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software infrastructure challenges

Esses Padrões de Projeto são soluções reutilizáveis bem sucedidas utilizadas em projetos de software. This work presents an infrastructure based on the Composite Capability/Preference Profiles (CC/PP) and the User Agent Profiling Specification (UAProf), which is capable of offering the information for the MAS to execute the content adaptation. In the last years, we developed several industrial pervasive platforms and applications. The topics considered in this volume range from climate change, population growth, global ICT availability, breakthroughs in science and technology and energy demand to ethical decision-making, policymaking, gender status and transnational crime prevention. DevOps culture refers to the fusion of various practices and tools applicable to software development and the administration of IT infrastructure. The fisrt contribution of this thesis is a definition of a conception and development model for technical services, which is based on the Fractal component model. Our second contribution is a service dedicated to the management of the adaptation of the technical services. By “the entire stack” we mean the hardware, operating system, virtualized environment, network, storage, and compute, and applications. The existing context-aware activity recognition engines have good recognition rates; however, they consume lots of time to produce feasible results. The omnipresence of ubiquitous applications is typically achieved by either making the technological artifacts move with the user or by having the applications move between devices tracking the user. Ubiquitous computing similarly deals with enhancing humancomputer interaction; the aim thereby is to support users in their everyday tasks by inferring intentions and adapting the system based on the current context, ... Concepts like pervasive or ubiquitous computing reflect on having information technology invisibly embedded in the environment. Thorough experiments have been carried out, and the impacts of real-time bounds are examined. and software) and non-technical (psychological, social, etc.) This requirement is often seen as being in conflict with the need to be able to restrict the movement of certain rights protected data. We define a transducer interface protocol in order to deal with a variety of context data. Finally a general-purpose platform, the SoapBox, that integrates sensors with wireless communications and computing in a small and versatile module that is easy to use in different designs and in various application domains has been defined, designed and implemented. Our goal is to reduce this confusion and to guide future research on mobile computing. Each of these highlights a different characteristic of user interfaces and smart environments and their role in ubiquitous computing. Characterising for contemporary systems is their dependence on constituent systems to provide information, functionality, and scalability. Este trabalho apresenta uma infra-estrutura baseada nas especificações Composite Capability/Preference Profiles (CC/PP) e User Agent Profiling Specification (UAProf) e que é capaz de oferecer as informações necessárias para que os MAS possam realizar a adaptação de conteúdo. This includes understanding what the software can really deliver, adequately preparing your project team, anticipating employee needs, and more. By extending the Gnutella peer-to-peer filesharing protocol we show how a realistic implementation of a community-based trust mechanism can be achieved. As the interaction between game characteristics and players’ emotions highlights the need for continuously assessing at what point gameplay becomes more or less positively or negatively affected, methods for emotion recognition are presented. Gartner clients can read more in “Top Challenges Facing I&O Leaders in 2018, and What to Do About Them” by Dave Russell and Mike Chuba. A futuristic view on Industry 5.0 is also presented. Hence, we formally construct a system of systems and provide the methods for hierarchical integration of those. The purpose of the paper is to make a step towards a development approach for ubiquitous computing application. In our proposed platform, modifications are executed through agent technology inside the Internet. The industrial revolution has changed the socio-economic civilisation of mankind. when introducing concealed sensors for ubicomp systems. Anhand der Terminkoordination im Krankenhaus hat sind in dem Projekt EMIKA die Automatisierbarkeit der Terminkoordination unter dem Computing Paradigma der Selbstorganisation herrausgestellt. It is proposed here that the spontaneous interaction that is characteristic of pervasive computing, as discussed in the literature [20]. In both cases, applications have to adapt to changing technological capabilities in their environment. We will move from direct interaction with just a few In this paper, we present a novel architecture that use scalable and distributed data structure to manage insert/find/rang query operations for mobile clients. In the agile context, certain agile principles and practices create challenges if they are used without any reconsideration. In order to enable the development of such immersive ubiquitous applications, we introduce and evaluate the concept of a context-aware federated overlay architecture. Several families of SDDS have been proposed: LH*, RP*, DRT*, CTH*. 8 challenges affecting software project management Software development isn’t easy. We classify extant mobile computing literature and synthesize results. A abordagem de Linhas de Produto de Software Dinâmicas pretende atender essas necessidades produzindo ainda, software capaz de se adaptar às variações no ambiente. Devido sobretudo a essa heterogeneidade, a adaptação de conteúdo; a descrição, independente de dispositivo, da interface das aplicações; e o desenvolvimento de serviços multi-plataformas tornaram-se os principais desafios para a criação dos MAS [1. Methods are developed that firstly will make it easier to increase context awareness especially with personal technology devices and secondly enable the implementation of intelligent user interfaces as part of a smart environment. Advance your strategy by investing in skills, providing knowledge across the business, and managing and developing governance expertise. A evolução da tecnologia da informação e da comunicação vem tornando possível a redução do tamanho dos computadores, de forma que fiquem embarcados e imperceptíveis nos ambientes (casa, escritório, shopping, entre outros). In ubiquitous environments, it is important to recognize the situation and deliver services accordingly. A inexistência de formas eficientes para conseguir informações sobre dispositivos, usuários e seu contexto atual é um desafio para construção de Mobile Application Servers (MAS) adaptativos. The direct form of interaction with existing computer systems stands to be So to put it in simple words, cloud computing is storing, accessing, and managing huge data and software applications over the internet. Data center technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. All rights reserved. We extend the Gnutella peer-to-peer protocol to show how a realistic implementation of a community-based trust mechanism can be achieved. The development and deployment of software at scale has matured significantly over the last decade in enterprise- and cloud-IT applications. This paper elaborates the specific challenges, analyzes to what extend existing development methods can be used to overcome these challenges, and introduces the VENUS approach for developing ubiquitous computing applications including methods for deriving requirements from law to ensure legally and socially compatible technology design, and trust to increase user acceptance of the developed applications. To achieve this, we need a means to determine the expected outcomes, a means to gauge the actual results, and a means to decide whether the actual results agree with the expected outcomes. A sensor-box has been developed that is unobtrusively integrated into a hand-held device the user is carrying continuously with them. While in previous research we have already argued in favor of using an agent-oriented paradigm for the implementation, and we have already introduced the concept of context graphs and context patterns, it is in this paper that we argue that matching context patters against context graphs is a valid method for detecting the user's situation and acting upon the user's context. Moreover, as the tasks that systems perform are ever more intimate and critical in their nature, reliability and correctness are great concerns. Following mainframe computing and desktop computing, ubiquitous For the purpose of systematic process of data between middleware modules, a message oriented middleware is designed and implemented. As consumers' technology fears and adoption costs are reduced, wireless devices are approaching "mainstream" status around the developed world. To understand managerial role better, we must look at both the classical and contemporary models of managerial behavior. 2011). In order to justify the usefulness of the proposed context aware middleware, we carried out our experiments in bridge health monitoring system and verified the efficacy. A specification of a representational vocabulary for a shared domain of discourse—definitions of classes, relations, functions, and other objects—is called an ontology. computers to direct or remote interaction with hundreds or thousands of computing We argue that through the creation of a realistic implementation of the technique in a peer-to-peer filesharing network, the viability of the scheme for use in a Ubiquitous Computing environment can be assessed. In addition to desktop and laptop PCs, the Internet currently connects mobile devices, home entertainment systems, and even in-car units. General aspects will be briefly considered, followed by a Solving the Top 5 Enterprise IT Infrastructure Software Management Challenges Sponsored by: Cisco Nolan Greene Rohit Mehra Elaina Stergiades November 2017 IDC OPINION As enterprises move quickly to plan and execute strategies for digital transformation, the presence of software … Another big challenge is technology, and the rapid changes expected to take place in the way we travel and use our infrastructure. Infrastructure challenges could significantly impact your business — and career — if not addressed. The focus of this paper will be on setting real-time performance bound regarding multimedia traffic. but also become embedded in our social lives as well. This process comes to the definition of personalities of a service (P1S), each of those personalities matching to a particular usage context, and to a redefinition of the assembly constituted by the application and the technical services. And the pace of change has accelerated, shortening the time horizon that you have to adjust and respond to business requirements. Strike the right balance in using cloud to help the business transform, differentiate and gain a competitive advantage. As an, leader, you face a fundamental choice: Remain a builder and manager of data center functions or become a trusted partner in the journey to, The former puts you at risk of obsolescence as the business learns to progress without the IT team; the latter leads to a collaborative and mutually beneficial existence based on shared goals, according to, “To prepare for this new reality and the challenges that come with it, you must act quickly to, create enterprise infrastructure that’s ultra-agile. All rights reserved. Download Citation | Software Infrastructure and Design Challenges for Ubiquitous Computing Applications | This article focuses on prospective challenges that … Become a better service provider by correctly understanding how business partners want and need your help. This paper presents a conceptual framework to support the characterization of ubiquitous software projects according to their ubiquity adherence level. This thesis present's work with two important subtopics of ubiquitous computing: context awareness and intelligent user interfaces. This trend is driven partly by the availability of enabling technologies and partly by the increased understanding that computers will eventually be everywhere and their use will change accordingly. The goal of this chapter is to clarify the importance of continuously adjusting game characteristics to players’ emotional states. It also means that mistakes made years ago but only recently discovered or disclosed can have big implications in the future. Build a proactive hybrid cloud strategy by creating a set of cloud decision frameworks and processes to evaluate opportunities based on business and workload needs. The ubiquitous technologies that have enabled ubiquitous manufacturing are reviewed in detail. The authors trust that this discussion can help the future development of ubiquitous applications. Para isso, esses dispositivos precisam estar integrados com o ambiente em que se encontram para prover informações sobre o estado e as condições desse local. Ubiquitous computing integrates and extends these approaches through a new proposal where users' applications are available in a suitable adapted form, wherever they go and however they move. computing seems to be the next future computing paradigm, characterized by For the proposed platform to perform properly, traffic content should be classified into real-time or non-real-time, casual or critical, data or multimedia traffic type. In the Banavar and Bernstein article there is an important list of eight ongoing projects regarding solutions to many of the more technical and communicative problems in the ubicomp field. It must change automatically its behaviour in order to satisfy the new situation of the user. In terms of daily operation, infrastructure monitoring is the deployment of software tools to automatically diagnose performance and availability problems across the entire technology stack to catch issues before they become severe.

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