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stern in a sentence

The loyalty of the independent Sikh chiefs, headed by Patiala, and the stern measures which had been taken with the sepoy regiments enabled Lawrence to reinforce this little army with every available man and gun from the Punjab, in addition to Sikh and Pathan levies. After the stern coast of county Clare there follow the estuary of the great river Shannon, and then three large inlets striking deep into the mountains of Kerry and Cork - Dingle Bay, Kenmare river and Bantry Bay, separating the prongs of the forklike south-western projection of the island. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. said Napoleon in a tone of stern surprise, looking at the adjutant--a handsome lad with long black curls arranged like Murat's own--as though he did not understand his words. the army post's stern commander always had the utmost respect of those who served under him Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective The late Lee was a stern, terse leader who focused on big-picture strategies, leaving details and daily management to executives. The vessel is a 48 meter stern trawler with 15 persons on board. Examples of how to use “stern tube” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs His authority quickly and quietly accepted by all classes, the new ruler governed the city with a stern justice which was in marked contrast to the recent reign of licence and disorder. See Synonyms at severe. If we place a small floating body in a shallow vessel of water and wet one side of it with alcohol or ether, it will move off with great velocity and skim about on the surface of the water, the part wet with alcohol being always the stern. Disputes had been constantly recurring between Dutch and English traders in the East Indies and elsewhere, and the seeds were already sown of that stern rivalry which was to issue in a series of fiercely contested wars. The plates, put on in rows from bow to stern, are called strakes. The countess finished her prayers and came to the bed with a stern face, but seeing, that Natasha's head was covered, she smiled in her kind, weak way. The Chinese Government and people hereby express their utmost indignation and stern condemnation and lodge the strongest protest against this barbaric atrocity. He seized a boathook and hobbled down the deck toward Quilter, who grimaced at him from his handhold on the stern rail. She gave him a stern glare that made him smile. Similar cushions have been added at the stern shelf and there is a further seating area up against the wheelhouse bulkhead. A Simple Method for the Early Diagnosis of Abnormality of the Pupillary Reaction. Cleaning Crew: From bow to stern, these vessels need regular cleaning and maintenance to be kept pristine for each voyage. Alex shot her a stern look and she made a face. sentence; 1: In the classroom the teacher is stiff and stern but after class he unbends. This traditional-style boat is solely propelled by its large stern paddle wheel and offers overnight trips with night accommodations at shore-side lodges. Examples of stern in a Use a stern rudder to control the kayak 's direction. Her dance pours out tunes of pure lyricism, which contrast the stern fanfares of the stern, lacerating drama. The stern simplicity of Calvinism, indeed, would not tolerate religious processions of any kind, and from the "Reformed" Churches they vanished altogether. Balancing these mystic joys is the stern tone of his Resolutions, in which he is almost ascetic in his eagerness to live earnestly and soberly, to waste no time, to maintain the strictest temperance in eating and drinking. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Stern. They became members of the Red Brigades, the Stern Gang, the Naxalites, the Shining Path. Prow and stern rose high; and the former was carved most often into the likeness of a snake's or dragon's head: so generally that " dragon " or " worm " (snake) became synonymous with a war-ship. But golfers of the caliber of Harrington and McGinley are made of stern stuff. All this went to feed revival, which, founded on fear, refused to see in Jesus Christ anything but a stern judge, and made the Virgin Mother and Anna the "grandmother" the intercessors; which found consolation in pilgrimages from shrine to shrine; which believed in crude miracles, and in the thought that God could be best served within convent walls. Now kick your stern over. She answered as Martha giggled, earning a stern look. Stern, was also investigated and cleared in her death. Stern and ambitious he certainly was, but his aims can scarcely be said to have exceeded his prerogatives as emperor; and though he had sometimes recourse when in straits to expedients almost diabolically ingenious in their cruelty, yet his general conduct was marked by a clemency which in that age was exceptional. stern to bow Back deck has gas locker for two bottles and 240V hook up point. United States concert violinist (born in Russia in 1920) 3. the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on. Indeed, he was considered by his stern brethren as somewhat too fond and indulgent a parent. Stern definition: Stern words or actions are very severe. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Examples of stern in a Sentence Adjective He gave me a stern look. 134) that (1) is at least five-ways ambiguous, because the ‘Mthat’ operator can be appended to any term or phrase in the sentence, producing at least the following options in addition to the fully literal reading: ‘‘Mthat[‘Juliet is the sun’]’’; ‘‘Mthat[‘Juliet’] is the Jonathan Edwards, a ver y stern Calvinist, is one of the few first-rate geniuses America has to boast in theology. Stern and the doctors are being charged with various felony counts, including conspiracy to prescribe illegal drugs to Smith. She was a steel steamship of 178 tons which can now be found with her stern in a charted depth of 23 meters. 3- stern has recently gone into business assembling hang gliders. 15, The judge was a stern (, unapproachable man. 2- The men came down the stern ladder. "Anyway," Keaton continued in a stern tone that wasn't unlike her father's, "you could get lost in the woods, or even injured. Liam McAtasney was sentenced to life in prison without parole for murdering his childhood friend Sarah Stern in December 2016 and enlisting the … Toward the stern of a ship. ; It was believed that to mix this flesh with the seed-corn secured abundance of harvest. 3- stern has recently gone into business assembling hang gliders. Stern, La legislation ouvriere tchecoslovaque (1921); J. As regards the latter consideration, it is enough to say that nowhere has productive industry developed itself in the form of voluntary effort; in every country of which we have any knowledge it was imposed by the strong upon the weak, and was wrought into the habits of the people only by the stern discipline of constraint. Counter Flat, rounded stern deck of a motorboat. The size and character of this house, probably, at the time of its erection, the most spacious house of a subject in the kingdom, not a castle, bespeaks the wide departure of the Cistercian order from the stern simplicity of the original foundation. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR STERN Stern displeasure was visible in the countenance of the great sculptor. Another word for stern. Have the added analyst Howard stern going his training. Little wonder that unions reacted with an immediate and stern rebuke in a letter from the office of Brendan Barber. And his cold, stern look replied: "Because you are alive and thinking of the living, while I...". CK 1 314147 She served me coffee. 1. • Marina was sat in the stern, the wind moving her hair as she looked out over the water. g, d, b, m, 'h, are regarded as prefixes, and are called so for all purposes, though they belong sometimes to the stern. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. : 2: Another is to shape the vessel's stern in a way that stops air being sucked into the propeller, where it would reduce thrust by lessening the propeller's grip on the water. The stern list of example sentences with stern. stern in the council-chamber, so that you may control the situation. Stern announced on Larry King last night that he is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter and not photographer Larry Birkhead as originally speculated. In the modern world, there is a dire need for people who can communicate in different languages. swim trunks, slouched lazily at the stern, one hand on the tiller. Should I take Heidi back to my mother's house, or should I be more stern with Checkers when he goes after her? With these stern Protestant discourses may be contrasted the beautiful, but somewhat euphuistical sermons of St Francois de Sales (1605-1622), full of mystical imagery. Traducir stern de Inglés a español. 150- Ellenborough was opposed by his generals and by the government in Britain, all of whom insisted that stern retribution was required.. 151- Jin reluctantly lets the pair inside, but Mr. Kim observes this, and gives him a stern dressing-down, again insulting his background. That stern songstress. The sentence is the culmination of the almost two-month=long trial of McAtasney, who was found to have killed and robbed Sarah Stern in her Neptune City residence on … Yet, measured according to the stern standards of adversity, Mary was fortunate. Stern definition, firm, strict, or uncompromising: stern discipline. est 1. Astute and unscrupulous manipulation of the stock markets, and a capacity for the hardest of bargaining and the most determined warfare against his rivals, had their place in this success, and Harriman's methods excited the bitterest criticism, culminating in a stern denunciation from President Roosevelt himself in 1907. The stern government of Nicholas was, however, so far effective that Poland remained quiescent during the Crimean War, in which many Polish soldiers fought in the Russian army. Use ‘stern’ in a sentence | ‘stern’ example sentences . Heather Stern steps up to handle the editorial blurb and train some scripts to help keep the answers conversational. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Stern but also gives extensive definition in English language. carronades mounted in the forecastle to be fired through the " Bucentaure's " stern windows. harsh, hard or severe in character or manner. 1- The stern decree has been turned aside. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Synonym Discussion of stern. The princes had long been chafing under the royal power; they had shaken even so stern an autocrat as Henry III., and the authority of Henry IV. Rigging / flag etiquette / stern gear / propulsion systems. CK 1 242375 Now it's your serve. fishnet stockings, she dishes out stern advice from a clipboard to readers not man enough to satisfy their woman. The "Everlong" acoustic MP3 first gained notice when Dave Grohl performed the song during an appearance on the The Howard Stern Show in 1997. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. "Reinforcements?" The first great inrush of population, following the discovery of gold and the opening of the railway, brought many desperate characters, who were held in check only by the stern, swift measures of frontier justice. stem to stern phrase. CM 388379 Her stern … If you actually catch her in the act, you need to yell "NO" in a very loud, stern voice. (1369-1428), surnamed "the Warlike," elector and duke of Saxony, was the eldest son of Frederick "the Stern," count of Osterland, and Catherine, daughter and heiress of Henry VIII., count of Coburg. Lord Canning, the governor-general, who had at first hoped that he had only to deal with isolated cases of disaffection, at last recognized that the plague was epidemic, and that only stern measures could stay it. In military and naval use "to rake" means to enfilade, to fire so that the shot may pass lengthwise along a ship, a line of soldiers, entrenchments, &c. In the nautical sense of the projection or slope of a ship's bows or stern or the inclination of a mast, the word is apparently an adaptation of the Scandinavian raka, to reach, in the sense of reach forward. Regardless of the artist, all the subjects seem to end up looking stern. "Profiles of patients with a history of mild head injury.". But despite himself, on his face too that same indication of something new and stern showed round the mouth. From his father, whose stern, somewhat pedantic nature repelled warmer feelings on the part of the children, Goethe inherited that "holy earnestness" and stability of character which brought him unscathed through temptations and passions, and held the balance to his all too powerful imagination. between the stern of the "Iphigenia" and the pier, and by dredging along the edge and fixing up warping bollards it was made possible to warp submarines in and out at high water. Two bow, two spring and two stern cleats. She let her stern gaze rest on each of the men before responding. He was a native of Berri, like herself, a stern but kindly taskmaster who treated her much as Dr Johnson treated Fanny Burney. As a former subaltern of the Life Guards, he is still fettered by the curious, but stern social code of his regiment. Be stern in the council-chamber, so that you may control the situation. Sarah gave Giddon a stern look and then returned her attention to Lisa. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. In the stern of a dive kayak is a place where you can stow your cylinder and stab jacket. He was not one of those stern moralists who objected to the Theater. • Marina was sat in the stern, the wind moving her hair as she looked out over the water. These cookies do not store any personal information. Lemarrois had just arrived at a gallop with Bonaparte's stern letter, and Murat, humiliated and anxious to expiate his fault, had at once moved his forces to attack the center and outflank both the Russian wings, hoping before evening and before the arrival of the Emperor to crush the contemptible detachment that stood before him. Lasne, an engraver of Caen), represent him as a man of serious, almost of stern countenance, and this agrees well enough with such descriptions as we have of his appearance, and with the idea of him which we should form from his writings and conduct. Canal system of flow lines of current through the sea, and these might be detected by any other ships furnished with two plates dipping into the sea at stem and stern, and connected by a wire having a telephone in its circuit, provided that the two plates were not placed on the same equipotential surface of the original current flow lines. Stern, Smith's attorney and companion, as well as two other doctors. From stern to bow Back deck has gas locker for two bottles and 240V hook up point. stern definition is - having a definite hardness or severity of nature or manner : austere. The island was seething with disorder, but by stern and sometimes cruel measures the emperor suppressed the anarchy of the barons, curbed the power of the cities, and subdued the rebellious Saracens, many of whom, transferred to the mainland and settled at Nocera, afterwards rendered him valuable military service. Among them were: his son Pierrepont (1750-1826), a brilliant but erratic member of the Connecticut bar, tolerant in religious matters and bitterly hated by stern Calvinists, a man whose personal morality resembled greatly that of Aaron Burr; his grandsons, William Edwards (1770-1851), an inventor of important leather rolling machinery; Aaron Burr the son of Esther Edwards; Timothy Dwight (1752-1817), son of Mary Edwards, and his brother Theodore Dwight, a federalist politician, a member, the secretary and the historian of the Hartford Convention; his great-grandsons, Tryon Edwards (1809-1894) and Sereno Edwards Dwight, theologian, educationalist and author; and his great-great-grandsons, Theodore William Dwight, the jurist, and Timothy Dwight, second of that name to be president of Yale. Apparently her stern ramp was deployed on the quayside at the time. You can climb the mast to a ' crows nest ', or swim from the stern marina platform. On the day of the funeral Peter addressed to Alexius a sternletter of warning and remonstrance, urging him no longer to resemble the slothful servant in the parable, and threatening to cut him off, as though he were a gangrenous swelling, if he did not acquiesce in his father's plans. Stern, although this is being challenged by her former boyfriend. Among the more recent are: Sdmtliche Werke (Stuttgart, 1890), edited by Adolf Stern; by H. He had a stern love of justice, and a determined hatred of everything savouring of jobbery or dishonesty. Dean went to the kitchen, returning with a dustpan and whisk broom, only to be rewarded with a stern lecture on his insensitivity when he made motions to pitch the little varmint out in the snow. 1. of a stern or strict bearing or demeanor; forbidding in aspect 2. not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty 3. severe and unremitting in … Examples of stern in a sentence: 1. He wore pince-nez, which made him look like a stern teacher, tho he was not. Hutter was a stern champion of Lutheran orthodoxy, as set down in the confessions and embodied in his own Compendium locorum theologicorum (1610; reprinted 1863), being so faithful to his master as to win the title of "Luther redonatus.". As the ship commenced to make stern way he blew the charges, and the crews got into two cutters which were picked up by the "Whirlwind" and a motor launch. Look at the powerful, arched eyebrows, which are stern without being severe. He gave Candy a stern. If something, such as a job, is stern, it is difficult: 3…. Examples of sterns in a sentence: 1. von Stern, Theodosia (German and Russian, Odessa, 1906); E. For the most part this is founded on Dutch models, and testifies in a high degree to the king's progressive aims. The sentence is the culmination of the almost two-month=long trial of McAtasney, who was found to have killed and robbed Sarah Stern in her Neptune City residence on … steamship of 178 tons which can now be found with her stern in a charted depth of 23 meters. He looked down at her, his eyes and face stern. Then the Princess spoke in a stern voice: "Carmen," Alex interrupted in a stern tone. They are generally excellent rulers, stern but patient and just. The stern, shrewd, and penetrating expression of that look struck Pierre. He was respected for his integrity and independence, and a stern outside covered warm affections. Which leaves Stern in the familiar role of the nebbish buddy who just wants to fit in. This is a small unmanned submarine which is launched from the stern of the ship. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Stern" in Example Sentences Page 1. Throughout the whole of the argument there is strong commonsense and a stern severity unrelieved by conscious humour. He rattled off his number and then gave Connie a stern look. The commissariat scandals which came to light after the peace of Tilsit convinced the emperor that nothing short of the stern and incorruptible energy of Arakcheev could reach the sources of the evil, and in January 1808 he was appointed inspector-general and war minister. Looking at his cold face, as he sat like a stern schoolmaster who was prepared to wait awhile for an answer, Pierre felt that every instant of delay might cost him his life; but he did not know what to say. Anna and Stern held a commitment ceremony shortly after the baby's birth but have not officially married. Slowly I edged the nose to the bank, then pushed the tiller hard over to bring the stern in. The stern is defined as the rear of anything. 17, The teacher's stern look reduced him to silence. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples "I think it's about time we get you in bed before that stuff makes its rounds of your bloodstream," Dean said with a mock stern look. drill rig is launched over the stern and lowered to the sea bed. Before a year had passed, in view of the signal failure of Marsha] Campos, the Madrid government decided to send out General Weyler, who bad made himself famous in the Philippines and at Barcelona for his stern and cruel procedure against disaffection of every kind. He omits all the reasons for this stern prophecy. The twin outboard roared and the little craft swept around the Dolphin ' s stern and headed out to sea. , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). When he ventured to glance her way again her face was cold, stern, and he fancied even contemptuous. She appeared on many TV/Radio shows such as Extra, The Howard Stern Show, and Danny Bonaduce. His government was stern; he over-rode the privileges of the baronage without regard to precedent; he persisted in keeping large districts under the arbitrary and vexatious jurisdiction of the forest-courts. In November despatches were received from England, but no answer to the emperor's letter, and this, together with a visit paid by Captain Cameron to the Egyptian frontier town of Kassala, greatly offended him; accordingly in January 1864 Captain Cameron and his suite,with Messrs Stern and Rosenthal, were cast into prison. Translate stern into Spanish. stern definition is - having a definite hardness or severity of nature or manner : austere. He took some part in the political complications of the Scandinavian kingdoms, but the early years of his reign were mainly spent in the administration of his electorate, where by stern and cruel measures he succeeded in restoring some degree of order (see Brandenburg). ; The garden sloped away from the house, and contained an abundance of both flowers and fruits. As it was, these studies of Leonardo - "studies intense of strong and stern delight" - seemed to his trivial followers and biographers merely his whims and fancies, ghiribizzi, things to be spoken of slightingly and with apology. Now kick your stern over. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. 16, He cast a stern glance at the two men. This prolific writer, having performed the pilgrimage to Mecca, devoted himself to a stern ascetic life, and to the composition of Sufic works, partly in prose, as in his valuable Biography of Eminent Mystic Divines, but mostly in the form of mathnawis (upwards of twenty in number), among which the Pandndma, or Book of Counsels, and the Mantili-uf (air, ox the Speeches of Birds, occupy the first rank. Looking into that stern face, she felt like a child caught with her hand in the candy jar. In 1844, after the disasters of the Afghan war had shaken the prestige of British arms in India, no less than seven native regiments broke into open mutiny over grievances both real and fancied; and this time the old stern measures were not adopted to stamp out military disobedience. Indeed, the personality of the stern God himself exhibits this feature in a very marked degree, whence the term mahayogi or" great ascetic "is often applied to him. In the same years, stern military suppression accompanied by much bloodshed was applied in Albania and Macedonia; taxation and conscription were enforced, the national schools closed, and Turkish decreed as the official language. stern example sentences. She had a rather stern. Anna gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, on September 7 in the Bahamas. Boat holders will be required to hold the stern of boats for the start of each race. Even one second of tardiness to the biology lab would earn one a stern rebuke. Luke discovers Yoda is a tiny green troll, who can move mountains with his mind, and is a stern taskmaster. The sonar transducer and GPS antenna can be mounted on a pole and temporarily attached to the boat 's stern. The stern warnings posted on our website may have helped. To an axis at the stern of the car a triangular frame is attached, resembling the tail of a bird, which is also covered with canvas or oiled silk. On seeing the count the major- domo made a significant and stern gesture to them both to go away. Hoist the sails and haul in the stern slip until parallel to the pontoon. wide, curving out of the water at the ends, with ornamental bow and stern pieces and an iron beak (ferro), resembling a halberd, which is the highest part of the boat. Both the stern and bow transoms are made of wood from a different tree than that used for the main body. was nevertheless an even greater statesman than the stern and majestic Sigismund I. strong, stern, able, devoted woman of the old Puritan school, Calvinist in religion, unsparing of herself and others, rigid in her ideas of duty, proud, reserved and ungracious. Among the Calvinistic bodies in the British Isles and abroad kirk-discipline has been a stern reality; but in none of them is there private confession or priestly absolution. From northwest Wales it's a colonial outpost of the English empire - governmental, stern, alien, nothing to do with them. When the inexperienced teacher realized she could not handle the turmoil in her classroom, she ran out of the door. All Rights Reserved, Nautical Terms Acronyms and Abbreviations.

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