Subject: Re:echo 2620 extreme series vs shindaiwa 262. tdog. Stihl for the reason you just mentioned. Stihl’s MS-290 and Echo’s CS-590 are both medium chainsaws, but the Echo CS-590 is sometimes listed as a medium/heavy duty product. The echos will start in 2-3 pulls The Shindaiwa and the huskies, 3-5. The mechanism prevents the chainsaw from starting up without your support. The trigger button needed for activating the start function is also easy to access. Stihl’s chainsaw models are traditionally pre-assembled, thus simplifying how well you can use your setup. I am always looking for older Shindaiwa trimmers like the t270, a very nice model that they no longer make. Next Last. Newer one is now 4 years old and going strong. [Last Edit: 6/11/2013 12:50:51 PM EST by gunner01], [Last Edit: 6/12/2013 6:21:25 AM EST by Pete7072], [Last Edit: 6/26/2013 12:40:26 PM EST by SigOwner_P229]. Location louisville, ky. Jun 23, 2014 #1 I'm gonna buy another trimmer, and trying to decide between a shindaiwa t242, and an echo srm 225 or 230. I am debating between the shindaiwa 488 and the stihl 260/360. One is the ECHO SRM-230S (normal 2 cycle) with a 7 year warranty, or the new STIHL FS 90 R (4-mix engine) with a two year warranty. Only reason he went with it was a friend of his has a small shop that sales echo. But, you should look at how the two companies differ based on what these entities can do for your cutting needs. jakethesnake, Mar 5, 2018 #7. Have you looked into the Mauryama brand trimmers, they are a well made product in japan. Best value= Echo/Dolmar in 75% of the classes. But since, there are a lot of complains on the T242, looks like the T282 has complains also. Limited/nonexistent aftermarket parts availability. Echo vs Shindaiwa trimmer. The 491 has approximately 2.5cc more displacement than the 488. You will find more selection in Stihl and Husqvarna, than with Echo. But, if getting them worked on competently, or getting parts reasonably, is important- then look at who's local. Echo makes models with helpful two-hand designs while using a guard near the top to protect the user. The ability of the user to hold a chainsaw safely and under control is critical to its success. Next Last. Go. 1 of 6 Go to page. It would be better if they made a SRM225 with a better clutch and remove that easy start. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Echo vs Shindaiwa vs Stihl string trimmers? We analyze thousands of customer reviews using a proprietary algorithm and evaluate all products in terms of popularity, quality, value and freshness. The electric and battery-powered chainsaws require a two-step process that includes a safety button that must also be pressed when activating the chainsaw. You want a brand that you can easily purchase spare parts in the local store without struggling. There is no truly correct answer over whether an Echo chainsaw or a Stihl chainsaw is better for your use. Echo is a universal 2-stroke oil and is manufactured exclusively for ECHO. Echo’s models use traditional fuel to help you get things running smoothly. Different line of machines. The 488 is a true Shindaiwa, the 491S is a rebadged Echo CS 490. Stihls new M-tronic clearing saws are a different story. Unfortunately it is not big enough to run the bed redifiner so I'd be looking at a new power head regardless. I bought the M242 because of Shindaiwa strong reputation at the time and I was and am still very happy with my EB3410 hand held blower. The lowest output power head from Echo is the PAS 225, and from Stihl, it's the KM 55R, both of which I think have more than enough power. Some of the top chainsaws brands that you cannot ignore when making a purchase is Echo, Stihl, and Husqvarna. Location Long Island, NY . Within that range of price are some solid trimmers, some of which the two brands are each most popular for. There are three brands Echo, Stihl, and Husqvarna, which are well-known for their chainsaws. Pro-User. All are just the homeowner grade, but they are dependable. I've got Stihl products. But, Stihl has such handles to make it easier for the user to manage something. Both Echo and Stihl chain saws come with protection from kickback (when the blade rebounds back at the operator). Than dealer went to echo products so I switched over to echo and ran echo for several years and they were very good trimmers and would last for several seasons. I did start with the ECHO SRM 225 when I first started and they lasted about 2-3 seasons and feel that pretty durable for a consumer model. His echo is better in every way than my Stihl. And, we present here a complete comparison between them. French logging with a Stihl ms 460 stihl-Abattage d'une jolie pesse, moyenne montagne Jura. The SRM-230 is what you want if you have a huge yard though, more power. Show . You can find various choices, but it is essential to see that what you have stands out well and adds a good touch for your work needs. Within that range of price are some solid trimmers, some of which the two brands are each most popular for. This one isnt up for debate to me. So I've been researching. Stihl vs. ECHO – Stihl offers the best choices and reliability with chainsaws. Known for their high performance, these three chainsaws will be your best companion. We compare Stihl, Husqvarna and Echo! I currently own 2 stihl, 1 echo trimmer and 1 echo, 1 stihl handheld blower. View as Grid List. I can get the small model of Stihl's pro grade for around $300, but its not made for attachments. And even with stihl dropping parts prices echo is still cheaper on replacement parts. But many of the blades and cutting teeth that Stihl uses cannot be replaced as easily as you wish. They are everywhere. Apr 24, 2016 #3 After the merger with Echo, Shindaiwa saws were relegated to … Dec 9, 2010 #1 I know that there have been several posts regarding this already...but figured I would share some general feedback on our recent experience with these blowers. 12 Items . This is a big brand whose online presence is more compared with Stihl or Echo. There is a big difference between the cheap brands and the commercial brands. Both offer exceptional multi-attachment tools. Four Paws. Echo uses two-stroke motors in each of its chainsaws. echo vs stihl trimmers, Legendary STIHL Trimmers Legendary STIHL Trimmers Your best line of defense against grass, weeds and brush. I've had a Home Pro (previous model name) for the last ~4 years, and I start it and use it and that's that. Go. Echo and Stihl both produce a wide variety of chain saws. I know several people that have Stihl products that are over 15 years old, some are 20+ years and still going. U. updara LawnSite Member. Echo and Stihl produce some of the best chainsaw models on the market.

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