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yamaha a s500 vs a s501

– The polyswitch will turn on. However, Im always told that having one of these vintage silver faced marantz will always be the best one can do. You may even be able to pick up a pair of Tannoy Precisions now for very little money as they’ve been discontinued but there are still some floating around, would be worth asking Richer Sounds. In the case of the A-S501 I would be tempted to start with the CD-S300 or the CD-S700 if budget allows. 2 Direct signal path speaker relays and an optimised circuit layout offers the shortest possible signal paths, while Yamaha’s pure direct mode allows you to bypass the tone, loudness and balance controls and the input buffer amp shortening signal paths even further. I’m afraid I haven’t heard the 501 with Zensors (it was used with my Tannoys during the review). The A-S501 does have a line output to facilitate adding a headphone amp later. If the vintage amp has been overhauled by a qualified technician, and they have a detailed description of all the work carried out, then it may be worth it. I don’t think there would be much in it between the 2 amps, if you can hear either I think it would be worth doing so to make a final decision. Yamaha A-S201. Thanks. It also doesn’t have a passthrough, so who’ll be difficult to integrated properly into a home theatre system. Listen to as many as possible because to my ears, many of these so-called audiophile speakers – DO NOT SOUND LIKE THE REAL PERFORMANCES. As someone who was into hi-fi “back in the day” but who’s been out of the scene for a couple of decades, it’s good to find folks who aren’t partial to a particular manufacturer. The issue of it losing the track memory when you load a disc for example could well be as simple as a dirty microswitch causing the player to think you’ve unloaded the disc, when in fact the drawer is closed. 1) Will AS501 be able to drive my Elac speakers well enough? I can’t pass 50% of the volum cause it gets crasy loud! It is quite capable of driving a 4 ohm load, you just have to switch the power supply via the switch on the back. Alternatively, if you don’t mind putting it together yourself (very easy with no experience required), This is brilliant. Thanks for your time. I’m afraid I can’t comment as I’ve not heard the speakers in question. However, I am using a 3.5mm to RCA from my Lenovo Yoga Book (Dolby Atmos) tablet as I do not have a CD or DVD player with an optical or coax output. I was recommended to a new Cambridge CXA60 or a used Simaudio Celeste I-5080. I’d somehow doubt the driver is at fault, more likely a connection between the driver and crossover or maybe one of the crossover components. hi i am thinking of getting this but i do almost all of my listing though high end headphones will this be ok or should i go for a headphone amp. The Cambridge SR-20 is undoubtedly a great receiver, but it’s designed to perform the function of both a tuner and an amplifier, and thus the build cost is divided between the 2 resulting in a performance compromise. That definitely doesn’t sound normal. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. Thanks Mike for your kind words on the review. I would purchase a Behringer interface such as This One and connect it using either a pair of RCA cables to one of the ‘line’ inputs of the A-S501, or using an optical cable to one of the A-S501’s digital inputs. Is there any point going with the Yamaha YBA-11 bluetooth adapter, or will any old BT adapter do? I want to use it for playing cd’s, for the internet radios and if possible to play FLAC music from my laptop. Also, does the variable loudness control on the Yamaha offer anything extra? Price is less relevant than the audio quality, but I’m curious as to your recommendation. Anyways, the AS701 that I am testing now is awesome. In my searches, I can’t seem to determine where to input the preamp to the amps that the searches produce so I appreciate your help in this. The addition of digital inputs is the big change from its predecessor. While my previous amps and systems had given me many, many hours of enjoyment, it was my A-S500 that inspired me to build my first serious hi-fi system – a system in which cables mattered, a proper rack replaced the usual stacks of gear, and the speakers are taken down from the walls and positioned for true stereo sound. The difference between a dedicated transport and a cheap CD player is debatable. If a wired connection is OK, a cheap USB DAC will do the job providing it supports resolutions of up to 24-bit, 192KHZ for high-res FLAC support. I’m looking at the 701, though it is a bit price restrictive for me right now. & also i was wondering well i listen to all my music exported on to my ps3 & downloaded music videos so when it comes to 2 channel whats the best way to go analog or optical digital? They focus on the new features added to the Yamaha A-S501 since the previous model the Yamaha A-S500 which they particularly liked. There’s a plentiful supply of line level inputs (five in total), a moving magnet phono stage, headphone output and a pair of digital inputs. ill look into that. Now, the questions are: Unfortunately I have no experience of the protection system in those speakers, so all I can suggest is to give it a try and see if it solves the problem. My old man has a small Marantz from the 70s and I’m always impressed on the sound quality, much better than a powerful Onkyo from the 90s I had. I have got an aiwa double deck and I didn’t understand if the lack of the record output selector would cause me any problem. If you’re an iTunes user already and like the way the iTunes library works, I’d rip them to ALAC directly within iTunes. I’m keeping evidence of this and it reached like 45 hours of playing. You need an amplifier with a fixed level or bypass input. So if you want to experiment, I’d start with an A-S700, with the A-S801 probably being the next logical ‘upgrade’. As far as audio outputs go, my laptop is only equipped with the standard headphone jack output. thanks. You could pair an A-S501 with a Behringer UCA202 for a great sounding system that’ll connect directly to your laptop. And I find that as with all things – our imagination fills in the blanks. Hey Ashley, thanks for an informative review! If you only need 2 channel audio, stick with a 2 channel amp. It also makes installing and removing equipment from your rack more difficult than it needs to be – so a plug-in cable would’ve been much nicer to see here. The internal dac is good and I have connected my Squeezebox Touch to the optical in. Yes. The pure direct is a good feature but with less well produced recording I turn this off and tweak the tone controls. I want to use the parasound so I need a pwer amp. Thank you Frank for your kind words on the review. I have now connected a Modi Multibit DAC + Magni 2 Uber headphone amp (which also functions as pre-amp) to the Yamaha. If you have the opportunity to audition before you buy (which I’d strongly recommend when making any hi-fi purchase), give Wharfedale a try. 2. Buy the Startech BT2A wireless receiver with its built in Wolfson DAC and feed it to the amp’s line-in or through the Toslink into the 501’s internal Ti Pcm5101 DAC. It is very strong and natural. Hi Ashley. Sorry if I’m overly focused on the headphone output. Just to let you know, went out and tested all of the equipment and played various music over them. To the left sit a power button, an IR receiver, a headphone jack and a speaker selector, allowing you to switch between the 2 pairs of output terminals. I use it for vinyl and with AirPlay from my iMac using optical from an Airport Express. The sound stating does shrink somewhat compared to the speaker outputs, however that coherence is still there. If your laptop has a digital out connectn, run that into the yamaha’s DAC. Would it be a good match AS501 + CD N301 Yamaha? BA1 1UA. I hope I hear from Ashley soon regarding the questions I asked. Thanks and regards. I’m never likely to use the DAC in the 501 with the irDAC-II so in theory would I get even better sound from a Yamaha a-s 500 / a-s 700 as neither has an inbuilt DAC’s so therefore more simple circuitry? Mike. The Marantz is an excellent amp and well worth considering. Those speakers are 4 ohm rated, and I wanted to know if the Yamaha would have the power to drive it properly. The Planar 3 would be a far better turntable, especially in the arm department and would undoubtedly offer you better value for money in the long run. Digital optical (or coaxial if the PS3 supports it), Ohh yeah nice I’ve been using optical but as of now i have an av receiver & when listening to music from an HDMI I didn’t really notice a difference but for games n movies only went to optical cuz people tend to say thay hear a difference in the channels. That top cover, with its huge cooling vents is supported by the internal central bar, denoted by the top screw near the front panel. 30 Watts. That was a – Harmon Kardon Citation 12 power amp, Mac C28 Pre amp, Philips belt drive turntable with micro acoustics 2002 cart., Nak. Thanks for your kind words on my reviews. Thanks for your help! Which I want to pair with either monitor bronze2, q acoustics 2030 or mission mx3. Serious candidate after this review but, how would it work with the Apple TV? Yamaha AS501 + Triangle Altea EX. I appreciate your replying to my questions. Yamaha - A-S501 … I have had difficulty accessing Marantz products, but I’ll give them a call and see what i can do. At this price range, small jumps in price (from an A-S301 to an A-S501 or PM-6006 for example) yield real differences. Good luck with the decision! Thanks a lot for the comments. The Yamaha RN602 also seems to be a good option. I hope I’ll get sound improvements with better DAC, and that input signal bypass internal Yamaha’s DAC…. They are to arrive today. Using a DVD player will work though it wouldn’t be my preference, simply because the transports aren’t usually very good. I’m listening through Polk’s TSx440’s. Thanks in advance! Be sure that the amp has enough ventilation around it, and don’t stack other components on top. Hi Ashley, thanks for the detailed review. Personally, I feel that build-in DACs in integrated amps are rather useless – and at this price, you should be investing in an external DAC. However any Bluetooth receiver will do the job, especially if it supports AptX. Angela. I am using an old PS3 fat version as a CD transport. It would be nice to see your review of Marantz PM8005,especially because you often recommend this model,and there is no lot of good reviews of it.Best regards! And listening to music with a hifi system surely gives you great emotions. 600 cassette deck and a beautiful pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers. We would have liked to see a USB alternative, just to make connecting a computer easier, but it’s no deal breaker. I am currently utilizing a refurbished 2238B marantz. Thanks for the reply Ashley. I do have a question, which I will get to in a minute. I will be using this amp only for music and I wanted to know your thoughts on pairing the Yamaha A-S501 (to replace my modest Yamaha RX-V377) with my Klipsch RP-160M speakers. It does need some time to settle down as it’s quite bright and grainy at the top on first hearing. Would it be a good combination? Great thankyou again already,i like the sound of the yamaha a s701,being around the same price what would be your choice the yamaha a s701 or the marantz pm 6005 and if i go the marantz way is the pm 6005 worth the extra money compared to the pm5005. The 685s would be a great match. I am using Cambridge Audio Symphony cables to connect amp to speakers – the polarity seems correct. The amps analogue roots haven’t been forgotten, however – the A-S501 boasting 5 line inputs (including 2 recorder loops) and a moving magnet phono stage. That kinda sucks lol but damm i really wish it least the integrated amps had two optical inputs. IF that doesn’t fix the problem, try to give me some idea of the rest of the system and what exactly you mean by “terrible” sound. To my ears, they’re all excellent, though I do find the USB to be a tiny bit more “airy” and “open” (I’ve got no idea of the technical terms for these). Ashley, thank you very much for this review. I definitely want to go Yamaha, not interested in other makes. I heard the MA’s with the CXA80’s and it sounded fantastic – just above my price range though. Now, you mentioned that the Yamaha will make the MA’s sound a little bright. I don’t see why that wouldn’t be a good combination, though I haven’t heard the SX60s. If the CXA60 is in your price range, go for it. What do you think fits well with this amp? And usually the tweeters will blow before the mid range. The 701 is very heavy on the bass. The only downside is you can’t listen to 1 input while recording a different input which the previous A-S500 could do. This method will bypass the inferior sound hardware of your laptop and give you great performance. The phono input is for use with a turntable cartridge only, everything else is line level and thus should be connected to one of the line inputs. I really liked the look of the current Yamaha’s but am a little put of by the potential brightness of the 501. Looks like the 501 is worth the extra $. The Apple TV has an optical output, and would work with any of the amps you mention providing you only stream 2 channel PCM audio data. My question is, is the dac in this player likely better or worse than what’s in the two yamahas? After connecting everything up and pressing the power switch, the amp will take a few seconds to stabilise and come out of protection. do you happen to know any models usb dacs (24-bit 192KHZ) that I should look at? The DAC employs the Texas Instruments PCM5101, and supports resolutions up to 24-bit, 192KHZ. Cheers. Superfi have a wider range of Tannoys which you can find Here. I’m going to be auditioning speakers this weekend and while I know everybody’s opinion on speakers vary, I still have to ask what kind you think pair well with this amp. Hi again Ashley. In terms of new speakers, I usually recommend Tannoys as I feel they offer great value for money at their respective price points, and as I use them as reference speakers I’m very familiar with their sound. A very informative and nice articles written up there. Where do I connect the preamp? Audition Acoustic Energy also; I’d never had any experience with the brand previously, but have the AE301s in for review currently (review up next Friday) and they sound pretty magnificent, especially given their low price. A couple of questions where you can perhaps give me some guidance: Weighing in at roughly 10.3KG, the A-S501 offers up a weighty, substantial feel as you lift it from its packaging. While the A-S501 offers several advantages over its predecessor, including a built-in DAC, upgraded components and revised circuitry, it’s still the same amp … To the right, the large textured volume control dominates much of the end of the front panel, accompanied by a smaller but similarly designed rotary dial for source selection. Cheers. There is one small but:The build is a bit messy inside,but nevertheless the sound is great and it can drive up to and including 4 Ohm speakers.That's what a decent amp … All rights reserved. Higher end amps in the Yamaha line tend to be more neutral in tonal character; the 701 is effectively a neutral 501, and the 801 adds a DSD-capable USB DAC with a few more changes. Originally several years ago it would start slipping towards the end of a CD it originally started doing it and I had it fixed under warranty. You mentioned that you’d like to stream Spotify. Either that, or try a cheap CD player with a coax output into a decent DAC. my trusty old Technics SU55a eventually gave up for good, so I’m looking at this and the Marantz PM 6006 as replacements. Thanks Hank. Thank you! Based on your description of the problem I’d start by removing the drivers and checking for loose connections, both at the driver and and the crossover. I am new to audiophile world of audio equipment and actually already ordered the Yamaha AS 501 to pair with my new Elac UB5 bookshelf speakers. The CD-N301 you mention is in fact something I did own for a while following the review, used mainly as a streaming transport to feed an external DAC. Why? It’s only when we get to sound quality that we get less than wholly positive about this amplifier. So the s303 ends up being a bit wasted. Mike. . From what I understand you ultimately want a system with a turntable and CD player, plus the ability to stream and with a sound that remains true to the recording. I have heard mixed things about placement of the Speakers with the wall. You just need to find equipment that is right for you. However there are many DIY forums online now encouraging many enthusiasts to take a soldering iron to their own equipment. Since my use will be strictly for stereo audio, and primarily for Jazz and Classical, I suspect this should do the trick. Yamaha A-S501. Can you please help me decide between the AS 501 and CA CXA 60. My Rs3040 come with evverything from wifi thru airplay that s also the plus. The vents are also most effective – the A-S501 remaining cool to the touch even when pushed hard with difficult speakers. I now have the AS701 at home for testing and it sounds great, but for cost reasons I would go for its little brother AS501. I’m using the digital optical out of the notebook into the amp. Andrea. I won’t be able to audition them, unfortunately. The Marantz PM-6005 and 6006 are the exception, their headphone outputs are excellent. I have the a-s501 and I’m wondering if the KEFs R300 would be a good choise / match, or it is better to look for something cheaper…? Hope this helps! I understand that nothing much has changed from the 500 to 501 other than the implementation of a DAC and a-s 500 / a-s 700’s sometimes appear on the used market at bargain prices so I’m wondering if there is an opportunity to improve the sound of my system with some wheeling and dealing. Thanks for your reply. Thanks for sharing Keith and for your kind words on my reviews. Would the A-S501 pair well with my Q Acoustics 3020? Many thanks – any and all advice would be appreciated. But for vocals, mids, and tight bass, this setup works extremely well. Thanks for the help, although I ended up buying something else…. Take most of the comments on hi-fi fora with a pinch of salt. There’s no drama involved in setting up or using the A-S501. Hi. I was connecting my ipod cable to the phono input !!!! I have been looking in Richer Sounds for some new speakers also and I have no idea which. Trying to decide between the Yamaha 501 and Marantz Pm6006 to drive a pair of Focal Aria 905. Please refresh the page and try again. I suspect you’ll love this thing, particularly if you listen to Jazz, Classical, Rock. It has a warmer more analogue-like tonal character so might suit better than the brighter CD-S300. :) Thanks! Thanks for your comments on the site, much appreciated , Just bought one of these for a decent Black Friday price. For my needs and budget these options right now: receivers with streaming (Yamaha R-N301 and Marantz MCR511) or amp with DAC (Yamaha A-S301), where I can use the DNLA of my TV and plug it via optical to stream music. I wanted the digital inputs and not spending a lot, so that Yamaha A-S501 was what I needed. if you want to stream wirelessly, a streamer such as the CD-N301 would be the cheapest way. Hello Ashley, Thanks for the great review. If so, it sounds like you have everything setup correctly. Hi Ahsley I have Yamaha receiver RS3040 currently it sound great but if I want to replace to this A-s501 does it sound much same worse or better? ... suggested Marantz PM6006 Onkyo A-9010 Rega Brio Yamaha A-S301 Denon PMA-600NE Yamaha A-S500 Denon PMA-720AE Yamaha … However an A-S700 will give you more power and more control especially at lower frequencies, though with a more neutral character; I.E less bright than the A-S501. I’ve been offered a brand new 501 for $425 (125 bucks less than Crutchfield). I plan on using a google audio to do most of my streaming, so wireless connectivity is taken care of, but it would be nice to have a decent DAC. I’ve never heard matching Yamaha AS-501 with Bose Speakers. Would either of these be okay to drive the Polk speakers? I’ll keep you updated. I am from Mumbai, India. The A-S501 is a brighter sounding amp, whereas the A-S701 is more neutral and more powerful. The remote supplied with the A-S501 is a typical Yamaha offering. The manager of my local Richer Sounds recommended a simple solution, using a ‘QED Profile J2P’ cable. The new amplifier also feels solid, and the controls work with a crisp precision that little else can match at this price. View and Download Yamaha A-S500 owner's manual online. Now I have to change my NAD 541i CD player. The Yamaha says 85 watts and the Marantz is 45 watts. If you must stick with Bluetooth, I would buy the cheaper of the two streamers as the Wolfson DAC will be ‘good enough’ for a Bluetooth stream. That being the case, the 501 would be the brighter of the 2. Certainly with a 4 ohm minimum speaker the amp should be running in the low impedance setting. The speakers have like 100 W into 8 ohms. Possible to connect the usb or mobile phone to yamaha as501. Much more settled now. And, I’d like to get an amp under $1000. It’s currently in a box. I’d encourage you to demo both amps if at all possible. Advertiser Disclosure. And even then, the 501 is a powerful amp. Would this amp be ok with my BK Electronics Monolith 300 DF subwoofer? I think it would edge the DAC in both Yamaha’s. THANKS! I’m not a fan of fixed power cables – as damage to the cable means you’ll need to open the amp up to replace it with an appropriate cable. I’ve also read up on the R-N500; I did like its features and all, and perhaps it would be the perfect system for I want to use it, but the review much preferred the A-S501 when it comes to music. For me the headphone output is a nice thing to have but sadly they are often, as you say, an afterthought and don’t come close to being able to compete with external units, at least not where lower end integrated amps, such as the A-S501 are concerned. If you want to stick with a matching aesthetic, many years ago I owned a CD-S300 which was a really excellent player and is still available today for a price that is more than reasonable. Optical audio is not the best signal transmission as the signal must be converted to light and back again. I hope I have not done any damage to the amp or speakers ?!?!? I wanna buy this Yamaha as501 and pair it with the Cambridge Audio sx60 speakers.

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